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Posted by phuzzybunny

Can't wait. I loved the charm of the first one.

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those double fine guys lol
seems like something vinny would produce, it was good.

Posted by Stimpack

I can't believe this is happening. That guy has a sick beard, and this video was kind of disturbing.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

First-Person Bus Simulator and Horror Horse would have also been welcome options.

Posted by Atwa

Wohoo! I really liked Costume Quest, it was such a neat little game.

Posted by RAStemen

Who is this Midnight City?

Posted by TournamentOfHate

More disappointed about a lack of Bad Golf.

Posted by SlashDance

This is a stupid way to announce a game.

I love it!

Posted by MEATBALL

This is awesome fucking news. :D

Posted by RazielCuts

I will totally be down to play some more Costume Quest. Really liked the vibe of the first one even if the combat itself was pretty simplistic.

Stacking 2 next, yes?

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Posted by Giant_Bomb

Huh, didn't know bearded Drew Carey worked at Double Fine

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Candy for everyone

Posted by amiga1200

I love Costume Quest! Excellent.

Posted by Pop

It's been 4 years since the first Costume Quest? Oh wow, time flies.

Getting old, next thing I know, I'm dead.

Well, at least I played some video games.

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Could not be more excited for this. I adored the first Costume Quest.

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Loved the first one, and I bet I'll love the second one as well.

Posted by l3roken

So, so pumped!

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But the first one wasn't even good '-_-.

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Need that Costume Quest in me

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Wait, did 19 comments just materialize out of thin air in the past three seconds? Because I didn't see any of them before (and the count reflected that). This is a weird glitch.

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I think Double Fine is brilliant with these game reveal videos. I am totally ready for a sequel, the original game was brilliant.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Double Fine continuing the trend of making ridiculous trailers for games I have no interest in, considering I found the first Costume Quest to be a 4-hour "Baby's first RPG" that got by on charm and literally nothing else.

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Double Fine marketing = best marketing. They are right there with Devolver Digital. Loooove it. Also totally can't wait for CQ2! Woooo!

Posted by cloudyimpulse

When's Massive Chalice comin out again?

Posted by Y2Ken

Brilliant! I loved the first game, probably still my favourite of Double Fine's roster of great games. Will definitely be looking forward to this one.

Posted by AssInAss

Whoah, this came out of nowhere as a pleasant surprise news and I follow everything Double Fine. Loved the first game, had a great story too!

Posted by AssInAss

Whoah, this came as a pleasant surprise and I follow everything Double Fine. Loved the first game, had a great story!

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I loved the first game a whole lot so I'm looking forward to this!!

Posted by Wandrecanada

I was really looking forward to Camel Fight!

Posted by BaconGames

I'm so happy they're making another one of these because it's one of those games that makes me all fuzzy inside. It got to the point that I go back and forth on whether or not Costume Quest is my favorite Double Fine game for that reason.

Also am I crazy or is this DoubleFine's first sequel? I mean there is Happy Action Theater and Kinect Party but this is definitely the first thing they've made that straight up as a 2 in front of it.

Posted by Vuud

Why is there a huge delay between when I post a comment and when it actually shows up on the site?

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Sure! I'm in!

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

God yes.

Posted by BasketSnake

And then Stacking 2: Matryoshka Strikes Back

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I am utterly GLEEFUL over this news.

Posted by Yummylee

I don't think I've actually played any of Double Fine's games, but this trailer right here reminds me why I'm still really glad that they exist.

Posted by EuanDewar

Yay! Such a feel-good game and I'm super happy it's getting a sequel.

Posted by Aviar

The first one was really good, can't wait to see what they come up with this time around. Definitely will be playing this.

Posted by LemonadePack

I would play most of those games on that white board, but definitely not Spider Pals.

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Posted by MetalBaofu

Well...that is not something I would have ever expected, but I am extremely happy that it is happening. I loved the first one and just finished South Park. The basic idea of an RPG wrapped around the idea of kids playing a game and their imagination is enjoyable.

Posted by RetroVirus

I loved Costume Quest 1, this is amazing news.

Posted by UncleBenny

oh my, this may be the grossest trailer they've made yet...

Posted by Draxyle

I'm going to guess that the members of 2Player Productions are now full-time DoubleFine employees, and that's probably the best thing to happen to DF.

Either way, I am down for more Costume Quest. A fleshed out version of that concept with hopefully some VO this time has the potential to be amazing.

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Huh. Odd choice for the first Double Fine sequel. Well actually I take that back, actually this is the second Double Fine sequel after the Kinect game. Still though this game was okay but it wasn't that charming and its gameplay had worn out its welcome long before the game ended. It's like South Park without most of the humor and duller combat.

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I still haven't played the first one. I'm real glad this is getting made though.

Posted by rudyarr

Oh god I loved Costume Quest but I really hope they listen to what people said last time around.

Voices please!!!!