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Posted by Jaytow

@chiablo: It's more dark souls! who the hell cares!!?

Posted by Rasgueado

Always game for more.

Posted by soulcake
Posted by Puchiko

Do want!

Posted by Humanity

@chiablo: I'm guessing business happened.

Posted by BrianP

Crown of the Burger King

Posted by Jpope

It seems like the season pass is being sold like an expansion pack. I wonder how the new dlc will compare to DaS:PtD. If each piece of dlc is the same length as that dlc then I will be thrilled. If each piece features a new boss and maybe 1 weapon 1 armor set, then I still will be content, but not happy in the direction the series is going.

Posted by SilentPredator

Those poison statues are now becoming mobile turrets? Fuck that.

Posted by Mmmslash

@chiablo: They said the same exact thing about DS1. This game had preorder bonuses, even. If you thought it wasn't going to get more money out of you, you cray.

Posted by development

Nothing in this looked interesting, I'm sorry to say. Hope the story stuff is good. What does it matter, though; I'm definitely gonna be buying it all, assuming it's not just total filler bullshit.

Posted by thekitkatshuffler

The most important thing will be to buy it, download it and play it as quickly as you can. Before they have a chance to nerf the living daylights out of it, like they did with the main game.

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Maybe when they fix soul memory or any of the other broken stuff in the game. :P

Posted by Potter9156


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Sweet. Will probably get the PC version once it's cheaper and play through the whole lot again with DLC.

Posted by Ett

More armoured enemies great!

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Those poison statues are now becoming mobile turrets? Fuck that.

Took the words right out of my mouth haha.

I guess I'm down for more Dark Souls 2. Won't be no Artorias though (but, what is really). I still remember that Kalameet fight.

Posted by Fitzgerald

And then when the PS4 version comes out, it will have all the DLC already packed-in. Calling it now.

Posted by monkeystick

I will happily pay for new DS2 DLC.

Posted by Swiket

Considering that the main game still has flaws, this DLC announcement has got me feeling some type of way.

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I trust the team to actually treat DLC with more care than anyone else in the business, but the words "trilogy of DLC" makes me spew endless, involuntary, internal vomit.

Hopefully these packs add up to something equivalent to the first Dark Souls DLC, which honestly deserved better than the moniker "DLC".

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All right! Bring it on From.

Posted by BoneChompski

Looking forward to it. Some of the changes in DS2 have been cool. I miss easy to farm twinkling titanite but soul memory has been a big success. Also love the small white soapstone mechanic, help people out for a chance to get some useful materials. I have played way more coop in 2 than I ever did in 1.

Posted by MiniPato

I'm fine with this. Dark Souls 2 was a surprisingly long game in the first place that I was very satisfied with it. It felt like a full, complete game.

I personally prefer Dark Souls 2 over Dark Souls 1, so I don't really share the sentiment of "B-Team bullshit."

Posted by Homelessbird

Cautiously optimistic?

Posted by divergence

I finished the game on 360 and played a little NG+ and then royally effed my game save up (by going on a deranged rampage and killing everyone including level up lady... heh) But, I guess this at least gives me some motivation to get through the game a second time on PC which looks better anyway.

Posted by tourgen

DLC triology: The Boss-ening.

I'll play it. Probably I'll wait until its all on 1 disk though.

Posted by Bulby33

Mmmm, yes. I want this very much.

Posted by Calmgamer

Feeling lied to....but also feeling happy.

Posted by suicidepacmen
Posted by Jackist

@calmgamer: So you're feeling like a gamer?

No, the average gamer is so miserable they never feel happiness anymore, though they still probably feel lied too.

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Yes! Give me more Dark Souls! I can handle it! Hnnnnnnggg!

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I'm a sucker for more Dark Souls. I wonder if this is content that was originally meant to be in the retail game? Hopefully it wasn't rushed.

Posted by wibby


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Posted by Zevvion
Posted by Zeeman155

Of fuck those poison spitting statues are mobile now? Great! They weren't fucking enough of a pain already!!!

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Posted by zladko

ugh fuck off From

Posted by TheBlue

I don't know why people are surprised. From initially said they weren't doing DLC but the money grubbing execs basically forced them to. They mentioned this a while before the game came out. I guess people missed that little news tidbit?

Posted by nonekjr

Bit pricey here in euroland, 25 euro. That's $34. Ugh.

Posted by HerbieBug

this trailer seems to feature almost entirely preexisting enemy types. :/

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I wonder if the fact that I started new game plus will screw me over now.

Posted by development

@drzing: Man, I really loved the way they handled the DLC weapons. Gained a lot of respect for them for that. They offer a little lore, are okay in beginning sections of the game, but don't take anything away from the game either; like difficulty.

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@zladko said:

ugh fuck off From

Why? Artorias of the Abyss was really fucking good.

(Unless you were specifically commenting on the mobile poison statues, in which case I'm with you.)

Posted by DFL017
Posted by Sessh

I had hoped this would happen...again.

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Hell yeah, can't wait.

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