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Posted by Griddler

Why are these videos showing up as before the Shinobu one?

Posted by Bucketdeth

I really want this to come out soon, I enjoyed FFXI and love mmo's, plus this'll fit perfectly into my PS3 library : )

Posted by NL_Buddha

As great as the Final fantasy series has been they have been launching a game a week as of late....kind of worried they are spreading themselves a little thin and losing quality as well. Just my opinion.

Edited by FunExplosions

Man, I hope they still have that SICK PlayOnline music.
... and the hours of downloading. That was my favorite part.

Posted by Blair

I wonder if they'll work out a pay to play system on the PS3.

Posted by Basse21

hope this is better than XI

Posted by Cook66

Another MMO? How original.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I'm waiting for Final Fantasy XV

Posted by Roundlay

The music really reminds me of the Shenmue theme.

Posted by McPaper
@FunExplosions: You know, I just installed PlayOnline just so I could rip all the music.
On the trailer, I think it was really good especially with the awesome music at the end. I'm trying to figure out how much of that was in-game engine..
Posted by FunExplosions
@McPaper: Ah man, I was joking. The trailer music was good and so was a lot of FFXI's music. But that damn PlayOnline jazz that played in an infinite loop during the entire installation almost had me crying it was so painful.
Posted by HCARyan

The only thing that interests me about that trailer is the in game card game.  I want to play that and nothing else.  Especially since the previous FF MMO was a huge grind fest with 4+ hour raid bosses.  I just don't understand how you can have a job and still play the game.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

I don't know why everyone is dismissing it just because its an mmo. I thought ff11 looked bland and thats why I never played it. But this looks pretty interesting to me.

Posted by Mistzero

if this is an free to play mmo ill give it a try otherwise no thanks

Posted by Akeldama

looks better than i thought it would 

Posted by PureRok

I'll give this one a try, just like I gave FFXI a try (twice). Maybe they'll fix the PC controls to actually not be complete garbage.

Posted by wibby

Posted by Kombat

That looks really good

Posted by Kombat
@Mistzero said:
" if this is an free to play mmo ill give it a try otherwise no thanks "
Retail MMOs asren't free.  Wish people would get that through their heads.  I prefer subscriptions anyway.  Once you make your MMO free to play, you've opened the floodgates for every interweb retard to join in on the fun.  The free to play model ruined Anarchy Online, and it's why the community in all those free Asian MMOs suck so hard.
Posted by khatru420

music sounded fantastic!!! game looks to be a good one, undecided on it as of now though.

Posted by rargy

{I'm interested.}

Posted by Marconi88

I want to see gameplay footage. 

Posted by Lashe

MMOs always cut great trailers. I always feel kinda disappointed with the end product. Maybe this one will change my mind.

Posted by shanchett99

i loved the gameplay in this trailer, just like the trailers of all of the other FF games,SO INTENSE!

Posted by CitizenJP

I busted a fat nut for this game. :/

Posted by MeatSim

This trailer didn't show the part were your grinding for a eternity.

Posted by leeto

Loooooove the music. I've always appreciated the Final Fantasy vibe

Posted by ChrisTaran

Will absolutely check this out.

Posted by Hector
@FunExplosions said:
" Man, I hope they still have that SICK PlayOnline music.  ... and the hours of downloading. That was my favorite part. "
Posted by MordeaniisChaos

FF needs to stop having a mixture of CG and ingame in their trailers. Seriously.

Edited by Glennygisbad

I loved FFXI and I'm very much looking forward to this, even though trailers and cut scenes don't mean shit for MMOs. 

Posted by Cerafin

The cutscenes look great, I can't wait for this game. As you can see from my achivements I love FFXI, and I'm still playing it. I really hope I get into the beta. Here is a link the official website 

Posted by Midus

Just set it in Ivalice already. Perfect fit.

Posted by Media_Master

trailer was lookin' good as always

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Played FFXI for over 3 years.... I am definitely wanting this!  Looks fucking great!  Hope I can use my same toon!  Finally a next gen MMORPG!  Been waiting for years.  

Posted by Bjorn

So is this cross platform? Looks interesting, but Cataclysm has got me so confused about WoW I don't know what I should do! Damn you Blizzard!!!!

Posted by tedbear

So just CGI and no gameplay at all ??

Posted by Zlatko
@tedbear: Some of the trailer is CGI, and some of the trailer is in game footage. Go to www.gametrailers.com if you want to see some actual gameplay footage from gamescon. Although it's more of a tutorial the guy is doing for the person filming, so you won't see anything epic, but then again almost all MMORPG footage from any MMO of a person just playing it is a bit dry---you have to be playing to understand the fun of it.
They have already stated you will not be able to transfer your 11 characters to 14. You can however transfer your friends list from 11 to 14. If you mean though the same looking character with updated graphics there are a few that look similar to the ones in 11, but none are the exact replicants of what is on 11. The reason is they want people who like 11 to play 11, and people interested in 14 to play 14, but if someone who played 11 wants to play both they have that middle ground there too.
This is the only mmo where that WILL matter. If you are unfamiliar with FF11 it had a full blown Final Fantasy game story with cut scenes starring your character you made. Every expansion for that game also had its own story to go through and complete again starring your character. 14 will be the same---a MMORPG with a focus on a Final Fantasy game narrative. To see graphics like this, on par with FF13, it will be a real treat to play a MMORPG/Final Fantasy with a character I make as the lead. :)
This is my most anticipated game in EVER! It'll be my game of the year 2010. I can't wait for beta! :D
Posted by GrumpyTheDorf

If only this was all in-game footage.

Posted by Gregomasta

I thought I was done with mmorpgs, till I saw this shit.

Posted by Glennygisbad
@Zlatko: Haha I played FFXI for way too long (325ish days game time) (>.<). I didn't care give two shits about the story in 11. I read most of the cut scenes and they weren't very entertaining. The only good CS, for the most part, was the opening movie. The rest we in game footage and now that i look back was/is just ugly.  FFXIII is my most anticipated game of next year followed by XIV. I'm lacking some JRPGness in my life and can't wait!
I'm jes' sayin'.
Posted by Octavian1987

Loved FFXI, can't wait for this one!

Posted by Tarsier


Posted by GunnBjorn

Aaah... the beautiful Prelude aka The Crystal Theme at the end... 
It always gives me the cutis ancerina...
Edited by TwoOneFive

dude im getting so sick of this odst trailer. sheesh. come on now.  
anyways this game has excellent graphics for an MMO!

Posted by Fei

Cant say Im sold, not even close.

Posted by TheHBK

looks pretty damn gay, didnt show me anything that would make me think the online would be an amazing experience.  with it coming 2010, they should show more.

Posted by Jedted

How long you think before this comes to the 360?
Posted by Soviet666

Philosophical question: if something is exclusive  for two plaftorms, is it still exclusive?

Posted by Faint

this game is looking good, though i'm hoping it will make improvement upon the problems of ff11. namely, the subscription cost exceeding the cost of world of warcraft. you would imagine they'd consider either making it at an equal price point or cheaper if they are wishing to capture an audience share. to put it simply, im a die hard ff fan, yet i went without ff11 in favour of wow because it was cheaper to continue with.

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