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first? bah, now I hate myself... great..

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You got it, man.

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Gotta admit, I was not interested in this game when they announced it. But this was a pretty damn great trailer.

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Oh, why the hell not? I'm interested! Loved the first two. I'm open to seeing how this works out.

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Mexico of Duty

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gears of juarez: modern combat

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Call of Juarez is awesome.

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What a goofy idea for a game. Then again, this might just be what the Juarez franchise needed.

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So the guy has a same kind of hat that Reverend Ray has I think.
I guess that's enough connection to make it a Call of Juarez game.

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is this a joke?  
if it is, at least it's a funny one.

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damn that looks badass!! can anyone id that song?

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They need to get chuck noris to reprise his role as walker texas ranger for this game. 
EDIT: "Why not a few bad cops." Heh. I love that line. I hope the gameplay can hold up, because I love the over the top attitude they are going for with this.

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That dude just turned into cocaine...or dust. Probably cocaine.

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@Protome said:
" Gotta admit, I was not interested in this game when they announced it. But this was a pretty damn great trailer. "
I think they won me with this trailer....thats..pretty good
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I don't even understand the thinking behind this direction. Good luck to it though. 

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When I first heard about this, I thought it was the dumbest idea ever. But saturating a modern action story with Western tropes? That actually looks awesome.

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I  hypothesise that the force from the police womans hit to that guys face did not have enough force to make him fly several feet backwards, and that this video therefore does not show a realistic portrayal of anti-drug law enforement.    

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At the least it seems like a interesting spin on the modern shooter.

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@fillmoejoe said:

" That dude just turned into cocaine...or dust. Probably cocaine. "

Cocaine for sure. All mobsters turn to into cocaine when killed or walking in direct sunlight
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Seems my response is the opposite of what some of you are saying. I read about this in the latest EGM and got pretty stoked, but this trailer does not do the game any favours in my eyes. Might be the fact that the CGI looks way worse than the actual in-engine game(as far as I could tell from the screens in EGM), or the shitty VO and writing. 
 I'm hoping some gameplay video will reinforce my hopes, though.

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The announcement to this game was one of the most misinterpreted things I've ever seen.  People were flipping out thinking the player was some kind of cartel enforcer, including Mexican officials and game journalists (Garnet Lee, I'm looking at you).  Now they've confirmed what I expected from the beginning, that you're a bunch of modern gunslingers taking down the cartels.  I wonder how many retractions there will be.

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This actually looks pretty cool. I'm hoping they can deliver.

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" damn that looks badass!! can anyone id that song? "

 Beat the Devil's Tattoo 
By Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
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Anything that isn't Call of Duty these days gets my attention. As retarded as this may look, I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy it heaps more than Modern Generic Shooter 14.

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That is a damn fine trailer if I say so myself. It looks like they are definitely going for a bit of a different style than what we've seen before; the style looks like it'll have a Western flavor to it, which is pretty different.

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This isn't a work of fiction. This is Danny Trejo's memories brought to life in video game form.

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Border Police always be divin' with double sawn off shotguns.

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atleast it's different from the other stuff we see on store shelves...
hopefully there's still some ladders, and goats

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Wow, I'm surprised they took the series in this direction.  
My interest has grown.

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Genuinely cool trailer. Looks immensely corny, and that will probably work to its benefit.

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Techland is on a roll with awesome game trailers. Gotta say, this really looks bad ass, and I'm looking forward to this game way more than when it was announced.

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I hope this is footage from a documentary on border patrols

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stupid cg trailers show no gameplay

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I heard that the old West has changed, but I always heard that the old West never changes.

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Ubisoft again with the cgi trailers...

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Seems like a good idea for a game. I hope they don't f*ck it up.

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You know what?  I think I'm game. 
Though I could just be saying that because they played Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
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@Emperor_Jimmu: Thats War, War never Changes.
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I really enjoyed Bound In Blood, I think I'm gonna give this a shot :)

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@roughneck117 said:
" @Emperor_Jimmu: Thats War, War never Changes. "

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Hmmm, I liked Bound in Bread or Blood or whatever, this looks intriguing,

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I enjoy BRMC. Not sure if I want Techland to put this or Dead Island out first.

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I'll bite, CoJ. I enjoyed Bound in Blood, and I don't mind taking down some nasty Cartel folk. Especially with whats going on at our border.

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Ya know, that trailer was awesome, but I liked Call of Juarez because it was set in a different place and time and had it's own unique feeling. I love that they're trying something new (3 games in the same world would have gotten stale) but I'm worried that they'll lose that unique feeling.  Really hoping this turns out great though, this kind of thing can easily turn out really cheesy.   
Wonder if they're going to do Stand Offs though. Seems like it would be a weird anachronism in modern cartel fighting times.

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This looks stupid as f***. The voice actor just read one liners for the whole trailer.

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The real question is, when does Timothy Olyphant turn up?
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@Zolfe said:
" atleast it's different from the other stuff we see on store shelves...  hopefully there's still some ladders, and goats "
Yet looks worse then all the other games on the shelves
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A few cheesy lines in that trailer but it looked pretty awesome overall.