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Sweet, glad to have that silly quest out of the way. Anyway...
What the eff is this? Very pretty, but the title makes the nature of this game even more obscure. Is there some bit of sci-fi mixed in here? "Codename" isn't a word typically associated with gladiator combat.

Posted by destruktive


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@TobyD81 said:

" h "

Me too!
Posted by 4f3f4324f342

Posted by xFRIGx

im ok with this

Posted by Origina1Penguin

What's the game about again?

Posted by superscott597

Woot FTW

Posted by M_33

Who can stand? WHO??
Posted by SumDeus

Even though there's no gameplay yet, this looks much better than Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

Posted by Rutger_Strahd

"Billy, do you like games about gladiators?"

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Could be interesting. Looks like a 360 Exclusive!!  For REALZ this time, duders.

Posted by DjRich


Posted by shades846

looks very much like spartus blood and sand

Posted by Sanryd

Lol, I almost thought that was in-engine footage, but that'd be crazy. Even for Crytek.

Posted by Dustpan


Posted by devoninja

I'm not really excited about this.

Posted by LOZZAT
@TobyD81: I think codename means they haven't actually named it yet?
Posted by MisterMouse

tells us basically nothing about the actual game.

Posted by LOZZAT

Ughhhh, who can stand? I can't stand more adverts like this, it can't be epic if I don't even know what it's about yet. I'm tired of these settings too. Good thing I don't have an xbox then XD Nah, I'm just too pumped about Medal of Honor and BFBC2 Vietnam, fucking awesome EA, fucking awesome ^^

Posted by Tennmuerti

I can't stand...
... trailers that tell me nothing about the game.

Posted by TobyD81
@LOZZAT: I hope so, because otherwise that's a lousy title.
Posted by fox01313

At least now if I play this I can say that I played a game from Crytek at a normal framerate that doesn't just crash my system.

Posted by mikecardii

eeeeeeehhhhh does not look interesting to me at all

Posted by MadeinFinland

Pretty much all that's making me excited about this is that it's made by Crytek. So I'm pretty excited.

Posted by UncleBenny
@M_33 said:
Who can stand? WHO?? "
I kept on screaming at my monitor to tell me who, but the enigmatic announcer refuses to answer!
Posted by deadmoscow

There will be aliens.  I'm calling it.

Posted by RobReitz

Completely worthless trailer, nothing here for me, thanks....  wait who?? who can what...ahhh forget it.  Those dudes need a bath, get some Irish Spring boys!!

Posted by dantebk

I think there is a lot of room for a badass game from this era that is nothing like God of War.  Hopefully they can pull it off.

Posted by rem25

 I would also like to see some in-game footage or more on what the story will be but it has potential.  Makes me think of the TV show Rome, which was full of awesome.

Posted by Ninjak

I can't stand that this might not be a PC game :(

Posted by Blitzer


Posted by mightymightyme

Well I like the idea of a Crytek game that isn't just another FPS... but this is all the info we get?

Posted by ArjanN

Jupiter's Cock!
Posted by Bionicicide

Crydiators... sorry.

Posted by ScreamingFist

I'm intrigued
Posted by pwnasaurus

i bet its a gladiator game most of that equipment looked roman.

Posted by kungfuchamber36

I would be interested to see a Crytek game that is not a FPS.

Posted by NTM

What the hell? I like this, but Crytek? That's not something I'd imagine them doing. Cool I guess?
Posted by EpsilonSE

Who can stand?
Let's see... roman time frame, throne of god, driving nations together, rage of the oppressed...
I'll tell you who can stand...
No, not you, the real Sparticus. No not you either, or you, or you. I'm starting to think that none of you are Spartacus...

Posted by H_U_R_D

anything crytek touches is great, so i figure this'll get the job done

Posted by Seedofpower
@pyromaster222 said:
" tells us basically nothing about the actual game. "
Posted by kuma17

Ahhh, ok... 
That didn't make much sense.

Posted by ICryCauseImEmo

Will keep an eye on this one, and yes this does remind me of Spartacus at the begging the way he was standing, god that series touched my heart with blood and boobies.

Posted by Toxin066

Because there just aren't enough games with heroes in subligar. 
I'm intrigued. Mostly because I know nothing about this.

Posted by Crono

I don't understand the purpose of "teaser" trailers like this.  I guess it is so we will ask questions and start talking about this IP but really, without any substance... this will probably be all I have to say about this game until an actual gameplay trailer is released and I can be like "Oh yeah, I remember seeing/hearing something about this game."

Posted by Harletron

WHAT THE EFF IS THIS BULLSHIT! Oh! Let's release a trailer at E3 for our new thing! But that's in pre pre pre alpha, in fact we only agreed on it last week! So who the hell cares let's pay some meat head douchers to stand around gripping weapons, people love live action trailers!

Posted by paulunga

Pffft, that's clearly pre-rendered. ;)

Posted by DukeT
@Jmangino: Exactly what I thought! It has to be based off of that period, because of the whole "nations unite" thing they talked about in the trailer. Idk, hopefully :D
Posted by Undeadpool
I too wonder about this.
Posted by MeatSim

Crytek so Crytek engine most likely which means it will look nice.

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