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Eh its happened before. I think someone did it with TF2. Not like Korea will get in trouble for it.  
  First? And yay?  

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saw this yesterday i still think its crazy but that Korea

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uuuuuum what?

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For what'll probably be 1 thousandth of Infinity Ward's budget they seem to have recreated COD quite we-CHANGING MAG!

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And I was hoping a MW2 clone would be called Contemporary Conflict... :(

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Looks pretty good.

Posted by Lambert

Oh, man. It looks like they even stole some assets.
Looks like what would happen if Treyarch made Call of Duty... oh wait!

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Woah they did a pretty good job of it.

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Snake, do you think love can ever bloom on the battlefield?

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E-Style actually

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If there is dedicated servers it will be better than Modern warfare 2.

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I really thing the addition of gore makes the game seem a lot more in-CHANGING MAG

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the shooting sounds satisfying... but everything else looks horrible. 

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Looks very familiar.

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Flamethrower is awesome. Also - Changing Mag
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soon, korea's going to have the much respected reputation of blatantly copying  western video games 
remember that team fortress 2 clone a while back? this is starting to get a bit unsettling.... 

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the character yelled "Changing mags" when reloading a revolver...

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I'm gonna jump the bandwagon here and say this looks like a potent MW clo-CHANGING MAG!

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looks kind of- CHANGING MAG!

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OH SHIT. They're cribbin' MW2 pretty hard, but it looks like they're doin an okay job of it.

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Limb removal and hip firing RPGs. What's not to like?

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@cximran: Didn't I see that exact same comment on Kotaku this morning?
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That looks pretty OK for a free-to-play Korean shooter. It's probably broken, but it looks pretty OK.
...changing mag?

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Wow the gore is aw-CHANGING MAG!!!!

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I'm sure that Korea has a wonderful culture of its own that could easily be translated into games that the whole world could enjoy on their own me-CHANGING MAG!  But I guess ripping off the US and Japan is cheaper.

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Saw this the other da-CHANGING MAG!

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u know what this has that MW don't? limbs gettin blown off, son

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I can't believe this is actually re-CHANGING MAG!

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Good to see al that dismem...CHANGING MAG!

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this game looks total-CHANGING MAG!

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Nice, not a bad looking clone.

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I'd say this is more of CoD4 copy thaCHANGING MAG

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rofl I think I get the joke on this pa...CHANGING MAG! 
on a more serious note..that music gets me pumped!!! :D
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Does anyone else get the strong feeling you've seen this befo--CHANGING MAGS

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@Lambert said:
" Oh, man. It looks like they even stole some assets. Looks like what would happen if Treyarch made Call of Duty... oh wait! "
yep, and sound effects too?
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Needs more MAG-CHANGING.

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Korea is my fav-CHANGING MAG!

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@Darktoad450: Did you?
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I approve of this game only because of- CHANGING MAG.

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Wow, what a shameless rip- CHANGING MAG!    

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i want a quick look of this. and where can i get this?

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I like the "spent a few years in the states" sound of the VO. Reminds me of the Tokyo Wars VO for some reason.
One thing that's better than MW2: dude whips out a flip phone to call in UAV support. Only in Korea.

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Looks almost identical to MW which is not a bad thing. Looks fun. But the map looks very confined...

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This video was so sweet I ended up CHANGING MAG! right at my desk at work!