Posted by cowdrunk

*sigh* too many previews not enough releasing

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Posted by LordKorax

Looks sluggish and boring.

Posted by Brackynews

Amazon.ca has the strategy guide now, but still no game listing.   Uuuuhhhhggghhh...

Posted by upwarDBound

The action looks a lot more fluid than Odin Sphere, but I'm still noticing a little slowdown when the screen is full of enemies, and during some special attacks. One thing I can't complain about though is the art style. Absolutely gorgeous.

Posted by galfisk

I love the art style. But I would rather play it in full HD than on a crappy wii

Posted by squidracerX

looks great, love the art but Id rather play this on a PS2 than a Wii, a controller would be great, a Wii mote would make my character clumsy..... Why make this game on a Wii!!?? It has nothing to do with motion control, and in fact would be hampered by it, i guess all Wii games dont NEED motion control, but thats the 1 gimmick they have, otherwise as i said, might as well put it on PS2....... actually PLEASE PUT IT ON PS2!!!!!!1

Posted by MeatSim

Stuff gets chopped!

Posted by Joey2683

This game has looked really good, but I noticed in this trailer, your character ice skates around around a bit. With enemies going off screen as well that could be frustrating. It's hard to tell though, without being able to play it.