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Posted by Mootalstrike

Can't wait for this one!

Posted by spiceninja


Posted by destruktive

humm. I don't know

Posted by freezerr

Poor voice acting on this trailer.

Still psyched for the actual game, though.

Posted by lordofultima


Posted by ToxicFruit

Looking forward to this one

Posted by badgerT

Concept seems cool, main character design/ voice acting.... =/

Posted by Jotun

Cool concepts. Can't wait to see this game in action.

Posted by Vorbis

Game looks good, but not a good trailer.

Posted by Absurd

Hmm, Looks sick

Posted by Myrmidon

So I hear he has another trick up his sleeve.

Posted by Brackynews

Apparently those tricks don't include facial expressions.  I wonder if I can tech up to Smirk?
Or should I focus on the eyebrow tree to get Raised Left?  So many choices...

Posted by raidingkvatch
@Branthog: just in case you missed the update, this is spy RPG not 3rd person action, therefore not Bourne Conspiracy, but Bourne Conspiracy meets Mass Effect which seems pretty fucking cool to me
Posted by graf1k

I just love the concept behind this game and while the trailer is pretty mediocre, I'm still excited for this one. Any RPG that can escape the generic worlds of orcs and elves, space operas, or whatever the hell is going on in 90% of JRPGs, I'm game for. Deus Ex proved RPGs can work in other settings.

Posted by theMcNasty

I've been excited for this one to debut details at E3.  Awesome trailer.

Posted by snoopeasystreet

This game could go either way. Hopefully it'll be really good.

Posted by Mattalorian

It's looking great. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Posted by natetodamax

Meh, could be an interesting game. That was an incrediably corny teaser though

Posted by ZoRzEr

Interesting concept, might be badass. But the facial animation is just ... off.

Posted by MadeinFinland

facial animations need some definite work

Posted by Nasar7

Guy falls  face-first and manages to hold onto the clip and hook it onto the rope with his bare hands!? What a load of bull.

Posted by jaks

I really want to like this game but some of the comic book character designs look really out of place, and the main character running around with 14 guns strapped to his body looks heavily retarded. I didn't like it in Mass Effect with the magical space guns that unfolded into a real gun and I like it even less here. I even prefer the standard "guns appear out of nowhere when I switch weapons" that most games use over some guy trying to sneak around, and he looks like a walking armory.

Posted by freezerr

I didn't see Michael Thorton running around with 14 guns attached to him at any point in that trailer. For example, at both 0:48 and 1:14 he has no visible weapons attached to him.

Posted by giyanks22

Looks amazing...Like Mass Effect meets the Bourne Conspiracyt..

Posted by TheClap


Posted by ddensel

Nice teaser, looking forward to see more. RPG eh?

Posted by Landon

Looks good.

Posted by Colonel_Fury

Was that in-game? Looks pretty badass.

Posted by RagingLion
giyanks22 said:
Looks amazing...Like Mass Effect meets the Bourne Conspiracyt..
Posted by xFRIGx
@Nasar7: I dont think that him hooking onto the line being bull has nothing to do with anything, it is supposed to be over the top action.
Posted by ch3burashka

In Russia, choices choose you!

Posted by deaux
Well said.  I'm very curious to see what the gameplay will actually be like.  Others have pointed out some possible pitfalls: QTEs, scripting that is limiting and predictable, etc.  But there's certainly potential.
Posted by deaux
@Colonel_Fury: Definitely not in-game.
Posted by Jared

Hmmm, looks interesting but that main character seems a bit dull with the way he's talking.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

It looks like Mass Effect but present-day, that's definitively not a bad thing, I think I'm going to enjoy this game.

Posted by Gelatinousgelboy

Really excited for anything coming from what used to be Black Isle.

Posted by Osiris

Nice animations...

Posted by NinjaHunter

The more CG trailers they put out, the more skeptical I am of this game...

Posted by Max_Power_

Mass Effect with a spy theme, sign me up!

Posted by sneakysnake128

I see no other possible outcome...

Posted by BlackPuma

I don't know yet. To strange trailer.

Posted by Fontan

Doesn't he look a bit like Bear Grylls minus facial movement?

Posted by smokeH

SWEEEEEEEET, this is going to be a very interesting game

Posted by skyturnedred

I really dislike how generic the main character looks. Hope you can create your own character. Other then that, the game looks promising. Hope it can deliver. I like hope.

Posted by Kohe321

That was a nice teaser, but I've never seen a more generic looking character in my life...

Posted by Venatio

So this is like Mass Effect right? But with spies? Thats great

Posted by cc23574

looks interesting......

Posted by Kazona

I will most likely be getting this day one. I've loved the idea of this game ever since I first read something about it. So hell yea, I definitely want to see more. I just hope that it doesn't have as many flaws as Obsidian's games tend to have. They're still great games most of the time, but if they get rid of the flaws that almost all of their games have in one way or another, then it'll be even better.

Posted by MeatSim

The Russian mafia sure is slow, they gave him a bunch of time to carefully plan out what he was going to do next.

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