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This looks cooler and cooler.
EDIT: Alright, now that that's out of the way... I think I will get Halo instead of MOH... nah I'll get Both.

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It's kinda sad how my eyes snap to anything that says "Battlefield" these days.

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Always loved the Halo trailers. Now if i could only get the part were i pick up the controller and wiggle the stick.

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Is combat zero more pre lc?

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kinda slow on this one GB... it's been up for at least a week.

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good looking trailer.

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God damn, these are amazing.

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I get goosebumps whenever i see this, the song is so brilliant.

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great stuff, all these trailers are more painful than getting you excited as the game isn't out for another week :-(

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Cool trailer.

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@pbhawks45 said:
" Halo "
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Hey I forgot that this game is out soon.

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I really want Reach NOW

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I totally thought that was the Titanic music when the humming started. I could see Halo making a pretty cool movie to be honest. 

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I love this but keep missing it when its on TV though.

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I just read Battlefield and I was excited... then it was just Halo. I love Battlefield and just like Halo.
They might just persuade me into buying Halo : Reach at full price. Just keep the kickass promotional material coming.

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lol i thought it was gonna be the theme from titanic

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Am I the only one who can't stop laughing at these Halo videos? I know they're good and all but something about the super-dramatic presentation of dudes running around in brightly coloured armor ....lolololololololoololol

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o thought this was new
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You're over a week late with this one, Giant Bomb.

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I just thought of something... Battlefield: Halo. How AWESOME would that game be? A collaboration between Bungie and DICE? sighhh... it's good to dream.

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@natetodamax: yeah same here with the titanic vocals.  I really like the Halo Adverts, Halo 3 had some great ones, at that point i remember thinking that a film could really work visually.
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@Bentjacket: Dude, totally what I was thinking
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The hype trailers for the Halo series have always been awesome, I can't wait to play Reach, I'm sure Bungie made this as Epic as Epic can be.

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this is the prologue btw, the chick loses her legs (or summtin) and that dude dies and I think the player takes his place (it's not a spoiler it's in the books someone told me :D)

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@Binman88: awesome
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At first I thought this was a dramatized version of a 'plant the bomb' style CTF or whatever the hell it's called. 

Which it still could be, I guess...

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can't wait for Halo 2.2!

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The Covenant seem to have a welcome mat out for their ships. Anybody can just ride up the grav lifts.

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That trailer made me want a Halo movie

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@Afroman269: Was my photo, he reposted it. 
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This is the first time I saw this trailer. I've got to say, it kind of sent shivers. I overuse this word but honestly this trailer was awesome.

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Glad you guys decided to repost this live action commercial.   That new Star Wars game looks pretty good.  Hope Spartan Luke makes an appearance. 

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Bungie, I would like my movie some time soon. kthxbai

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Yea this trailer has been out for a bit already. I can hardly wait for this game, from what I've seen and played i am definitely feeling some halo. I fkn love me some halo haha

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that looks a little...spoilery doesn't it? i mean, i know the plot isn't the main reason for buying halo, but that just seems to give away a lot.
oh well. god i wish i had a 360. i have no online but just changing armor for cutscenes is enough for me to buy it. i hope bungie's next franchise has it, something i'll be able to play.

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Wow , RageGummy, that was epic win.

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@RobinStompa: Thanking you. This video has been out a week. Had time to prepare. 
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...... so can someone tell me WHY they cant make a fucking halo movie again?
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@RageGummy: Ahh then kudos to you.
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@Afroman269: Thanks, no problems on the mix up :)
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@DXmagma:  This TV spot takes place before the game.  It doesn't even take place on Reach.  It just gives some background for the game, so no spoilers.  It's nice to see how Kat loses her arm (boom) and why you're replacing the dead Noble 6 shown in the video (bigger boom).
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@Prolix: I'm afraid there hasn't been a Star Wars movie as entertaining as that trailer in some time.