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Posted by Carousel

That jolly roger is dumb as hell

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Well that was quick! I've been a sucker for Animus related shankings up to this point. Although this is a good trailer, this will have to be something a bit different to get me at day one. I suspect with the stupidly short lead times and the belief that annualisation is the best thing for a franchise, I doubt it. I'm pretty sure this going to be heavily recycled AC3. I hope I'm wrong though.

Posted by Winternet

I literally just opened this so I could read Alex's description. No intend of watching the trailer.

Posted by Mars

I really wish they would give this franchise a rest. I'm tired of hearing about it.

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Going straight to a "4" a year after the 3rd. Must have been due to the negative reaction towards Connor as the protagonist since they only do numbered entries every time there is a new one.

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It's kind of crazy that EB is already doing preorders...

Posted by Chicken008

Let's have a TV party tonight.

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So Assassins Creed 3 came out like 5 minutes ago and they are already showing a trailer for 4. Geez people, can you me some give breathing space in between sequels please.

Posted by hollitz

Aw fuck it. I'm hyped now.

Posted by Mars

Damn it! It was a good trailer though!

Posted by RVonE

I really like this setting.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Show gameplay or don't show a trailer at all.

Posted by WhiteBrightKnight

It seems weird to me that this gets a number IV with it, considering while it is a different character it isn't a huge jump in time or location (as far as I know). I'm still with seemingly the rest of the internet that feudal Japan or ancient China would've been better. I loved 2 and Brotherhood but I can't help but feel AC is going downhill.

Posted by vikingdeath1

I can't tell how I feel about this... Part of me is Incredibly excited... and another part... well...

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PIrates! Who doesn't love pirates!?!?

Posted by PARK_thirteen

DUAL WIELDING EVERYWHERE. Ridiculous. Looks like they found the ship combat from 3 intriguing enough to make a game based on it. That being said, pirates are cool... Right?

Posted by JordanaRama
@gaspower said:

Going straight to a "4" a year after the 3rd. Must have been due to the negative reaction towards Connor as the protagonist since they only do numbered entries every time there is a new protagonist.

Couldn't have been the only reason, this game had to have been in development for awhile if it's coming out this year. The two games were definitely in development at the same time, but AC3's lukewarm reception probably solidified their choice to do another numbered sequel with a different setting.

Maybe they saw it coming?

Posted by year199X

I feel like 3 just came out yesterday, and they already put together a trailer for 4?

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Pre-order and get a poster? Yeah, I'll hold on that for now but thanks.

Posted by Stimpack

This series was taking a nosedive right out of the gate. I don't know why people love it, but I guess you have to love something.

Watch_Dogs is one of the very few titles from Ubisoft that I've had any interest in.

Posted by Triumvir

People have been asking for ninja for years and they give them pirates? For shame.

This looks okay, but AC III left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Edited by MachoFantastico

I love how they've basically just gone and combined Altair and Ezio into one character because... you know, they were the only two assassin's people cared about. Like they didn't really bother trying.

Edited by Ethan_Raiden

No thanks, Ubisoft. I'm good.

Edited by mrcraggle

@phatmac said:

PIrates! Who doesn't love pirates!?!?


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I will buy this because pirates

Posted by Y2Ken

I want a good pirate game, I really do. I'm skeptical of how the Assassin's Creed universe will tie into pirates. But I'll keep an open mind for now, because going round ports and towns would be amazing if they pulled that whole atmosphere off correctly.

Edited by Supertom11

Another one already? Oh no! OMG!! Why would they be doing this? Oh, I know, because AC3 sold like 12 million copies. They're good games (aleit with some problems) and if you want them to stop making them then stop buying them. I for one have faith one because they alternate studios so it's not like it's the same crew sweating it out year after year. And pirates are awesome.

Posted by thehideousshrew

Yar, ha-har har!

Posted by Zaccheus

So after playing AC3 I wanted them to make a pirate game... Dreams coming true here.

Posted by Tits_Matador

Can I go ballroom dancing with governor's daughters whose attractiveness rating corresponds directly to the size of their breasts? If not then I don't even know what a pirate is any more.

Posted by 49th

Fuckin' pirates, yeah!

I will probably buy this because pirates are badass even though I have only played the first AC game.

Posted by Rowr

too soon. this needs to be left another year.

Edited by avantegardener

@stimpack said:

This series was taking a nosedive right out of the gate. I don't know why people love it, but I guess you have to love something.

Watch_Dogs is one of the very few titles from Ubisoft that I've had any interest in.

Your sort of right, I remember when 2 was being advertised, I thought, no thank you sir, but it actually managed to fix everything that was bad about the 1st game while retaining art direction and visual fidelity of animation that drew everyone to the 1st one. The story was goofy, but really fun and the layering of the universe was intriguing. Brotherhood totally cemented the formulae, and they have been basically been trying to iterate on it since then. I also really enjoy the alternative history side, and varied locations and characters afforded by the narrative, their research and development has always been top notch, you can look up all the main historical characters and there is just enough there to make it an interesting spin on actual events.

Just my 2 cents as an objective fan of the series.

Watch Dogs does indeed look super dope.

Posted by Devise22

Didn't take too much creativity for them to come up with this one. Lukewarm reception to AC 3 save for everyone loving the beginning and the bit where you played Haythem Kenway. So what do they do? Take the setting back 50-70 years to early 1700's and have you play a lead hero named Edward Kenway. I don't think it would be stretching to assume you play the father of Haythem, aka Connor's grandfather in this. We may even get lead into see how Haythem was born.

Yay? Even more luke warm for this. The setting is open enough that you probably can travel by ship to various different countries and locales but I think Ubisoft missed the memo. We want a real complete shake up. Something about even AC 3 felt way too familiar too AC 2 and beyond. Not to mention the setting was horrible from a gameplay perspective. Glitching on tree's, to many wide open spaces and the mission choices because of it were just awful. If we are going to stick with Europe/American and this side of the world explore something more impact. I still think an AC game set in Nazi Germany days would be an interesting twist on something we have seen so often in an FPS setting. Or just go crazy and go to Japan or China or somewhere.

We shall see how good this turns out. Probably going to be more of the same, but maybe Ubisoft can pull a fast one on us and actually make an amazing game out of this.

Posted by Max_Cherry

Unless that was in engine footage, I'm not buying.

Posted by Shevar

It was so awkward to here black beard say: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Posted by Ghostiet

Called this shit. Still, it's sad to see Connor out - I'd say him being a bitter, semi-crippled seadog would be a cool direction to take the character. Oh well, at least it's his grandad.

Posted by ChosenOne

I have to admit, that was a good trailer.

Edited by MarkWahlberg

We could ask him, but then the captain would reply 'yarr, corporate sponsorship' and everyone would just get confused.

Posted by Nardak

I will enlist.

Posted by fuzzypumpkin
Posted by RazielCuts

Would've been nice if this was a new franchise entirely and didn't have to get bogged down with the AC lore.

Edited by defordj

so when coming up for a look for Blackbeard, they just decided "yeah, let's go with the cartooniest, most cliche thing we can think of. Big-ass ostrich plume in the hatband, perfect"?

Posted by Nights

Pirates? I'm down. Unlike some, I haven't even finished AC 2 yet. I've also been sitting on Brotherhood and Revelations for awhile, but I probably won't play the latter. Anyway, I'm not even close to being burned out on AC so I'll keep an eye on this.

Posted by teekomeeko

Next gen and Fall, huh? So basically it's probably been in development a long time, like maybe before we knew much of anything thing about AC3.

To me that spells "no thanks" since there's no way they'd have time to implement all the changes needed to fix what people hated about III. But man, the setting looks like a positive for sure, and I do love pirates. Might be the first AC game I play since Brotherhood.

Edited by The_Nubster

The part where the game is a trailer instead of a game is cool, because that's always when I'm most excited for AC. The part where it starts being a game is where I'm always lost. Except for AC2, which really solidified everything that made these games so awesome (combat, fun protagonists, amazing settings, alternate history), AC has always been kind of a non-starter for me. I want to like them, but they keep fumbling it.

Edited by elko84

i love pirates

Posted by JSwan13

Yo ho - Yo ho

Posted by Veektarius

What country's uniforms were those? I was expecting to see redcoats.

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haha this trailer is dumb as hell

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