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@patrickklepek Video is only 49:21 in length and gets cut off, you guys were on the air for more than an hour when it was live!

E3 2014 is in 46 days.

I also had the same experience with Prison Break that Patrick did, hate watched that show for 2 seasons.

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I now know what "antithetical" means.

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I think the video ends before it's supposed to?

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I think the video ends before it's supposed to?

Sure did. I thought the live stream just went out on my when it was live, but I guess not...

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So there was a Spookin' last night? I kept looking for the live feed link on the homepage and there never was one... I thought @patrickklepek postponed it. Well, I guess I can look forward to watching that later tonight!

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@rekon: Yeah, it totally went over my head as well. Had class last night and couldn't find a trace of it afterward.

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It makes me sad to hear about Alex throwing away press kits and promo items. That is the kind of stuff I spend actual money for.

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That was an abrupt end.

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They haven't put this episode in the correct category so it gets picked up in the rss feed. It's not even in the podcasts page at all.

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Which video is the one where Jeff threw the chair at Patrick while playing Joust? I dont think ive ever seen that video.

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Youtube version has the last 10 minutes or so

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@nhlmaniac: Thanks. For some reason the YouTube version on my subscription list is also the 49min cut version.

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I love @alex. This has been the year of Alex. I'm honestly not sure there is someone on this site who does a better elucidating their view on games. So glad he is a regular fixture now as opposed to "guy who reviews the worst games."

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@cthomer5000: so true, @alex is the best! I don't have time for one more podcast but I still make time for this one every week :)

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Which video is the one where Jeff threw the chair at Patrick while playing Joust? I dont think ive ever seen that video.

I think it was part of the like 8 hour Second Annual Big Live Live Show Live! in 2011.

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We all know that deepdish is not real pizza.

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What was the shout out they gave to some guy named Super-enuation (?) on twitter? I tried looking for this person to follow for the purpose of getting hot scoops but have had no luck.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it, his name is actually @supererogatory on twitter, although his name shows as superannuation. In completely unrelated news, I just learned what superannuation means.

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@nhlmaniac: Thanks much, duder!

Another great episode of Bombin' the A.M.!

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Just Cause 3 OR the reason to buy a new console/build a PC.

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@behardy said:

I remember Ricardo from GameSpot.

Yeah I remember this fella too. Watched a few video reviews of his i think.

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When Patrick talked about experiencing something the whole way through if only to know how bad it was, I immediately thought of the time I played through Devil May Cry 2.

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Interesting, GiantBomb California, GiantBomb Chicago, GiantBomb New York, all three places with different distinct style of pizza. Coincidence!?

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Cool to hear Fatal Frame is coming to Wii U! I'm surprised there wasn't a news post considering Patrick has been on the lookout, can't wait!!