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I love Gun.Smoke very much. I think it's an awesome game.

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Game Room QL... Go!

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Ghosts 'n' Goblins and Gun.Smoke are the two main things I want from this collection. I'm waiting until it's all in one bundle before I decide to buy it or not.

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This is about as useful as a quick look but a fraction of the length.

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I do want Gunsmoke.

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If only there was a wiki site that trackec that kind of thing ...

My bet would be on Ghouls 'n' Ghosts being ported more.

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Is anyone keeping track of how many times Ghosts 'n Goblins has been resold on various platforms? Gotta be in the hundreds now, right?

Nowhere near as close as the number of times Dragon's Lair has been ported.

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I don't think I could ever play Ghosts and Goblins again without some sort of a rewind function.

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Few people know this, but Gun.Smoke is the precursor to .Hack.

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Expect no substitutes people! Game Room! ask for it by name.

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hmmm perfect arcade emulation of ghost n goblins. So tempting.

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I own the GBA version, so add one to the count!

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I wish I could just buy Ghost n' Goblins for like 4 or 5 bucks. I'd buy it in a second.

There's no other version of GnG on the XBLM is there?

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Awesome, I'll enjoy playing them when Capcom finally sells all the games in a pack in May. If I remember they exist then.

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Gun.Smoke is awesome, but the NES version is best.

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Holy Shit! Section 7 was my favorite arcade experience ever! (used to play the shit out of it at a movie theatre in Scotts Valley. Been looking for that bastard for years) (except I thought it was Sector 7. Oop).