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Posted by Xero560

If Atlus is making it, hopefully it will be pretty good.

Posted by Kokaneez

Looking forward to it

Posted by Natedog24

Everything about this game screams generic JRPG, but we'll see how it actually turns out....

Posted by needforswede

looks cool, and I don't usually like RPGs

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Looks good.

Posted by TheMustacheHero

If it doesn't have random battles then it might be good.

Posted by Venatio

Im saying it right now, Atlus NEEDS to make Persona 5 for the PS3 as soon as possible

I could be so AWESOME


Posted by MeatSim

Seems like a generic JRPG but Atlus has surprised me before though.

Posted by Jimbo

Did they steal the graphics from Golden Axe?

Posted by phrosnite

I like boobs... 00:56

Posted by Linkyshinks

Will be keeping an eye on this for sure. Atlus churn out some great RPGs, I also love playing RPGs on PSP.

Posted by BloodRavyne

Another Fatlus RPG *golf clap*

Posted by ahoodedfigure

In a world gone mad...  faceless soldiers...  wild-haired, famboyantly dressed heroes...  and ridiculously oversized weapons class for supremacy in:  Confusing, Extensive TItle 6

I like the retro battle stuff, but  FF XIII doesn't look so bad to me anymore.

Posted by galerian

The animation looks like the one from the Tales of Abyss.

Posted by Giacomito

@ Venatio

I'm with you!

Posted by Hammerface
@Venatio: Feel free to fund them. They're a relatively small studio, and in comparison to most developers they don't sell many copies of their games. They've been sticking to the PS2 because they don't want to cut off members of their already small fan-base. Another problem is that developing a game for current-gen consoles is significantly more expensive than making it for the PS2.
Posted by dankempster

I'm officially intrigued. The way the battle screen is set up makes me think of Valkyrie Profile. If it does something similar to that with its battle mechanics, I'll definitely be interested in this.

Posted by Jayge_

Atlus isn't making it, they are doing the localization. The game, also known as Astonishia Story 2, is the sequel to a really shitty game called Astonishia Story. The only ties here are story-related; the developers aren't the same. The game is a pretty typical RPG, although there is a heaping ton of voice work that was written in for the English port. The combat is fairly standard but done very well, the art style is amazing, and the story is actually pretty respectable.

Anyone who wants to get a small taste of what it's like can download the Korean demo; the demo is hard as fuck because they drop you in with low-level characters for the area (as said by an Atlus official on their forums), but you can at least see the characters/art/music and get a feel for how it'll play.

This and Class of Heroes are both debuting relatively close to each other, and both look to further strengthen the PSP's RPG library. Fucking awesome. Gotta love Atlus.
Posted by JamesKond

Goldensun says hi

Posted by Milkman

Oh, hey! That's definitely a JRPG.


Until developers start taking cues from Persona and actually start making JRPGs are different and interesting, I won't be caring.
Posted by Jimbo7676

Seemed alright until it revealed it's for the psp and not the ds. Seriously who has a psp?

Posted by RenegadeSaint

Yep, that's totally what I'd expect a game called Crimson Gem Saga to look like.  Unfortunately, I don't have a PSP.

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Why oh why would ppl diss the game and the genre as generic or formulaic? Would you please apply the same standards to the hordes of shooters using dystopian settings written by 3 year olds. Ppl that like anime like jrpgs. Live with it.

Posted by Red

A Tales-style anime JRPG for the PSP?

I'm game.
Posted by smokeH

Atlus will make this game sweeeet.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

I'm noticing a trend lately of games with better, higher framerate spritework than the animated segments they're sprinkled with. This is a good thing.

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I would buy Persona 5 immediately, no matter what platform it's on. Go Atlus!  :)

As far as Crimson Gem Saga (developed by IRONNOS Software and  localized / published by Atlus), I need to see more of the story and game-play elements before I am convinced.  I still havn't bought a PSP either, though I plan to do so as soon as Sony announces whatever they are announcing at E3 2009 with regard to that handheld.  Maybe this game will be one my top 5 purchases for the PSP.  I already bought Final Fantasy 1 and 2 for the PSP, even though I don't own the system yet.  LOL 

Based on videos of FF1 and FF2 for the PSP and personal experience with FF3 and FF4 for the Nintendo DS, I think Square-Enix did a much better job with the latter two remakes.  A great deal more work was put into FF3 and FF4 and it shows.

@grifter00020  I agree with you completely!  There are millions of shooter games that the masses keep buying, even though the game-play is pretty much the same for all of them.  Why do they continue? Because they love the fast pace reflex and coordination type game-play and probably shooting people in the face, I assume.  On the other hand, there are many folks that love the more cerebral strategic-elements of the "Old-School" "Turn Based" JRPGs.  I say let the FPS fans keep buying their shooters and I'll keep buying my JRPGs.  Live and Let Live!

Posted by CrashTanuki

This is only the intro and there are no animated cutscenes are far as I've seen in the 20+ hours I've put into the game. It's a solid turn-based RPG that has an entertaining story, which is more than I can say with others I've played over the years.

Posted by Slaveg

What? I was playing this game like 6 months ago. Why is it new all of a sudden? I've even signed up to tell you, lol.

Posted by gakon

If it wern't for Persona, Atlas would probably strike me as a one-trick pony.  At least in terms of art and design.

Posted by theMcNasty
@Natedog24:  Agreed.
Posted by King9999

If the combat is anything like Valkyrie Profile, then I'm sold.

Posted by Grillbar

reminds me of atelier iris 3

Posted by NintenDood
@Venatio: Yes, yes, and heck yes! I really want to play a Persona game, but have no PS2... so yeah, Atlus better hurry up w/ the sequel!
Posted by dagas
Jimbo7676 said:
Seemed alright until it revealed it's for the psp and not the ds. Seriously who has a psp?
A lot of people actually. They reached 50 million PSP's sold worldwide in February.
Posted by Xeiphyer
@dagas: Everyone has a PSP, but nobody buys games because everyone has a HACKED PSP. Thats the thing =P Should really release these games on both handhelds though.. it just makes sense.
Posted by Media_Master

This makes me wonder where Persona 5 is....