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That music.

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Had to watch it again to make sure I wasn't tripping balls...still not sure...

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Samurai Jack vibe - which is a very good thing.

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I've been a fan of everything Drinkbox has done so far, so there's probably a good chance I'll be picking this up whenever it comes out.

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Now you have 2 mouths to feed and another set of eyes for people to poke.

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Wow, the music's great! This looks interesting, being touch-based this is most likely an iOS/Android thing, which is bad because my shitty 4 year old HTC phone struggles with Angry Birds. I just downloaded and started playing Guacamelee! yesterday, been really enjoying that game (well, except for some of the writing and internet memes) so this might be yet another reason to finally upgrade to a better phone.

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This looks fucking rad.

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This looks insane, almost looks intended for mobile with all the graphics that looked like swiping to do things like chop mountains in half and fight crazy enemies.

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Holy shit, the art and music is CRAZY GOOD.

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Wow what wonderful and awesome music and visual style. Shame it's some touch screen game. Looks like a light-gun game but with swords?

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If only they could make this work on a PC...

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RULES OF NATURE! but seriously this looks really cool, hope its released for the Vita or something aswell as iOS/Android

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I absolutely loved Guacamelee so excited for this!

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If this doesn't have a bunch of dumb memes in it I'll probably enjoy it a lot!

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@bemusedchunk: VERY good thing.

Diggin the design, no so much the color palette.

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Seems born to be played on a PS Vita.

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Rad, seems like Infinity Blade with a really rad 2D art style. Guacamelee was amazing so I will totally buy this.

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Little disappointed to see the Guacamelee! guys go so abstract with their next game, but I'll keep an open mind and see how it turns out.

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Oh...I was so excited until I realized it was an iPad game. Nothing's changed, I'm still excited, only slightly less than I used to.

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Wait, it's an iPad game? Disappointment....I really liked Guacamelee.

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That's a pretty awesome trailer, but I have zero desire to play a swipey touchscreen game.

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I have my very own I phone now. I f**king hate the thing, but I would play a game such as this on it.

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For anyone interested the music is done by a pretty sweet band called YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN.

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I love the indie studios that have a really strong theme to their art direction, this and Guacamelee! seem to share a style, sorta like Transistor and Bastion.

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So King's Field meets Infinity Blade? I can live with that.

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That's Frog Fractions 2

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For anyone interested the music is done by a pretty sweet band called YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN.

Have both their albums, they're awesome!

Uzu was one of my favourite albums of last year. Thanks Mark of the Ninja for introducing them to me :)

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@bemusedchunk said:

Samurai Jack vibe - which is a very good thing.

It turns out the main thing you need to do for that vibe is just not have solid black linework on all the edges, and let different colours directly run up against each other instead of having black lines as a buffer between them.

But seriously, huge props to Genndy Tartakovsky and Cartoon Network Studios and Drinkbox Studios and everyone else who goes with that style, because from what I've heard it means that it's nightmarishly more difficult to choose colour palettes for each scene because you have to be even more careful to not have two colours right beside each other that are too similar.

Though I hear ya, some of the monster designs and the good ol' "anime slice stuff in half" in combination with that art style really reminded me of Samurai Jack. Game looks rad.

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Came for the video, was surprised by the YT//ST. Doubly surprised it's off their first album. For all its praise, I though UZU was a little too much overwrought melodrama. Queens and Hoshi Neko get me every time.

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I'm a huge fan of Guacamelee and I really hope that it will eventually come to Steam. I don't own an tablet and don't intent too. But most good tablet games eventually make the transition to Steam or some other PC portal.

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More indie developers need to drop acid.

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Clearly a Vita game, especially after you read some interviews with Drinkbox regarding the Vita and Vita Owners. Looks great, will be checking this out.

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Love the style. Music is rad.