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Can't wait for this one. :D

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cool trailer... not really interested in the game though

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I have no idea why there is so few games take foreign languages seriously. So far GTA4 is the only game I've played to have good Chinese billboards (both humorous and grammatically correct).

I mean... It's so easy to find a guy on the internetz and translate/ simply give you some meaningful words to put into the game...

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Army of Two: Totally Party!

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I was excited up until it became army of two lol

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The 1st game was broken but me and my friend had alot of fun with it so looking forwards to this, But very dispointed they took all the bro-ness out of the game, i want fist bumping back! :(

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Worst zoo ever! = worst Joke ever!

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I think the serious direction is a mistake for the franchise.

The explosions and debris also looked very sloppy.

I do like how the trailer is made.

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The game still looks like crap. It really didn't need the this-is-all-in-game-footage-curley-mustache notice at the beginning, because it clearly is.


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It's going to be an overrated piece of shit like the first one! Tiwi, I totally agree with you. That joke was pretty bad.

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I got '好的旅馆' tatooed across my back.  It means 'bad mofo' ...right?  

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Screw GiantBomb's countless boring haters, can't wait for this.

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looks like it could be fun .

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It's going to be interesting to see where they will take this installment. The few qualities known in the first game were its weapon customization and solid co-op. Now with games such as RE5 really fleshing these features out, I'm anticipating to see where EA Montreal takes this.

I have my doubts they'll do much else to change the game up; therefore, it'll probably be pretty average. Hopefully they'll fix up the touchy aiming system as well.

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something about the second part of that trailer looked kinda bad.

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everything looked fine except that punch line

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Looks like Michael Bay (complete with a cheesy Zimmer-esque anthem) from the late 90s. But then, maybe that's what they were going for.

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The stupid fist pumps at least made the first game feel original. This doesn't seem to stand out in any way and at this day and age, being simply good isn't quite enough.

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The Fist Bumps Double!

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what?! was that...

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How many Wu Tang Clan references are in this game?

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I loved the first one. I actually liked the bro-ness. This game won't be the same without it, but I will still end up playing it.

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wait...   that's Hong Kong?  oh god.. i felt insulted...  seriously..   since whend id hong kong look like that....

seriously.. if htey wanna make a city in real life...   they really need to do some resrach.. and what's with teh very stupid looking chiense signs taht totally doesn't make sense when read in chiense...  and even if they do make sense.. those names are like.. made by grade 3 children...?  wtf...  oh god...

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Since FEAR 2 (among other games of course) the bar has been raised quite high for visuals, and this just doesn't look good. The billowing smoke for instance, it looked shoddy. And the chunks of wall exploding out, didn't look right. Developers need to constantly raise the bar not just walk casually under it.

Still, could be quite fun.

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I'm going all caps for this one:  NO!

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Meh.  I might get this.

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Will there be air guitars?

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Couldn't get too far into the first due to time & other games coming out when I got it from gamefly. Looked decent though so this might be interesting. Still would prefer that they went with the GB idea for the name instead of the 40th day, the fistbumps double.

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Is it just me or did the graphics look really off in that? The explosions and chunks of debris looked noticeably last gen. I just recently completed the first game and was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had. It would be a shame if they half-assed this one. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt however since it's still quite early.

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Worst zoo ever..

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I dunno, it looks okay to me. At least exploring a messed-up modern-day city could be, I miss the fistbumps though.

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noo thank you

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Me and my buddy actually had fun with the first one, so might get this one too.

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I agree with Death_Burnout, screw Giantbombs countless boring haters, this game looks awesome. The first one was different from most other games out there, but i guess what you want is CoD or some another game shooter without any personality whatsoever. And to whoever said they should not make this game go down the serious route. Did you miss the punch line at the end of the trailer,that's not serious at all.