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Edited by Bubahula

 i like the whole idea of a spy rpg

all of this dialouge looks like mass effect....which is awesome :D

Edited by Reuben

I like options. It looks alright.

Posted by Reuben
Bubahula said:
 i like the whole idea of a spy rpg all of this dialouge looks like mass effect....which is awesome :D [more]
Yeah, Mass Effect does it real well though, Let's hope they can do it just as good.
Posted by TG_SOLID

I really want to buy this game, but it's gonna be a tough choice with Saboteur coming out too...

Posted by Ivanetc

why does everyone animate and look better in this game except for the main character

either way, looks interesting

Posted by RockinKemosabe

I have high hopes for this, it's an interesting concept. Sort of mixing Mass Effect with the Bourne Conspiracy together.

Posted by freezerr

This game looks better every time we see it. I'm glad that they are avoiding a "morality meter" and focusing on character relations. Morality meters always sound awesome but end up feeling artificial and weird. It also looks like there will be a lot of replayability.

Day 1 purchase for me.

Posted by Milkman

I don't really like the timer during the dialogue trees. I kind of like to take my time with those but I'll deal with it.

Posted by imayellowfellow

graphics remind me of godfather 2

Posted by JoelTGM

I want to see more.

Posted by CowMuffins

His feet are huge.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

We'll see. Looks a lot like Mass Effect but with spies, which may or may not be good. Obsidian doesn't quite have the same pedigree of quality as Bioware, but I'm optimistic.
Also, thankfully a lot less obnoxious ego stroking in this Developer Diary as opposed to the previous one. Tell me about the game, not about how awesome you think it is.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Actually yeah, there is an odd Godfather II look to those dialog parts.

Looking forward to this i think, especially after last years E3.
Posted by Origina1Penguin

Looks pretty cool, but some of the voice acting was kind of halfhearted.

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God
I disagree, I feel that the timer adds more meaning to your choices as well as tension. There always seemed to me a disconnect when you could just take forever to choose dialogue options. It felt disjointed and unrealistic. I also think this system of choosing dialogue adds more authenticity to the situations and keeps them flowing organically.
Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God
@Ivanetc: I noticed that too, although if you think back to Mass Effect the same trend was present there if you decided to make your own character rather than rely on the pre-built in Shepherd, with the main character models being significantly less polished than the other character models.
Posted by nasher27

They say they're mixing the best of the three JBs (James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Jack Bauer). Sounds pretty cool to me, I'm just not sure how the bosses will play out..

Say I make a melee-focused character, the obvious best final boss fight would be an awesome hand to hand fight. But the hand to hand final boss wouldn't work for gun-focused characters, so if they made the final boss a gunfight, I would feel like I wasted time learning all the hand to hand.

It still looks great, just some minor kinks that I'm not sure how they will play out.

Posted by Mars_Cleric

Headslam everyone!

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

if they had the headslam option in every RPG i would die

Posted by Swinghi


Posted by Mars_Cleric

Every conversation in every RPG must now have the headslam option.

Posted by freezerr

My guess is that by the end of the game, you'll be high-leveled in several areas, say melee, gadgets, and pistols. From that, there will be several ways to beat the end boss. Let's just hope it's not like a Bioshock-type end. :(
Posted by IzzyGraze

Sounds like the voice actor who did that voice of Shepard in "Mass Effect".

Posted by mrbasehart

Why do the developers look like they're in a Saw movie? :)

Game looks pretty nice.  They haven't mentioned much about combat yet, which will probably the make or break thing for me.

Posted by Webby

Will probably pick this up

Posted by thomasonfa

8th day purchase for me

Posted by giyanks22

Looks awesome...Mass Effect and Bourne Conspiracy...Obsidian has made some great games... looks good.

Posted by Tarsier

i would like them to say "yeah we ripped off mass effect."...

Posted by artofwar420

Nice head slam.

Posted by Jedted
IzzyGraze said:
Sounds like the voice actor who did that voice of Shepard in "Mass Effect".

That's what i first thought when i heard him but a little deeper.  A lot of people complained that the male Shepard sounded to bland but this dude doesn't sound like that at all.
Posted by dagas

Seems a bit like a low budget version of Mass Effect, but if it's even half as good this should be a must play.

Posted by SenatorSpacer

Fairly interested, I'll buy this to keep me busy until Mass Effect 2 :D

Posted by JJ

Looks good to me.

Posted by Crono

Dialogue options are about as fun as quicktime events.

Posted by dillinger

looks good.  i'll certainly try it, mostly because i am a huge obsidian/black isle fan and i'll try anything they release.

Posted by Ping5000

Obsidian does good work. I look forward to this.

Posted by Intrepid

Hell yeah! This is shaping up to be a pretty cool game

Edited by DiGiTaL_SiN

The main guy's voice acting is really bland.

Posted by loldetaerleo

His voice is so annoying ;<

Posted by Death_Unicorn

I think my gun is working just fine tyvm.

Edited by necrophite
Crono said:
Dialogue options are about as fun as quicktime events.
Agreed. The cool thing about branching dialog is being able to discide which option sounds the coolest or which is the closest thing to what you would say in that situation, and having it categorized as "Suave, Proffesional" Etc. takes all the fun out of it. It also makes people responses more predictable because if your told your being a dick before you even select the option it isnt half as fun as not even knowing your going to piss people off which was one of the best things in games like NWN & KOTOR.

On a side note i really hope you have the option to change the main chars appearance. If it isnt enough we have to deal with having an uncharismatic voiceover at least let us not look like a douche while were speaking.

Edited by TekZero

So far, I have liked every Obsidian game released.  I'm sure I'll like this one as well.

BTW, the video mispelled dialogue.  (dialog)

Posted by bulletbeast

sounds just like the guy who did the voice for John Shepard in Mass Effect

Posted by Egge

So now we know that the famous Chris Avellone looks really creepy in bad lighting and that Obsidian are quite capable of creating entirely emotion-free character models. Exciting...

Posted by thedj93

duuuuude! that's pretty cool. The shooting looks alright, but the HEADSLAM! jesus christ, I wish I thought of  that...

Posted by wh1terav3n

I love that they have more *physical* options than in Mass Effect for Instance, but I don't know if the dialog will turn out as good. We'll see.

Posted by Jimbo

There's an AP video with Matt Rorie commentating -  I'm surprised it hasn't been posted yet (unless I missed it).

Posted by xp0svolc0mx

the animation doesn't look to solid

Posted by MeatSim

Again no Matt Rorie disappointing.

Posted by raidingkvatch

Very fucking psyched for this, exactly the kinda RPG I want. Branching dialogue is awesome, I like the surprise of not knowing exactly what will be said, just the gist
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