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Posted by sneftrup

Looks cool!

Posted by Cloudenvy

Looks weeeeeeeeeeeeird.

Posted by CaLe

This game isn't immersive or visceral enough.

Posted by drag

Wait, fluid dynamics or fluid dynamics? 

Posted by I_smell


@drag said:

Wait, fluid dynamics or fluid dynamics?

Dynamic fluids.

Posted by Fistofbacon

Cool music, interesting art design, and the physics puzzles look pretty unique and fun. Color me enticed.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

That was very soothing.

Posted by LoktarOgar

I dub thee, "A Man and his Blob"

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Water physics are the new ragdoll physics. Pretty soon I bet every game will have them in some way or another.

Posted by muralbat

Looks pretty nifty. Water physics...Its ragdoll all over again!

Posted by allgrinzz

Enough amazingly dynamic fluid dynamics amazingly enough.

Posted by mrsmiley

looks pretty awesome. co-op play? wondering if the water creature is playable. i hope so!

Posted by mbkish

Looks really interesting.

Posted by MrKlorox

Fucking dyslexia. I read "Vessel's Indie" as "Vin Diesel's" at first.

Posted by Scalec

Seems like Braid meets Rosco McQueen with a dash of Jack Black (the actor) and some epic music. I think ill get this game.

Posted by Jatsu

I played this game at PAX, and spoke with the developer (who seemed like a really chill dude). The art design immediately caught my attention, but the game felt a bit janky, and rather obtuse as well. It did an OK job of explaining the basic controls by embedding little bits of info within the environment, but I soon found myself having to remove the headphones and ask for help, which I ended up having to do at several different points of the playthrough.

I will admit, however, that puzzle games such as this are not exactly my strong suit, so perhaps others will have a different experience. I also realize the game wasn't complete or fully playtested at the time, so I look forward to seeing what the finished product is like.

Getting a chance to hang out with actual devs and play unique and interesting games really makes PAX a treat.

Posted by bkbroiler

Looks like Trine meets Gish. With some Pixel Junk shooter thrown in.

Posted by eccentrix

Woooo fluid dynamics!


Fucking dyslexia. I read "Vessel's Indie" as "Vin Diesel's" at first.

Sounds like you've got awesomelexia to me.

Posted by Surkov

That looks pretty rough. 

Posted by HarlequinRiot

They really need to cut it out with the physics-based platformers. Indie developers are starting to feel like the companies they always complain about.  
Except Trine 2. That game needs to keep doing what it does and be GOTY already. 

Posted by beard_of_zeus

The first thing I thought of when reading the video description was Fluidity on WiiWare, but it seems they aren't all that similar. Fluidity is liquid puzzle-platforming where you are the liquid. It's actually a really good game that makes nice use of the Wiimote - you tilt the world (which is an encyclopedia-esque thing you're trapped in) to slosh around and jump, and I feel like nobody played it. Also, you slowly gain new powers like being able to turn into ice (stick to walls, do platforming easier) and gas (float, make lightning strikes). If you haven't played your Wii in months (I know I haven't), and want an excuse, I recommend checking it out - I think it's only like $10.

It's actually a fairly lengthy game, especially if you try and collect all the raindrops (read: Mario 64 stars). It's also similar to Mario 64 in that you are revisiting areas (but exploring different parts of them) to collect more raindrops, which opens up more new areas.

Sorry that this wall of text has nothing to do with the actual game in the video :P

Posted by PieGuy

Interesting concept but art design isn't great. By that I mean the art design is shit.

Posted by Filch

This looks really cool. I like the atmosphere already.

Posted by GuardianKnux

Every once in a while I get all dyslexic and I read the title of this video as 'Check Out Vin Diesel's Indie Fluid Dynamics'

Posted by Origina1Penguin

The main character is hideous but the game looks fun.

Posted by Hector

For some reason this video along with the audio was hypnotizing.

Posted by ChosenOne

Not digging the art style but everything else seems cool.

Posted by aceofspudz

@GuardianKnux said:

Every once in a while I get all dyslexic and I read the title of this video as 'Check Out Vin Diesel's Indie Fluid Dynamics'

Tigon Studios is hardly indie!

Posted by Lightdud

I'm liking the music.

Posted by LassieME

Physics-based platformers, why?!

Posted by ProfessorEss

Very nice looking movement to everything. 
It looks like it would feel good to play. 

Posted by Vexxan

Really digging it.

Posted by Seraphim84

@MrKlorox: I could've sworn it said, "Check out Vinny's Inner Fluid Dynamics", which I really didn't wanna see.

Posted by ghostNPC

The art style isn't really all that great. Looks interesting to play though and the music seems fantastic.

Posted by oldskooldeano

Something about this is very appealing. It seems to stand out from the other physics platformers doing the rounds at the moment. Maybe I am just into 'watersports' and never realised before?

Posted by Paradox41

I have to pee now. 

Posted by Airickson

@ghostNPC said:

The art style isn't really all that great. Looks interesting to play though and the music seems fantastic.

But the great thing is that we're actually discussing art in a video game. I personally like the look of it -- and that's the beauty of art -- eye of the beholder and all.

Posted by Example1013

Wait, so which part is the name and which part is the developer?

Posted by Tan

what in the what in the what

Posted by Tordah

Looks like it'll be one of those games that get devilishly complicated after a certain point. Very neat music though.

Posted by MormonWarrior

Looks kinda neat. I'll keep my eye out for it.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

The indie-est.

Posted by MeatSim

I like how serious the player character looks.

Posted by Eeptog

im seeing alot of pellets but not any liquid.

Posted by steppenwolf

sooo... the dragons are good now? they were the baine of my existance in the first one.
Posted by Bortmeister

First time in a while I recognised the music on one of these things. For those of you that liked it, it's a track called Contact Note by Jon Hopkins, from the album of the same name. I hugely recommend it (and the later album, Insides) if it caught your ear!