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alright, I can dig this entire list... and 3 Inches of Blood is amazing.  Destroy the Orcs is a killer track.

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That was fucking awesome.

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some good stuff. 
And that is a big song list.

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 Awesome.....I love Tim Schafer
wow....cradle of filth....fucking awesome 

Manson too...wow saw him last night at Mayhem Fest good shit    

and i was thinking it was all gonna be 70's and 80s metal 

This is aiming to be one of the best soundtracks of all time

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Tim Schafer is so awesome, I just watched 6 minutes of him solving a rubiks cube and talking. I look forward to rocktober.

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I guess I'm the only one who doesn't love Tim Schaefer.

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So THAT'S Tim Schafer!

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There's In Flames in there, so I'm satisfied.

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I wouldn't call myself a metal head but the sure amount of genres that he covers in the soundtrack is stunning.   3 Inches of Blood is indeed awesome and Destroy the Orcs might be the best track ever for this game.

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ohhhh heavy metal, you are the bane of my exsictence
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kill mother fucking depeche mode 
I prefer MDFMK personally.

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this is truely the age of brutal

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Tbh... this is how a guitar hero's setlist should look like...

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sweet, budgie and sabbath

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Brutal Legend is going to be worth it just based on the soundtrack.

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Holy effing crap. I was already excited for this game before the soundtrack but that is seriously massive.  Truly going above and beyond Mr Schafer (and nice Australian lady), well done sir (and ma'am).

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The sexual tension is palpable.

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@bretthancock said:
" I wouldn't call myself a metal head but the sure amount of genres that he covers in the soundtrack is stunning.   3 Inches of Blood is indeed awesome and Destroy the Orcs might be the best track ever for this game. "
I think you mean sheer amount.  With that minor bit aside, I have to agree, it is absolutely amazing just how many different styles will be represented in the game.  Exciting stuff.
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OK through the fire and the flames fad, i wish you would piss off 
and this game needs "Death to all but metal" song that would be so appropriate ! 
also, i would like some slipknot in there or... Metallica (even though they're thrash metal...)

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Dethklok. Yes.

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I have been nothing but excited about this since I first heard about it. And this just makes me even more excited. ROCKTOBER!!
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@artofwar420 said:
" The sexual tension is palpable. "
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My mind has been blown.

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Im surprised at the small amount of Tenacious D in there. I wouldve guessed that Jack Black demanded all of his songs in there.

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Tim is so Metal he don't need shoelaces.  
PS: Awesome song list for a game about Metal.
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@TripMasterMunky said:
" I guess I'm the only one who doesn't love Tim Schaefer. "
But what do you think about Tim Schafer?
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@artofwar420 said:
" The sexual tension is palpable. "
Yes, there was definitely something going on between Tim Schafer and that Rubik's cube.
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Just watched this elsewhere.  That is a pretty sweet track list.  
I hope the game play is rich enough; but damn does that world look like it would be fun to explore.

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MAN!  Tim Schafer doesn't look anything like what I imagined! WEIRD

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Boy oh Boy do I hate metal. The song names alone are enough to make me never ever want to listen to a single one of those songs.

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havent heard of some of those bands and they are probably heavy ass death metal from norway or something. and why Dragonforce? it's not good, just fast. all the other are AWESOME!

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Booh yeah, KMFDM and Ministry! I can only hope they have a section of the game that is inspired by Aidan Hughes' art style

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Now THATS a fucking soundtrack people. Also, I will never be able to solve a cube. My mind cant think like that. But still, Best soundtrack evaaah?! Certainly up there.
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This soundtrack has just got me even more excited for this game! Just listening to the music alone will take hours to get through. Wish there was some Maiden though, only disappointment. Maybe Dio as well

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Mermaider! yes!

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Welp, all my interest in this game just disappeared. I can't play a game if I hate every single song featured in it. And "best soundtrack ever"? Aaaaahahahaha.

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Man... only Tim Schafer could make solving a rubiks cube THIS awesome.
Oh, and the soundtrack is pretty kickass. The hair metal in there kinda sucks but I understand why it needs to be in there...
It wouldn't make any sense for the hair metal enemies to be listening to the same kickass metal you'll be crankin' throughout the game.

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VERY attractive and I'm sure that list of songs would have made my mind melt, if only I liked metal.

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Can't say I really care for most of the bands in the soundtrack. They could've done better. Nice to see Dark Tranquillity in there, though!
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As good as this is, no Dio makes me incredibly sad. And 3 of the worst (imo, before I get my eyes plucked out and my empty sockets raped by ozzy fans) Sabbath songs. The rest of the soundtrack just doesn't feel as awesome without a classic like Mob Rules.
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I love metal, but i hate 95% of that list.
Posted by Artie

I knew three of those songs and only liked one of them.

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Finished my rubiks cube at 2 minutes 13 seconds. 
Take that Tim Schafer!!!! 

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@BRINKTheMovieMyFavoriteMovie: Honestly, you don't know what you're missing.
Posted by Nettacki

So many Motorhead songs, yet no Ace of Spades?
...Makes sense. It's already in 4 other games (Tony Hawk 3, Guitar Hero 1 and Metallica, and Rock Band 2).

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Wow, just wow...amazing song list that goes from the early NWOBHM years to modern styles - and everything in-between.
EA, make a Rock Band: Brutal Legend track pack and include in on the disc.

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No Tim, there is nothing more Metal than a Rubik's Cube being solved in your face. Nothing.