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Posted by ethan


Posted by ethan

Bam Slam

Posted by ethan

Bam Slam Flam

Posted by snide

As you can tell, Ethan loves testing comments.

Posted by Andrew

I just picked this up! RAWK!

Posted by Volkodlak

Well it's good this game smells very clean... cause I just won't play a game if it doesn't.

Posted by MidnyteWolf

I agree, this game is awsome. Oh and i always make sure i wash my hands before i play!!!

Posted by Raspberry


Posted by Mourne

Great job, Jeff & team.

Posted by N4TE

Best Battlefield game to date. both on and off line. how about a Bad Company 2142 :)

Posted by fmprodguy

Hmmmm, vid is cutting off before the song even finishes...

Posted by Vivek

Sorry but wheres the Score?

Posted by Lev_Arris

I will have to check this out.

Posted by iamthemoneyj

the score is 5 stars

Posted by pandorasbox

The video cuts off at 31 seconds for me, even though i know from youtube that it's supposed to be almost 5 minutes long.

Posted by eton_rifles

will we be able to download vids soon?

Posted by MichaelBach

Cuts of after 31 seconds here too. Also, please make available downloads.. especially in iPod format!

Posted by pandorasbox

@MichaelBach: They fixed it, you can now view the entire video. Great review, guys!

Posted by x_iNcReDiMe_x

As always awesome honest editors bring awesome honest reviews. Great video.

Posted by Skullmaster66

Ahh, finally we get some great video reviews coming back into the world of gaming. Great job guys, keep up the awesome work

Posted by speciman

Great review.. Like always :)

Posted by TwoOneFive

how about Ka-Blam!

Posted by Silence

Well done  review, well done site. You guys have done a great job in such a short amount of time, I can't wait to see more.

Posted by TinyGrenade

A great review as only a great reviewer can do.

Posted by Pandem1c

Awesome game.

Posted by Wordup41

Mad short wtf?

Posted by wildnine00

Seeing Jeff in a new video review makes my soul happy.

Stop flooding ethan!

Posted by Echelon730

Finally a review site that is good and not so commerical

Posted by giyanks22

Man Jeff is back and better than ever. Jeff right now is probably calling up Gamespot and saying. O sorry to steal half of your big members at least!!! LOL

Posted by stustap

Awesome review Jeff.

I hope they do get round to adding Conquest mode.  Gold Rush is cool, but a bit of variety would be great.

Posted by LethalKi11ler

Looks good thanks for reviewing

Posted by iAmNeilStrauss

Swwweeeet Vid

Posted by DARKID

nice video review

Posted by BigDaddyJack

Great quote "You should be hurting people not helping people" Jeff

Posted by Video_Tycoon

Wow, sounds like a nice game, I'll be sure to pick it up sometime.  Love the explosions. Nice job on editing guys. :)

Posted by XJGunz

Where's Brad's MGS4 Video Review?

Posted by C4RRnage

I was shocked to hear Jeff say he thought the characters were memorable.  I don't even remember their names.  Does anyone else? (without cheating)

Posted by Argus

Nice. I like the review format.

Posted by HoldSteady828

I agree that blowing stuff up in this game feels great. 

I hated the decision that healing would be done with a syringe that you had to take out and stab yourself with 20 times throughout a level, however. 

Posted by Helmetz

Nice review...I may get this when they add more online modes...

Posted by adri4n

This Video Player Is Awesome!

Posted by pr0digy

The green-screen is working well. Nice looking review format. Great work guys.

Posted by chandlerr_360

Love the fact that you guys leave the rating to the user now rather than yourselves, it's the way it always should have been.

Posted by filiwian

It's great that you can run high quality videos without paying for it.

Posted by Skeetz

This is a good, professional review. the site is new but is already setting high standards

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Where is the MGS4 video review??

Posted by knivesor360

another great review!!! keep them coming guys

Posted by UpMax

Great review Jeff, better than ever

Posted by Travman

Thank God you're still around Jeff - great job on review - yeah, blowing crap up is cool

Posted by MrFixIt

Good Review I do not post much,but I do enjoy the website. Keep up the great work.

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