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Here we go again.

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edit: Heretofore known as the Keith David upgrade. I'll be buying the boxed version & s-ranking.

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Alpha Centauri 2 scenario confirmed

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Alpha Centauri 2 scenario confirmed


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So the game is finally getting good?

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Finally we Portuguese have a chance to go to the moon.

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So the game is finally getting good?

It's been amazing since G&K

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I would like Keith David to follow me around and narrate my life.

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Includes Keith David as Great Artist. +1 culture in all cities with Video Games

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My wife and daughter will not be happy when I return to the life suck that is Civilizations...But I sure as hell will be.

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Hey, what do you mean by that Portugal joke Navarro?

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@bigd145: It has much improved even before G&K and is now hardly the same Civ anymore. They got a new guy at the helm for the last two expansions.

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@snail: I think he means that Portugal is included as a civilization in the expansion pack. Which isn't a joke, at all.

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So Civilization 5 is finally approaching feature parity with Galactic Civilizations 2?

Don't get me wrong, I got my value out of Civ 5 but it is definitely lacking in a lot of areas, namely your AI opponents are complete pushovers and diplomacy is almost completely broken.

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Alpha Centauri 2 scenario confirmed


Say what now?

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Keith David is the leader of all civilizations in this one right?

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My current Civ V match just hit 12 hrs, which is about 7 hours longer than the last match I played before all the updates/expansions. ENTER THE DEPTHS

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Keith David makes everything better. RIP, Goliath.

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For the love of Ford, stop teasing me and get that Brave New World out already ;-)

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This is going to be so awesome, more CIV!

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I've always thought Civ could use a braver, newer world.

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I got 2 full games and another at the 2nd-longest length out of Gods & Kings, which was fantastic value for the amount it cost, given how long those things run for. So I'm definitely up for this, new stuff looks pretty neat.

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I booked a couple of extra days off the weekend after this comes out...

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Sweet trailer. Now I still know nothing about the expansion pack.

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one more turn gaaahh

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I want a War expansion for this game. New ways to level cities is more my style.

But ya, I am in.

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Vice President Kieth David tells it like it is.