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I'm eating this game RAW!!!
Ubi don't disappoint me!!

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looks awesome

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I love western settings; hell, I even played Gun and liked it.

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Need more westerns!

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One of the characters looks similar to Christian Bale.

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Interest: I have it.

Posted by myslead

man this trailer is just amazing.
worthy of a blockbuster movie trailer lol.

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Looks surprisingly good

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Looking good!

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The first Call of Juarez was a piece of shit, hopefully this is a little bit of an improvement.

Posted by Mawryk

Looks blah to me.  Guess I'm waiting for Rockstar...

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I love the look of this.  Anyone know if this is level based or maybe a bit more free-roaming?

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This looks way better than the first one.  Juarez had potential but both of the playable characters were just irritating (especially that stealth pussy), the game itself seemed pretty solid.

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I thought the first juarez was a great western shooter,the second looks like itll be even better

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So the questions is....which is more exciting, this or Red Dead Revolver?  Maybe I'll just get both!

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I love the western genre, and this looks surprisingly good! With this and Red Dead Redemption, we may have a good year on our hands!

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Looks great! Good trailer.

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Time slow down mechanic UGH!

I wonder how they explain this in a Western? There's no good reason for it.
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Mawryk said:
Looks blah to me.  Guess I'm waiting for Rockstar...
Same here. This looks meh.
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Nice trailer nice music I think I may play my first western

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Sweet trailer.  The music is perfect.

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This looks awesome!

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Just played through GUN and watched the Dollars Trilogy a few months back, so I say bring on the Western Games. Red Read and Call of Juarez are definitely on my radar.

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I just love Westerns, and this looks very solid!

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could be sweet, could suck

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Western games sure are rare.

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Now this is Western!

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For people that are looking for the song, I just uploaded it on YouTube.