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Meh. Can't say this is looking fun.
EDIT: Especially after seeing a 'quicklook ex' of it every month. About to sign up for a premium membership just so I can see the Happy Hours without this segment. Don't get me wrong, this game just isn't for me.

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been looking forward to this

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Cant wait to play this!

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@benpicko: Always be logged in.
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This image makes me feel happy. 
Day one for me, btw.

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Love the first comment. You can't be loved without hate. I love by the way.

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@Cyrisaurus: Yerp, never was a Diablo or loot-game fan either. I think that having so many BtB segments was kinda unnecessary, although I like the idea of following a game's development.
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As fun as it looks from the footage, I can't wait to just play it on my high-def TV with my headphones on. I like the idea of the shrine system, the game looks a bit too easy for my tastes. I really hope there's a great story and it's hard to tell because they're so, sort of, secretive about it. I WISH TO BE TOLD A GRAND TALE!

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I am absolutely gonna buy the game when it comes out. I'm more than happy to support these guys cause it looks like a real quality product and seeing them go through development  has been super awesome. I can't wait to see what's in store for their next game :D good job guys!

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Looking good!

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Bastion looks amazing. I can't wait to play it!

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This game looks fucking awesome.

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Thank you so much for splitting the Happy Hour and the Bastion preview. Game isn't even out yet and I'm already sick of it. 

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God, I hope this game gets big, for Greg's sake, mostly.  I've see so many games that people drool over when they see it.  However, when they actually have it in their hands, it's nothing after a few months on the market.  Luckily, they have WB behind them as publisher, so it should gain downloads.  Just hope it has long legs. 
As for their downtime, they should take it easy for a while; eventually, they'll find another idea for a game by mere chance.  Hell, Pikmin was created because Miyamoto was thinking of making a game for little girls and happened to have the idea for the game while gardening one day.  At least, that's what I got from a small read from Wikipedia.

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FUCK YES! PC RELEASE. That is such a relief to hear. Supergiant have outdone themselves. I can't wait for E3.

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I can't wait to play Bastion. Greg is my hero, and it'll be great to play his game.

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Really looking forward to this

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One hundred twenty five different load screens... god bless you Greg Kasavin.

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Wasn't 100% on this but after seeing it this time, I can honestly say its a must buy for me.

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Engage the player? What the fuck?

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Really like the visual style, still not that interested in the gameplay. Pretty satisfied with the pace, though.

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I have enjoyed an insider look at actually making an fairly independent game. It seems like a crap job. Also, it was interesting seeing the MS demands be put into a video, yet some 360 fans would argue the actual American Constitution is too complex. A private company requires more from their games than the US requires to run a country. I already knew this from my friend at Epic. And they get a lot of free space. The Bastion folks get zero room.
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@Cyrisaurus said:
Meh. Can't say this is looking fun.  EDIT: Especially after seeing a 'quicklook ex' of it every month. About to sign up for a premium membership just so I can see the Happy Hours without this segment. Don't get me wrong, this game just isn't for me.
Im not much into the game either, but I find game development to be very interesting irregardless, especially with such a small team.
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This is my type of game. Can't wait!

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Fuck the ESRB 
Certification is INSANE 
Some of the artwork is really incredible and I really love the narrator.

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God bless loading screens.

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I hope they release this on the ps3 after the initial launch. =)

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Im getting this game just so i can get the narrator to talk me to sleep every night.

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I do like this "inside baseball" stuff even if the game is just alright. 
Yo that guy was high on dopamine on his back porch. 20 months of blueballs will do that.

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Diggin' the use of Ave Maria.  

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This game looks like a lot of fun, and I am completely in love with how it looks. Hope they bring it to the PS3!

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Thank you for doing this, Bastion devs. I'm really enjoying the inside look into indie game development.

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i remember one weirds hardware bug in fallout 3. if a rockband guitar dongle was in the use of the ps3 it disabled the L2 and R2 buttons

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YES PC!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! I can play the game yay

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Booo the game is almost out and this will end! :'(  This turned out great, I really wish more company's big and small did something like this. It was cool to get a little inside look at the 360 c ertification process btw, it always comes up in game news but I never knew what type of things it frapping required.

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hell yes! I am glad i am old enough to play it!!!

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I wonder how much these segments will help this game. I'm going to buy it because I really respect those guys after seeing their work being made step by step. Also, it looks very fun. 

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I'm really looking forward to this. It seems that they are truly thinking about this game from a gamer's perspective.

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I really hopes this does well, and is actually good. Can you imagine the repercussions that would happen if it was shit?

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Is it me or are they always smiling when the video begins?

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I'll buy it. But I think that the behind-the-scenes look has been more interesting than the game.

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Wait, the free guys can't see the full happy hour? Aw :(

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@EvilKatarn: It's not up for anyone yet.
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@Burglarize: justin.tv/whiskeymedia asks for a password... what gives?
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gasp, new content on GB *after* happy hour? yes please.

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Where is the rest of the happy hour?

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Can look forward to a Quick Look EX of this one around summer, probably almost guaranteed huh.