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I only get sound from the left speaker on this one. Kind of annoying xD

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I played heroes of might and magic three for years...I wish they would do a new one of those that was good.

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That's it?  Stay tuned?  Fuck, I hate teaser trailers with a passion.  Either announce the game, or don't until it's ready.  That being said, I'd love a new entry in the original Might and Magic series.  Those were fantastic games.

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Either do a new Heroes,or do Dark Messiah 2-with less bugs,errors and crashes,because that game was awesome.

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This means nothing to me. This trailer is useless.

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i would like homm more if it was less pentagrams and stuff. it's just odd having such blatantly boring demonic enemies that are fighting against high fantasy characters. weird clash of themes IMO. the game play is fun, it just strikes me as odd is all. 

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As long as it isn't that bullshit anime style they've been doing lately, I'm interested.

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Yeah, it's Heroes VI. Ubisoft has been hinting that game for a while, because we all know they wouldn't have the balls to make an actual first person Might and Magic RPG.

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Fuck me! YEEEEEES!
Now I don't know whether to buy Civ 5 or wait till more news about HoMM 6.

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Where's my Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes HD for PSN/XBLA? :(

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What. The. Hell. You can't excite me about this game and then make the video 10 seconds long. I feel like I need a safe word.

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aww just that? I just want to say I'm HYPED another might and magic game? heck yea!!

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What?  That was it?  Just give me more in the vein of M&M 5 please!

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On the 360 plz

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Please be a Heroes of Might and Magic game and not a Might and Magic game.

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It's been a while since Might & Magic was still good.  M&M5 maybe?  Anyways if done right, and not taken in some action/adventure direction, I'm somewhat excited.
Though given how old PC developers/games are ditching what works in order to appease the console masses this will probably be terrible and I'll be massively disappointed.  (F.U. Bioware... Dragon Effect 2 *grumble*)

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I never got into the Might and Magic games but if this is good I might try it.

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That was awful even for a teaser.

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FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!! Awesome!

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mono teasing oO 
i hope they make it a fps like they're doing with x-com

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Nice, I really enjoyed HoMM5 (as much if not more then 3) from them.
Here's hoping 6 will not disappoint.

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No way!  I mean, yes way!!!  I was all about M&M back in the day.
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My left ear hurts now. D:

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@Mr_Skeleton: My thoughts exactly. I've been meaning to reinstall HoMM3...
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Damn son! I really, fuck'in really hope its a return to Might and Magic classic! Mandate of Heaven was soooo good!

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ummm.......WTF just happened to me.........what is this overpowering urge to quit my job, call my lawyer and say goodbye to next year?!?!!?

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Hope it's a new Heroes

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Don't toy with me Ubisoft. 
If this turns out to be Might & Magic rather than Heroes of Might & Magic I may break down and cry tears of pure joy.  Of course it won't be, but don't shatter my hope for now, please.

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I hate it when I accidently set fire to my wings on the stove.

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I miss Sandro... <=[

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haha stay tuned. *smh*

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"Stay tuned"?!?  Good grief.  Couldn't come up with some better phrasing?

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I'd really like to see a new entry in Might and Magic series (Not Heroes of Might and Magic). It would be nice if the player was, again, allowed to control more than one character, but that's only my preference. 
Also, this teaser "trailer" should henceforth be listed in "Nightmarishly Sinister Videos from the Depths of Hell and Other Unpleasant Places". Yes, it's that much torturing.