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A pre-launch launch trailer? Blasphemy!

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Can you stab dudes in this game?

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Sexy Trailer.

Speaking within the fiction, it's about damn time Ezio gets a rest after this.

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@Jackhole: Haven't you heard? This Assassin's Creed game is part of the Pro-Pacifist Campaign.

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I'm kinda sad I won't have time to play this for a while... with Skyrim and all

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I'm replaying brotherhood just to remind myself of the story and familiarise myself with the game play, so I don't suck when the combat begins in this game.

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@Nicky92: I haven't known what was going story wise since AC1...I just play it to stab people. XD

All I know is....the world is ending? Or something....oh and face stabbing.

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God Dammit, Ezio is such a badass!

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Holy shit, Ezio has that ring cypher that Nathan Drake needs in Uncharted 3?

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Hah, they didn't even put a PC logo on the last image. Guess they really don't care much about that version (especially since it comes out on December 2nd).

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looks great

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The framerate in some of those gameplay segments where they aren't speeding up/slowing down the footage looks really good. I don't remember the previous games being that smooth. Could be a pretty awesome improvement. Anyone know if this is still on the same engine as the two previous games?

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@Nicky92 said:

I'm replaying brotherhood just to remind myself of the story and familiarise myself with the game play, so I don't suck when the combat begins in this game.

i need to finish brotherhood so i can know the story :D Damn day 1 purchase that sits under all my other games >.<

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I know this will probably play almost exactly like the last two but it'll still be more fun than most of the games that come out these days.

Having said that, does anyone else absolutely hate the Leap of Faith noise? It really stood out in the first game and hasn't gotten any better since. Burning the Borgia towers in Brotherhood was super bad ass with Ezio nonchalantly strolling to the ledge as he drops the torch, tower erupting behind him and then "Fwooooooooooh". Ugh >_<

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I love it Ezio has totally become that "ah fuck lets get this over with" kinda guy. You know what? He's fucking haggard now hes a haggard ass assassin and I don't think I've ever scene that before. All the old assassins are retired or just train dudes or whatever but no Ezio's still out there stabbing dudes in the face just now he does it while saying "I'm too old for this shit"

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PC version delayed?

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The conspiracy is still crazy yet intriguing.. Ezio is still stabbing people around..Yep, good ol' great AC! Cannot wait!

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People are still getting stabbed...FEATURING NEW ANIMATIONS! GEE!

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@Jackhole said:

Can you stab dudes in this game?

Nope, it's a series of quick time events in which you triumph over rats. That stuff you just saw was all pre-rendered.

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Is the actual game 60fps?

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This has already been said a bunch but old man Ezio needs some more gravel in his voice.

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@ChrisTilton said:


stole the words right out of my mouth