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Very nice inside look.

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I can appreciate this.

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" Awesome! "
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I liked the similar inside looks included with Heavenly Sword.

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More behind the scenes please.

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I really need o pick up this game.

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This is actually really cool.

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Andy Serkis is awesome

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Neat video!  The game itself is terrific, really enjoying it.  Anyone who is a fan of cinematic games with strong storytelling should check this one out!

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cool ass game

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Great game.

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This game was truly special, imo...

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There were some of the best cut scenes, second to uncharted.

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" Andy Serkis is awesome "
He's kinda got that fight club lighting working out for him with his slick back hair lol. 
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Well, this video made me want to finish up Enslaved.  Like right now.

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This video made me want to play Enslaved again a second time, sadly I lent it to my sister's boyfriend. Hopefully he'll finish it soon. 

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Performance capture has to be one of the most interesting technologies to develop in the last decade. Really cool stuff.

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They should send this video to Roger Ebert.

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That's really cool

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gash bell!

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Hmmm, might want to pick up this game after all, maybe when it's a bit cheaper. The action in the demo wasn't all that impressive, but the characters were animated really well and the writing and voice work seemed decent enough.

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this is great.

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Bunch of metal faces they are.

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Videos like this are the reasons that I pick up collector's editions. 
Love it!

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Really interesting stuff. The cutscenes in Enslaved were really good,. 

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Videos like this are the reasons that I pick up collector's editions. Love it!

Same here, if they did an extended version of this video for the collector's edition then they might have sold a lot more copies. Whenever i see mo-cap for a game i always wanna see bloopers for it.