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I want to go to there

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#FuckThePlanet #WeOut

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*Comes Immediately*

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Alpha Civtauri?

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**** me, I didn't see this coming, just hook it to my veins when it's done along with Oculus and I can finally escape this planet, at least in my mind.

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Anybody know if this is supposed to be considered a spinoff or if it's going to fill the role of Civilization VI?

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From the info that's out there this is more of a sequel to Alpha Centauri but includes a lot of things from Civ 5 so I wouldn't expect Civ 6 anytime soon after this comes out.

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Read the title expecting another expansion to get me hooked back into Civ 5. A new game to get me addicted doesn't sound to bad, though.

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Yes, yes, YEEEEEEES!

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Alpha Centauri 2, then Sim Golf 2 guys.

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@ultraboi: If this is Alpha Centauri 2 in everything but name, then this is a day one buy for me.

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I'm flippin out over here

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I'm so in on this game! Sci-fi CIV just take my money !

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In response to Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth, Electronic Arts is proud to announce Alpha Centauri II!

exclusively for ios!

want to rush Industrial Automation research for only $3.75??

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Hell yeah.

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Finally, Alpha Centauri 2! Took them long enough.

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Finally, I can begin the Ascent to Transcendence in glorious 1080p.

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After the heroic sacrifices of colonel Zed, Prophet and the rest of the squad to protect it from the aliens, fucking human race leaves the planet?!


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Alpha Centauri status: reinstalled.

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I really want to like Civ games but I just cant get into them. Everything feels too fake, or on rails. Its like oh her come Gandhi again to threaten me for tribute.

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I can't even articulate how excited I am about this. I can finally stop harassing Firaxis devs about Alpha Centauri 2 on twitter!

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I can't tell you how itchy it makes me that Civ V stops right at the dawn of space travel. Those bastards knew exactly what they were doing.

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Well…I suppose I'll have to clear a couple hundred hours from my schedule now. Thanks, Firaxis. D:

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Finally that Alpha Centauri spiritual successor we've been waiting for.

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hey this is a great! really nice video too

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Alpha Centauri 2 basically? Yeah, okay.

There's a scene in that trailer that, pyramids aside, is eerily similar to a dream I vividly remember from my childhood. It freaks me out in a nice way.

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I imagine it's called this because they don't have the rights to the name Alpha Centauri anymore, right?

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Never played Civ but now I'm in

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4X in space? That'll never work!

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Can't wait!

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Yes please.

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33rd and Lex looks like that currently. Are we running out of time?!

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I imagine it's called this because they don't have the rights to the name Alpha Centauri anymore, right?

Yes, EA has the rights to AC. Also Civ is a bigger name at this point so it makes sense either way

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Not normally a civ fan but I might check this out.

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@john1912: seriously! I hope this is different.

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Sid hasn't disappointed me in 30 years. I'm on board.

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If "global warming" leads us to getting to space faster, fuck it, my car is idling 24/7!

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I usually don't get exited for things, but this made me tingly.

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It's beautiful man :')

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Well everyone has pointed out the obvious. But another classic 4X game I'd love to see get a proper sequel (if not in name) is Master of Orion II.

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This is now easily my most anticipated game of the year other than Witcher 3.

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D: Civ in space?! Sign me up! I look forward to this consuming my life (like Civ 5 did) this fall!

Edit: This trailer makes me think of the Interstellar trailer

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I'll take 10!