Posted by Lokno

Yes! I want to go there!

Posted by Metiphis

Doh almost first.

Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake

Fewest comments I've ever seen

Posted by bcjohnnie

I am buying waaay more games than I can play right now, but this game is slowly eating away at my resistance to overspending.
After playing a fair amount of the online Beta and seeing this vid, I'm intrigued.

Posted by myslead

blur & split second ...

Posted by CletusTheFoetus

I like the way the narrator pronounces her 's's 
 I do need to check out the beta/ demo, though driving isn't my forte.

Posted by punchkick

I can't decide whether split second looks more interesting or not.

Posted by Piranesi

Bizarre Creations has such a great pedigree that this can't go wrong ... can it?
A kart racer at 200 mph seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Posted by sjolle

i want this game =(

Posted by JiuJitsuka85

What's the idea or motivation behind "Lights"? Seems so generic and effortless =/ Rather just call them kudos then:P

Posted by Deathpooky

I feel bad for Split Second, this game looks far far superior to it.  I haven't played a racing game in years, but this might drag me back in.

Posted by Splodge

Ha! thats lucy freakin lawless on the voice-over. Xena!

Posted by MachoFantastico

Can't wait for Blur.  
Is that the same women who voiced the intro video for Burnout: Revenge?

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eh i played the beta and it was fun for about 10 minutes

Posted by Ben101

They managed to make it sound EXACTLY like Need for Speed: Most Wanted, although I'm sure it won't be.

Posted by Splodge

its xena i tell ya, xena!

Posted by okami_clover

After playing the beta extensively, I am way excited to get the full game. It's awesome to see that the single player looks just as feature packed as the multiplayer.

Posted by Andheez

I don't play racing games, but if I did, this would be it.

Posted by regnits

Looks like I'm going to get both Blur and Split Second then. Blur for in-depth racing and Split Second for non stop action. One hell of a year for racing fans.

Posted by Marz

I played beta for a few hours, got boring after about 5 races, guess I'm just not into this game.

Posted by Milkman

My anticipation has really cooled for this.

Posted by Catolf

As pretty as it is.. no thank you. Like your voice though lady <3

Posted by Microshock
@Jiujitsuka: @Jiujitsuka said:
" What's the idea or motivation behind "Lights"? Seems so generic and effortless =/ Rather just call them kudos then:P "
Probably because of the whole Neon look to the game. Think it's a cool name really. 
But because I don't have an Xbox, I can only judge SplitSecond and i enjoyed that much more then I think i'll enjoy Blur. So..get a demo on the PS3 bizarre
Posted by phobic

Basing them solely on the demos, this was a lot more enjoyable than Split/Second was for me. I'm going to try them both again but Split/Second just seems so... bland. 

Posted by HT101

I really enjoyed the beta and I may get this but may not.  Split/Second is much more interesting sounding to me and I really like the concept behind it.  I still need to play the demo though to see how it actually handles.  Regardless, it looks like a great year for arcade racing fans.

Posted by MeatSim

Keep forgetting I downloaded demo, still haven't played it.

Posted by Slaneesh

Based on the demo. This game seems bland to me. Its all bin done before. Only thing is people dont realise it because it hasnt in a while.

Posted by Chokobo

Definitely looking forward to this more than Split/Second.
Played the S/S demo for a bit and it got boring before I even finished the first race, but I played a few more races to see if there was something I was missing.  Turns out there wasn't.  Once you get far enough into the lead (which is fairly easy to do) there's just absolutely nothing for you to do.  Also, the handling feels like shit.  You either won't turn fast enough to make a corner, or you'll drift and just end up slamming into the wall anyways.
Blur just feels like a much better all-around game to me. 

Posted by Korwin
@slaneesh said:
" Its all bin done before. "
Posted by JoeH

It's gonna be the Halo 3 of racing, not in terms of popularity. but in the way that it's all been done before, but this time it will be done with such polish and finesse it'll be something great.

Posted by Supermarius
@Meatsim said:
" Keep forgetting I downloaded demo, still haven't played it. "
Actually, now you cant play the demo even if you have it downloaded.
Posted by goumutgo

a bit  look like NFS:Carbon?