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Why hasn't anyone commented on this? This is a really interesting talk! I learned more about the second Bioshock from this than any other source.

Posted by juice8367

I've never played the first one but I'm really into the fiction of it all now

Posted by KarlPilkington

4th!   in june 2010?  

Posted by ValiantGrizzly

Those are some sick shades.

Posted by PatVB

hell yeah they are. also, why didn't more people comment on this?

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OH YEAH, lucky # 7 comment!

Posted by Hashbrowns

It probably has to do with just how much I've enjoyed Giant Bomb over the last few years but... I still have a hard time acknowledging that Jeff reviewed the first Bioshock back at Gamespot. It seems like Giant Bomb has been around longer than that.

Posted by Mongoose

Man, this is a buried one. Just watched the Liverpool video and loved it. I totally just ate in the same restaurant as them!

I really enjoy these videos, but I realise they have different existing avenues to get this sort of info out and have more time constraints. Still, really cool.