Caravan Glitch (Chapter 20) Possible spoilers

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So I beat the game today and wanted to revisit the part where you chase down the caravan on the horse because it was amazing. But something weird happened. As I jumped onto the first truck to take out the soldier, a huge explosion hits the front of the caravan sending all the trucks in front me hurling into the air and landing. If I don't get off the truck I'm on, I'm dead. So I jumped back on my horse and ride forward. But something is odd. I see no trucks and Salim is nowhere to be seen. Then I realized that there was no more caravan because the whole thing blew up in that random explosion and Salim got caught in the wreckage when he jumped on the truck. So all I could do is ride forward or ride backwards. If I kept pressing forward it would just be an endless looping desert canyon. Did anyone else encounter this glitch?

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I also have this problem, I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I'm restarting the chapter now to see if that helps, otherwise I won't be able to beat the game as I experienced it on my first playthrough.

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I also revisited the settlement part, the chapter before the caravan. Once Salim shows up the game glitches and Salim's horse just runs in place in front of me and I can run around the level freely and fall through the walls and floors. Restarting the checkpoint didn't seem to work. Maybe Uncharted 3 doesn't like horses.

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I guess we had the same thought process, I just got back from trying the same thing. In short, the exact same thing happened, horses running in place, free level running. I don't understand this in the slightest, I feel like the ending has been taken away from me.

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@GumshoeWagoner said:


I feel like the ending has been taken away from me.

I agree

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After some googling it seems other people have been experiencing the exact same thing. Some people say reinstalling the game data solves the issue.

It's so weird. When I went through the game fresh, it was pretty much a smooth experience with pretty much no hiccups. Only one that stands out is when you have to do the gears puzzle and dropping a gear near a wall makes it land in a weird angle so you can't pick it up. It's an easy mistake to make too so it's strange that they didn't nip that problem in the bud. I still like Uncharted 3 a lot, but I'd be pretty annoyed if these game stopping glitches happened on my first time through too,

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That is a weird glitch. On the boat I got clipped inside a box and was trapped. Thankfully restarting the checkpoint fixed it.

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