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man this game looks bad...

EDIT: maybe i shouldnt watch this at work... lol

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Screams of desperation by Ubisoft to go, "Hey, our game isn't super. But here's tits and ass. Attention grabbed? Good."
Meanwhile Ice-T is fucking that. Lucky bastard.

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Future Soldier gets the Coco seal of approval. Looks like my concerns for this game were unjustified!

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I'm glad they finally got the input of an expert.

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Sad pandering from Ubi.

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America (fuck yeah?)

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Yeah that's how I plan to play this game, in a one piece that carves it's way up my ass crack next to a window for everyone to see.

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Das Butt

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The only way to play Ghost Recon on Kinect is to apparently dress like a tranny with half your ass hanging out?

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Well that was creepy as hell.

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I'm not sure if this is a fatal hit to Ghost Recon's credibility or to Coco's.

That was a lie. Poor Coco.

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This pisses her off!

Edit: "use the people around you to get where you need to go"

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Looks like a fake ad making fun about America.

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Is this really how Ubisoft wants to market their game?

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I... well, what the actual fuck.

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Who is this trailer aimed at?! They did this just to court controversy, right? Right?!

@Spiritof said:

The only way to play Ghost Recon on Kinect is to apparently dress like a tranny with half your ass hanging out?

And how else have you been playing Kinect games up til now? You need to set time aside to move any tables and for the dress before each and every game.

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Fistbump confirmed!

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@Grimmy616 said:

Das Butt

Yes, that.

I can't remember anything about the gameplay from that trailer but I guess that was the point.

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I have one question: Why?

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Who the fuck thought this was a good idea for a trailer?

How do those people still have jobs?

I was interested in the game but this trailer has really put me off, who does Ubisoft think their target audience is?

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HAHAHAHAHA...stop it i can't....HAHAHAHAHA ohh man i'm so not gonna buy this game!

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I guess they know their target audience.

And it is not me.

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Where is ICE-T???

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What the hell did I just watch!?

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Thought Ubisoft would of learnt, what with the abomination which was the Fragdolls, but here they are again showing just how immature they still are, I really liked the multiplayer beta, but this video actually made me want to buy the game less.

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Well this is some BS marketing

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I didn't hear a single word.

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Does Tom Clancy know about this? Fucking hell, this is what happens when you sell out to Ubisoft. Just lost all respect for the Ghost Recon series. Disgusting

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So they got some sort of prostitute to promote this? They're so desperate

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I'm just gonna lay down and get sZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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I assume lyrical heat means it's her man Ice T?

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Oh Ice T.... That guy hahaha

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Desperate much?

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Thought this was going to involve Conan O'Brien.

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I don't believe that Coco puts on eyeliner before playing Future Soldier online.

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@Veektarius: The terrible truth is that Coco's eyeliner is actually tattooed on.

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this game and coco aren't my kind of girl.

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Needs moooooooooore Ice-T!

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I wonder, does she often dress like that in the comfort of her own home?

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She is gross.

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