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Whoa, this is up fast!

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Moved on, wild visuals! I APPLAUD YOU, PATRICK. Thumbs up.

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I caught this before the caption was edited and it made me laugh.

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You're giving The Punmaster a run for his money Patrick

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i am the punmaster

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@alex Team Scaredy-pants UNITE!

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Loved the P.T. demo. I really wanna know who was directly involved with it because it was pure horror genius.

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PC Master Race! Which pretty much includes consoles at this point. They're just fancy PC cases with desktop computer guts and fancy mobile device interfaces. It's too bad about all those exclusives that won't sell on other boxes, custom builds or otherwise. I guess console game makers don't like money.

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Patrick is our very own Lois Lane, I love it.


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Patty boy liked DmC? And here I thought he had good taste! Yeeesh...

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Alexa next week!!

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I completely forgot Telltale was going to make a King's Quest game.

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Holy shit Silent Hill!

I'm a level of excited for this that I can't really express. I really love horror as a genre for pretty much all mediums. SH is one of the best series for horror games that I believe is available, not only for it having crazy, fucked up creatures but also from having emotionally charged, fucked up stories. The second game is by far my favorite, but 1-4 are all great. I enjoy the MGS series a lot, and I don't really take issue with Kojima's recent decisions all that much so I'm really hopeful for this new game. Also, Del Toro...yes please.

P.S. @patrickklepek I don't know if there's anything up on the site yet or anything but do you have a rundown of your favorite horror movies/games? I'd love to take a look at those cause I'm a super horror junkie.

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Hey man, Homecoming was way better than Downpour. Downpour was a piece of trash in comparison.

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I would definitely get the new Tomb Raider game if it was available on the day of releases but if I have to wait a year or longer before I can get it then by that time I just won't give a fuck about that game and will have moved on.

Posted by DasaKamov

@patrickklepek: With the caveat that "opinions being opinions and the reflect the sole viewpoint of the holder" and all that, something about your and Alex's Silent-Hill rant struck me as being overly hostile. It was your statement that "Anyone who likes Silent Hill games such as Homecoming or Downpour only like them because they're delusional and so desperate to like a game that they fool themselves into accepting "bad" games. This gives one the impression that you're right on the cusp of saying "I AM THE ONLY ONE QUALIFIED TO TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT ENJOY. I CAN READ YOUR MINDS AND I KNOW YOU DIDN'T REALLY ENJOY THESE GAMES BECAUSE I ALSO DID NOT ENJOY THEM."

I thought Silent Hill: Downpour was, while not great or amazing, a very solid Silent Hill-type game which captured the feeling and atmosphere of the series fairly well. There were more than a few parts where I found myself grinning and the cool-creepiness the dev team had captured: the creepy postman, the school theatre, the invisible dolls, the mine tourist attraction. I never, at any point, regretted my purchase or tried to "justify" it to myself and to imply that you somehow "know" that I (or anyone else) did, even as a joke, rubs me the wrong way. Even though I think we know enough of your personality to know that you are not arrogant, comments like the ones you and Alex made come off as such.

Anyway, thanks to you and Alex and the rest of the GB crew for the regular content, and looking forward too the next!

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The "oh look at me I've got a PC I'm better than all you peasants" attitude of PC people when they're now actually rejoicing over getting a "mere console game" is what makes the MGS news sting. It constantly feels like they're trying to prove something. I don't see it as "nothing but good news." And there is absolutely no way I can play MGS5 on my computer anyway, while I can play it on my PS4. Just the fact that it's out on PC doesn't mean I get to play it.

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@nags said:

Patty boy liked DmC? And here I thought he had good taste! Yeeesh...

But pretty much ignored the far superior Bayonetta.

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@curufinwe: he liked DmC? Jesus. what an animal. these are the klepsequences we need to live with these days.

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Speaking of Silent Hill. I wish someone would make a sequel to I Am Alive.

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If @alex can add stipulations to the match, I say he makes it a lumberjack match. Only it's the equivalent of lumberjacks in real life video gaming. Alex and @danryckert (and let's face it, it'll probably be Dan Ryckert facing the champ Alex Navarro at "PAX-lemania") will have to have a regular match but with the other 29 gaming superstars doing stuff like tripping over controllers, waving their hands in front of the competitors' faces, and walking in front of the TV with a laundry basket or a vacuum cleaner.

Or a Duchess of Queensbury Rules match. I dunno.

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So what happened to never using google hangouts again starting today?????? :D

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Good on Patrick for helping us decide our opinions on certain Silent Hill titles...

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Why the F hasn't @patrickklepek played Silent Hill 3 and 4 on Spookin!?

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"Square Enix must have made this decision for a good reason. The numbers must have added up."

I disagree!

Huge companies have access to more data, sure, but that data is 100% subject to being cherry-picked, self-selected, suppressed, and/or re-interpreted by regular people fighting, arguing, and jockeying for position in a system of corporate politics where everyone wants to make a name for themselves and pump up their own ideas whenever possible.

Massive companies are just as dumb as everybody else! If they weren't, they would never go out of business.


(Also I hope that crazy sphere-world thing in Geometry Wars 3 is just an optional mode because it sounds like it could ruin everything and I just want to play some real-ass Geometry Wars I mean its been six years already come onnnn--)

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Does that mean that when we get a Wrestling MOBA, Jeff will finally try it??

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Silent Hill 2 is a profoundly discomforting game, one of the reasons why I never finished it. The other reason? I don't think it plays very well, and I say that as someone who can still go back to the old Resident Evil games no problem.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

That was some punishing wordplay, Patrick.

Massive companies are just as dumb as everybody else! If they weren't, they would never go out of business.

It's a good thing we have politicians to give the dumb corporations as many chances as they need to succeed in this rough-and-tumble world!

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@devoverkill: i believe he has a list of horror movies on his profile

Posted by cooljammer00

The fact that I used to get turned on by that pixelated Lara Craft butt disturbs me.

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I easily got more out of P.T. than Ground Zeroes... just sayin'! :D

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Come on! You can't just put up an image of the first Tomb Raider and then NOT talk about the first Tomb Raider...that's hurtful.

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P.T. is probably the best looking game of the year.

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@patrickklepek Q Games made the DS Star Fox game, Star Fox Command, and also did the 3DS remake of Star Fox 64.

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Apparently SH4 being initially created as a different game / separate IP is a myth. (link, link and link)

I'm surprised that not a lot of people have related the setting of P.T. with SH4 actually. I felt that in that game the concept of making the room your safe heaven, and gradually making it more and more threatening was pretty brilliant ( and it seems very in tune with this, with some very specific connections as well, like the peep hole in the bathroom). The downside of The Room to me was that the whole second half of the game forces you to retread some not extremely interesting areas for way, way too long.

About Silent hill Downpour, I think Alex seems to be just ranting... he may be confusing it with Homecoming (not that any of them are particularly good, but both have certain strengths). Having played the whole series a few times, I'd say Downpour has some great ideas and does manage to capture some of the oppressive atmosphere of the first games, mostly failing in the technical/performance area.

Homecoming on the other side definitely feels closer to some rather boring and more linear version of Dead Space, like a gears of war with a few jump scares. Narratively it is kind of nonsensical as well, since the main character's crime/backstory depends on the decisions through the game, undermining the impact of the game retroactively. However, Homecoming probably also has some of the most entertaining combat of the series, so that's something I suppose... even if the series till then was pretty high on the idea of hauling ass more than fighting.

Well, I'm kind of used to Alex running his mouth a bit thoughtlessly by now.. but that's Alex, we love him flaws and all.. so that.

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@nags said:

Patty boy liked DmC? And here I thought he had good taste! Yeeesh...

DmC is super great and one of the best things Capcom has done with that tired-ass franchise.

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@homelessbird said:

@clapmaster: Because they're mediocre?

You misspelt "awesomely spooky Jacob's Ladder-esque thrillers". ;)

If we're all going to talk about "Silent Hill X Suks! Silent Hill Y Roksers my Boxers!", I'm going to throw my glove down and say the first Silent Hill (for the original PlayStation) was the absolute worst. The weirdo, nonsensical plot that tried to imply an alternate hell-dimension was kind of cool, but it was obvious that the developers looked at the Resident Evil series, said, "Hey, Capcom is making a shitton of money", and tried to make a copy-cat game. (Oh no, sexy cop-lady Cybil is infected with the EEEEVIL virus! Can you find the cure in time?)

Also, it's probably a sign of the times in which Silent Hill was released when a large number of gaming publications basically said "this game is creepy because you're being chased by murderous zombie-babies".

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I have no real problem that Patrick doesn't care very highly for the previous generation of Silent Hill games. I think he's wrong, I think Downpour in particular is a flawed but ultimately worthwhile game, and Shattered Memories is honestly one of the best in the series even. Though on that note, hearing that Patrick barely even played SH4 yet has also been confident enough in the past to state that it's ''terrible''... well, that's pretty shitty.

Anywhoo, what I do have a problem with is Patrick's insistence that anyone who genuinely likes the latter Silent Hill games is essentially lying to themselves. That's fucked up. That's Patrick saying that he knows why we play our games better than we do. It's him applying his reactionary analysis he so often does, but to people, and he brushes and bottlenecks a fanbase into his own little definition. It's just like how he's previously claimed that anyone who liked Final Fantasy 9 more than 8 is because of ''nostalgia''. I frankly think it's a reallybad habit to go around claiming you know why people like the games they like more than they do. Which, in this case, is via ''reconciling''...

I legitimately enjoyed Homecoming and Downpour, as did many other people. Do I think they're the best in the series? Hell no, of course not. My personal favourite is SH3. But I still found worth in both games and I'm glad I played them.

Honestly it's stuff like this as to why I will occasionally find Patrick to be borderline insufferable sometimes.

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@nags said:

Patty boy liked DmC? And here I thought he had good taste! Yeeesh...

It's a well-produced action game that some people (myself included) enjoyed. Crazy, huh?

Posted by buzz_clik
@sydlanel said:

I'm surprised that not a lot of people have related the setting of P.T. with SH4 actually.

As a fan of SH4, the shared tone of P.T. was one of the first things that struck me as well.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Speaking of Silent Hill. I wish someone would make a sequel to I Am Alive.

I remember hearing nothing good about that game when it came out. What'd you like about it?