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@fonkymucker said:

Sounds like a truck commercial.

It isn't about dying. It's about a Hemi V8 engine with multi-valve fuel injection and best-in-class towing.

Dark Souls 2: Prepare to die again for the savings on these Ford Trucks!

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Aw, I actually thought that was a pretty cute trailer. Serves as more of an overall series trailer than one for DS2, but it totally got me excited for DS2.

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Lombardi played Dark Souls motherfuckers. Also wtf spoilers, fire enchant works on fire breathing dragon.

Meant to be the dark lord perhaps?

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@dagbiker said:

#Believe 2014

Also, I nominate this for Dead island Trailer award of 2014. There is no way that the game will make you feel the same way this trailer did, and this is just to invoke that emotion.

Boy I sure hope you're right, because that trailer made me feel apprehensive and worried about my preorder.

Not enough to cancel, though. God damn From you've got me in your skinnerbox and I can't get out.

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@el_derrico said:

@fonkymucker said:

Sounds like a truck commercial.

It isn't about dying. It's about a Hemi V8 engine with multi-valve fuel injection and best-in-class towing.

Dark Souls 2: Prepare to die again for the savings on these Ford Trucks!

Yeah. I imagine the the quotes playing while a knight character ties some chains around Quelaag's neck and hooks them to the tow ball proceeding to drag the boss to the bonfire. All while some cheesy rock is playing in the background.

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@gnsdemon said:

ok so why is it saying March 14th? is this the pc release date? and whats with those early access items?

March 14th is the European release date, they still haven't announced the PC release yet. The black armor edition comes with access to some weapons and shields near the start of the game that are all in areas later in the game.

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On a serious note, yeah this trailer is exactly what Dark Souls is. Much better portrayal of the game's concept than 'Prepare to Die' ever was. I agree with Patrick. This is a lot more accurate.

Posted by Jojojimmeny

That is a pretty cheesy trailer, but as I slowly make my way through Dark Souls 1 for the first time, I could certainly use more of this kind of encouragement.. I like it!

Beating the Stray Demon was definitely that kind of experience - I died at least 10 times on that fight, but each time I learned from my mistakes, and when I did finally beat it I managed to do so without taking a single point of damage from any of his attacks (just the fall damage at the start of the encounter). That felt so good!

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I just wish they'd come back to the original Black Knight design of Demon's Souls, if there still are Dark Knights in the game that is.

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EDIT: Now I want to pre-order the collector's edition again, but I'm too embarrassed to do so since I already did it and canceled twice. What will the Amazon.com people think of me?!

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What's with that early access content bullshit(note: I'm getting this Day 1 and I still hate that stuff)?

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Cheesy as hell, but at least it doesn't create the impression that the marketing department only heard about the games difficulty, as with Dark Souls 1 where we ended up with the GOTY edition being called "Prepare to Die". YO BRO, THIS GAME IS HARD AS BALLS, AND THATS ABOUT IT TO THE GAME. ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH?

Posted by Belegorm

I liked the trailer, we've already seen a ton of stuff and this showed the continuity with Dark Souls 1. I know it's supposed to be in a different part of the world, completely separate and everything, but I do like them saying "GJ on making it, now time for a new challenge?" Also more importantly, I think this trailer suggests that the Black Iron armour's in the game, and definitely the Elite Knight armour is in the game and looks like the Dark Souls 1 version.

Posted by Hassun

This is an absolutely horrible trailer.

Posted by raikoh05

Why is half the footage from Dark Souls Uno?

I would play dark souls uno! sounds easier than dark souls.

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I have the sudden urge to join the military.

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I have to wonder if this some ultra-fast response to this thing:


"We're talking about a girl at age 13, 14,15, after being part of one murder, going on and completing another 20-something murders," he said. "We do know that she has an affinity for the fantasy game called Dark Souls, which is a very dark, death-laden video game that's on PlayStation and other kinds of video-type things where there's a lot of killing involved."

Read more at http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/132358-Fox-News-Links-Dark-Souls-to-Craigslist-Killer#mbacxkjY43X0tz5W.99

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That was the best Gatorade commercial i've ever seen, had dragons and everything!

Posted by BoneChompski

Terrible trailer, kept waiting for that announcer to break into some smooth jazz.

We like our Dark Souls f*&^ed up and freaky.

Posted by Arkhen

"This is about doing what you were meant to do", then a quick shot of the Dark Lord ending. Interesting...

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This trailer was suppose to be kind of a joke, right?

Posted by Bombzinski

Could've fooled me!

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Brad needs to hear this!

Or maybe not.

Also, I do not understand why this trailer. Pat is on to something in the second part of his statement there. Dark souls wasn't that hard. Though again, lets see what a new snow start is like.

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Only thing im starting to wonder in these games is that it takes one man to beat giant dragon lol

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I thought by the end of this they were going to cut to a white screen with the 5 rings and the narrator will say "Atlas is a proud sponsor of the winter Olympics"

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Wait, what?

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Greatness Awaits!

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Ugh, terrible.

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@bicycle_repairman: I know what you're thinking. "Did I drink 9 flasks or 10?" Now, to tell you the truth, I forgot myself in all this excitement. But this being Dark Souls II, the most dangerous video game in the world and will break your thumbs clean off, you've got to ask yourself a question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?

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@fonkymucker said:

Sounds like a truck commercial.

this is spot on

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So many cynics, I actually liked it.

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Hopefully this game won't start out as easy as the first one was after they put all those patches in. I don't know how they can beat what is to a lot of people their favourite game of the generation, like is it even possible?

Posted by Hollowschematic

Damn this send chills, I am so excited!

Posted by Chris

That's right. When you play a video game you're REALLY achieving something.

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I'm not sure why everyone's so cynical about the trailer (realistically I do; these are Giant Bomb user comments after all), but I liked it. It's kinda corny, but it actually speaks to the mindset of playing Dark Souls.

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@meptron said:

I'm looking forward to watching other people play this game.


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Really does sound sorta like a truck commercial haha. I enjoyed it though, good to see at least some of the promotional material acknowledging that the game isn't just about dying. I mean, I died a bunch playing Dark Souls, but probably less than a I did in a lot of other games. It's more a test of patience and understanding than outright reactions and such, which are things I am more capable of.

@golguin Yeah, was interesting to see that. I guess that was always the implication though - they conveyed in the original DkS that linking the fires would only prolong the Age of Fire, and that eventually the cycle would repeat and one day the fires would die and the Age of Dark would begin. Definitely intriguing that they actively included that ending sequence in there though, that feels like it has to be a nod to something important right?

Posted by Carlos1408

I'm mega excited about this game. However, the trailer was a very cheesy, even though it did describe the essence of Dark Souls somewhat accurately the feel, the music and the VO were off by miles.

Also I want to pre-order the Black Armor Edition on amazon but they have none left. Anyone know if they'll be offering more of those? I'm in the UK btw.

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I felt like the last line should have been

"Actually it IS about death. Of course it is."

Posted by Tidel

The tone is cornball, but the message is right. The series is aspirational.

This trailer seems like outreach -- come, gamers who have been turned off by the perception of difficulty; it's not cheap, there's meaning behind it.

I'm down with that. As long as the game stays the course, I'm down with anything that will invite and intrigue people to try it.

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All I gathered from this trailer is that a Dragon's heart is apparently in its ankle, or at least a major artery. Otherwise, I'm not sure how smashing its foot area with an axe is supposed to bring it down. A definite design flaw in their DNA.

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This Ain't No Game

I do kind of wish that DSII didn't have those gimmicky pre-order items. I could care less, but it's a horrible trend for those "gotta have somethin' others don't" kind of folks.

BTW if I didn't know to take this tongue-in-cheek I'd call it cheesy-as-shit.

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Yeah, this trailer doesn't change how incredibly excited I feel about DS2 coming out soon, but I do worry about their choice of direction with the marketing. I want it to be successful, but the trailer felt more like an educational video that borrowed the voice-over guy from truck commercials.

The message made sense and I'm glad they're trying to reassure newcomers that there's something great here and it has a lot more to offer than just seeing yourself dying a ton, but the delivery was totally off and... did I see the guy actually fist pump? Sooo not something that happens in a Souls game. That was just off.

Dark Souls II: Built Ford Tough

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@meatsim said:

@el_derrico said:

@fonkymucker said:

Sounds like a truck commercial.

It isn't about dying. It's about a Hemi V8 engine with multi-valve fuel injection and best-in-class towing.

Dark Souls 2: Prepare to die again for the savings on these Ford Trucks!

Wow, I swear I didn't read enough of the comments to see that you guys said this and I said the same thing. It must really be this obvious. Why couldn't they just actually get a voice-actor and not a voice-over commercial guy? Who thought this was a good idea?