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so, all we all ready? 
meet your end!

Posted by Rockdalf

Looks alright.

Posted by august

That's a jrpg.

Posted by Chemin

The voice acting. Oh, the voice acting.

Posted by Hector

Looks ok.

Posted by Landon

The Wii's lack of RPGs has me interested in this game.

Posted by kalmis

More RPGs yau

Posted by TheSmilingDude

More generic JRPGs, just what the gaming world needs....

Posted by phantomzxro
@Chemin said:
"The voice acting. Oh, the voice acting. " 

Man i'm not one to make a big fuss over voice acting but this is not great. It sounds like someone just dub over the normal voices on youtube lol/
Posted by Blair

The voice acting is terrible.

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Posted by Julmust

Holy crap, the  voice acting is so fucking awful

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"R" words. yikes.
don't try to hrrd! *slap*

Posted by Crushed

Ignition's only game with good localization was Deadly Premonition, and that's because the game was already voice acted in English, even for the original Japanese version.
Even then, Ignition fucked up with the subtitles, with a lot of them not matching the words and plenty of typos.

Posted by eternitymemory

Man, everyone sounds completely unenthusiastic, and the purple-haired lady just sounds bad all together. It's been a very long time since voice-acting managed to turn me off from a game, and I'm usually pretty supportive of dubs. D: 

Posted by BergDK

That quality of voice acting should make this game a serious next endurance run contender :)

Posted by triple07

That is some great voice acting.

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The voice acting, or more specifically, the awful awful writing, is awful.
But I like that the characters actually feel alive, even if they are terrible. More games should have such involved characters in the games.
@TheSmilingDude said:

" More generic JRPGs, just what the gaming world needs.... "

....while others complain that there aren't enough JRPG's this generation (on consoles).
I don't think this game will be so hot, but hey, there are people who want it.
Posted by Pop

this is gonna be an endurance run I can feel it in my bones right zack?

Posted by Spiritof

The voice acting in this game is mocking us.
(and I love it for that)

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Good god, the voice acting is horrendous and the gameplay behind it looks pretty much horrible too.

Posted by Scattergories
@SpiritOf: Me as well!
Posted by RocketFacepalm

Was pretty excited for this game until I saw that Ignition was the one doing the localization.

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@eternitymemory: OH THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID 
I heard something like "Moustache of a calling" 
Also she sounds like a builder from some RTS
Posted by iWonder

It's one thing to have GOD FUCKING AWFUL voice acting, but to crank it up like it's great or something is another.... at least turn the untalented fucks down and save them the shame, jeez.

Posted by Veektarius

Don't know what they hope to accomplish with a video like this.

Posted by Zelnox

Looks cool.

Posted by TheChaos
@Pop said:
" this is gonna be an endurance run I can feel it in my bones right zack? "
Oh god don't even joke.
Posted by taco_cabana

hmm, interesting. I'm all for getting this after it's been out a two weeks and discounted to twenty dollars. 
Well, I'm interested as long as there's a slider for turning down the incessant babbling coming from those characters.

Posted by MeatSim

Based on the voice acting I think I would of had a good chance of getting one of the voice roles in this game.

Posted by Symphony

That was some lousy voice work, especially the girl's. Ignition could learn a thing or two about localization from Namco Bandai, though I get the feeling their budget wasn't very large.