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Posted by Kyu

no way

Posted by Animasta

its going to be so amazing


Posted by Cloneslayer

awesome, they have tricky mode, 5 stars

Posted by Zaccheus

I played the shit out of the first SSX, I have no idea why I didn't play any of the others. This looks very promising.

Posted by kiwi_whisker

pumped. my first game of ps2.

Posted by Kratch

This looks like a hell of a lot of fun, and that's, apparently, alpha footage.

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Posted by Skullomania

Shit! That looks sooo good! Shit!

Posted by Oddface

Awesome! Really looks like they've nailed what makes SSX great, and the wingsuit looks like a fun addition.

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Posted by JacDG

I've been waiting forever on this game, and it looks every bit as awesome as I had hoped, I cannot wait any longer, this will be the best thing ever.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Looks awesome, Coonce will be thrilled! ;)

Posted by mattjam3000

looks like you can pull tricks till way to late, I dont like the whole landing without your feet actually on the board.

Posted by Sweep

Sean Coonce is pretty fucking hyped right now!

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

Holy fucking shit. Did he just fucking god-damned grind off of a helicopter?

What the fucking fuck.

Looks ridiculously fun.

Posted by Humanity

I'm here for the tricks, downhill race against other players was always my least favorite portion of the game. On Tour was awesome.

Posted by rmanthorp

Sean Coonce is pretty fucking hyped right now!

As am I sir!

Rather hyped indeed

SSSHJDJANANABAHDNDNDNBAHHHHMYEVERYTHING! I never got to hear your thoughts from Eurogamer expo, how was it there?
Posted by jorbear

Getting all Naked and Famous at the end there. I like it.

Posted by csl316

So many good memories of SSX 3, along with my revisit of Tricky last year, have me psyched for this.

Good thing it got pushed back two weeks, so it won't conflict with Twisted Metal!

Posted by LoktarOgar

Kind of disgusted they put Eddie in there even though he is a pre-order only character, and they fail to mention that in that trailer.
But goddamn if I don't want to play me some SSX.

Posted by RampageAssassin

It's looking tops !

Posted by eccentrix

That's pretty tricky.

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This makes me so happy I decided to pre-order this. Haven't played since Tricky, but this looks to be mind-blowing snowboarding action.

Posted by Sanious

Unfortunately never played an SSX game, I always was on Cool Boarders. This looks awesome, though.

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Yo SSX, I'm happy for ya and I'mma let you finish, but Amped was the best snowboarding franchise of all time!

Posted by Animasta

@NPfeifer said:

Yo SSX, I'm happy for ya and I'mma let you finish, but Amped was the best snowboarding franchise of all time!

you shut your goddamn mouth

Posted by Gaspar

Extra fun to watch with YouTube Snowflakes on.

Also: still stoked.

Posted by umdesch4

Yeah, been looking forward to this. Couldn't help noticing that they pushed the release date out an extra two weeks though...

Posted by Masha2932

I can't wait

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Posted by reversethedevil

Oh my god.

Posted by Kinarion

Wing. Suit.

Posted by Draugen

I want to be inside this game right now.

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This should be in the game

Posted by ZmillA

the tricks don't do it for me, they look to silly. I just want an incredible smooth and fluid snowboarding game.

Posted by EvilNiGHTS

Bit weird that this is where my suspension of disbelief falls short, but I call bullshit on those bindings. I can't even get my Cinch bindings off that quick.

Posted by TheMustacheHero

@Mr_Skeleton: This was the theme song for SSX Tricky...I'm sure it will be in there.

Posted by JackSukeru

@NPfeifer said:

Yo SSX, I'm happy for ya and I'mma let you finish, but Amped was the best snowboarding franchise of all time!

Bah, who the hell cares about snowboarding games? this is SSX!

Posted by Jimbo

XTREMEST Trailer of the Year

Posted by MightyDuck

Any word on controls? I've never been a huge fan of the analog "skate" controls and usually prefer the old button presses.

Posted by Bam_D_Leprechaun

oh sweet jesus yes, i played so much SSX Tricky i ended up wearing the disc out (Gamecube) this is a day 1 buy for me!

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Posted by Huzzabari

It looks like it captures everything I loved about the first one, great level design, fun tricks, etc.

Posted by jackanderson


EA, seriously.

Stop teasing me.

Take all my money now.


This is just torture.


Posted by 014

Looks sweet.

Posted by MikkaQ

I think I'm ready to love again.

Posted by TranceAddix

I can't believe they actually nailed the game so well. I'm getting a great vibe from this. Wish it was a little more colorful, but this is great.

Posted by manbot47

when i first heard about this game last year i was really worried, but the more they release the more i get convinced that EA is bringing back Tricky fun

Posted by Crunchman

There shouldn't even be an end to a track. Just keep going.