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soo how does this work ? Looks really cool tho

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i guess you control these horizontal and vertical barriers to avoid these other stuff from making it thru...

or something like this.

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looks fantastically fun

Posted by Dethfish

Makes me want to buy a wii.

Is there any chance at all this would ever be on XBLA?

Posted by UnlivedPhalanx

looks like you'd need to be a little doped to play this right...

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@Dethfish77 said:
" Is there any chance at all this would ever be on XBLA? "
I suppose it's possible. But I'm gonna say chances of that happening are rather slim. The interview with one of the developers that went up today pretty much said they made the games for the Wii specifically.

Of course, considering that this installment doesn't feature any motion control at all, I suppose it's possible that it comes to the 360. Though, it would be a little odd to release only one installment when the series has storyline that's continued with each new installment. Especially sense they consider the story to be pretty important to the experience.

So I'd say it might, but I wouldn't bet on it happening.
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Kind of seems to take all of the easy and approachableness of wii games out of the picture.

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I was liking the beat going on there.

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looks like shit

Posted by Mechadragoon14

The first one was a real fun game, and this one looks fun as well, if not more difficult. Then again, this series is about challenge and throwback gameplay while being fun, and not enough games try to be fun, so this a series to be commended.

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Looks great...but I think my brain would melt playing it...

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this looks crazy hard

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This look mad awesome.

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Wow, this looks really good, especially for a Wiiware game. Looks very difficult too.

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pass on this