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looks awesome
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Sure.. why not?
It's no Iron Man 2 but hell... wait..

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Biting my tongue, but this could be fun

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I'm craving multiplayer experiences.  Also, I like to synergize my outbound convergence.  It's a win-win!  Slam dunk.  Gamechanger.
Seriously, I hope this is good, but I'm not convinced that it'll have a big enough following to make the multiplayer aspect worth it.

Posted by EricWinholt

Wait wait! Is it possible that a good Transformers game might exist?
That'd be really great, but to say, "I'm not confident" would be accurate, but not harsh enough.

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I posted this in the comment sections of the other videos as well, but for those who haven't seen it yet here is some actual gameplay footage.    
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Looks cool.

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Looks middling at best to me. I hate how it looks so dark. Gears of Transformers.

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Ok. Now I am getting hyped, but dammit, If this game sucks, I hope it transforms into a dildo and fucks itself. I'm getting kinda tired of telling games to fuck off.

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Female bot, huh? Either way, the game looks fun!

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Activision really seems like it's pushing this game hard.

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I have a lot of faith in this, mostly because it has nothing to do with Michael Bay's travesty.

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Stupid question but how are the Transformers able to turn in to jets and other Earth vehicles if this is a prequel to the cartoon series/movie.

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I think this has the potential to surprise people much the same way Arkham Asylum did last year.

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Is that strapline a reference to West Cyber Story?
I'm so sorry. Love G made me do it.

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@bartok said:
" Stupid question but how are the Transformers able to turn in to jets and other Earth vehicles if this is a prequel to the cartoon series/movie. "
Dood, they aren't earth vehicles.  What exactly is it about a cockpit-less armored truck with 4 small back wheels, two giant front wheels and no headlights that has the abilitiy to hover that makes you think 'humans came up with that!'
The Transformers are millions of years old, they could Transform long before they got to earth.
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Nah. A good transformers game seems to good to be true. Their pushing it so hard because it sucks, I've decided.

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This game better be good. It's been hyped to whazoo by now.

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I dont know what to do with these hands....

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Maybe a Beast Wars game next?

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Well i think the combat looks good. Like any other Third Person Multiplayer Shooter but your a fucking giant transforming robot. So basically its got a robot themed perk system and you can transform into a jet/truck. I'm in.

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I can't say about the game itself since I didn't play it myself, but at least it looks so ugly. Art direction is among the worse ones in the recent years. :(