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Posted by Oriental_Jams

Huh, looks like Too Human. Kinda.

Posted by Jeffsekai

This looks sweet

Posted by Bubahula
yah thats definetly the vibe im gettin also
Posted by idiotic_genius1

I agree that it looks similar to Too Human.
Looks like it could be alright.

Posted by Rockanomics


Posted by RawShark

Animation looks realy stifled because of those roid-pumped character models =/
War has HUEG limbs.

Posted by Fritzerbacon

ya, Too Human meets...Prototype (just cuz the way he picked up that car) meets... End of the world apocalypse? and maybe some God of War quicktime events?

Posted by Tarsier

concept is pretty cool, but the animation looks bad. is it an MMO? if so then i might think about getting it..

Posted by Jimbo

They decided to rip off Too Human of all things?  Good call.

Posted by Kohe321

Looks allright.

Posted by addictedtopinescent

Fuck. It's the same with almost all of these god of war type action games, the trailers convince me to buy them for some reason. 

I like the premise for this one, sounds pretty unique 
Posted by MeatSim

So Too Human expect in a modern urban city.

Posted by JamesKond

Too Human with good controls, yay
Also that looks way more like DMC (see the gunplay?) also the spawning blue shit that's so DMC, what's wrong with you people? only because it has some dark sinister voice saying doesn't make it like Too Human

Posted by Andheez

I guess I can see how the character models are similiar to too Human, but the gameplay looked completely different.  (Too Human very underrated gameplay in my opinion, just damn fun, can't wait for #2)  While this looked kinda bland, it is defeinently a new premise to I will give them credit there to be sure.

Posted by EmptyQuarter

Love that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are now seen as Greek and Norse mythology rip-offs.

I really like the colour palette they've got going on. 
Posted by MasonL87

So it's a cross between Hulk Ultimate Destruction and God of War?

Effin' A! Two of my favorite games, mixed together into a fine paste, with a dash of creative storytelling and sacrilegious stuff folded in.

Looks fun.

Posted by Vonocourt

Not really digging the character designs there.

Posted by Serker

Very Arthas-y... good on them for making their first trailer all gameplay. Looks interesting enough, not as gritty as I thought it would look... game needs more Dante's Inferno and God of War, and less Too Human

Posted by okuzy

hahaha at 0:52 I expected him to say "his name...is arthas".

anyone else think this is the same voice actor as the WoW guy?
Posted by Jayzilla

lol. why do people always steal from the bible but never stick to it? the source material is so much better than "War" fighting both heaven and hell lol.

Posted by Whiskeyjack

Dear Joe Madureira,

Please stop trying to make video games and finish Battle Chasers. We've been waiting for issue  #10 since the end of 2001. Thanks.

Posted by Homer39
@Jimbo said:
" They decided to rip off Too Human of all things?  Good call. "
one of the developers said it was more like Zelda than anything else. 
Posted by Irishjohn

Very cool trailer but I don't know about the game itself.

Posted by Satune

Gory violent fighting scenes, one button push weak ass guns, yep its a 3D action beat em up!

Posted by Captain_Felafel

I love the premise but don't we have enough hack'n'slashers on the market right now?

Posted by Arjuna


Posted by Coltonio7

Ahh this actually looks pretty cool. A little too much ROBOT and not enough OMG HE'S WAR.

Posted by Cerza

Been there... Done that... Sooooo, What else ya got?

Posted by cowdrunk

I've been watching this one for a quite a wile and am looking forward to it comeing out....but what is with thies terrabel trailers?

Posted by Agnogenic_delete

That looks really sweet. :D

Posted by InsanePotato

Has me psyched. I like the story/setting alot.

The guy talking sounds nothing like Arthas btw.
Posted by JDevL

Still holding out hope for this one. Looks better than the last trailer I saw, and I'm digging the art style which makes it stand out a bit from God of War and Dante's Inferno. I'll take a polished and colorful style over another brown and muddy default Unreal Engine mess.

Also, it would be nice to see THQ get another surprise hit on their hands if this and Red Faction sell better than expected. Competition is always good.

Posted by TekZero

Been looking forward to this game for a while now.. let's hope it lives up to it's potential.

Posted by CallMeRotten

I love how this game looks.

Posted by SenatorSpacer

That looks fucking awesome!

Edited by zityz

I forgot all about this game. Or at least what the name of this game was called. I don't really see how it resembles Too Human except for myabe the angel thing with glowing wings but uh okay. They should have shown more gameplay with you riding on the horse and the more openess of the game as well, unless all that has completly changed then if so, bleh.

Posted by Xeiphyer

I like their source material, but I'm not really digging the character model, the enemies look cool enough but War looks kinda squished down like hes not very tall or something, not to mention he looks a lot like a marine guy from Dawn of War, or any other power suit giant armor wearing person like in gears or most other games coming out these days.

I would like him to look way more epic, or atleast be able to become more epic which will hopefully be the case, Also I kind of get the feel that this game is going to have most of the cool stuff shown through scripted events rather than just badassery you can accomplish during gameplay.

Don't take my comments to mean much though, lets wait till we see the game, because either way, its just a trailer. Kudos for using lots of gameplay stuff though.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

I love the potential, but I don't thing I like the execution.

Posted by smokeH

im interested in the storyline and just what they could do with it and the whole concept but thats if they do it right. Probably going to pick this up anyways check it out for myself.

Posted by dQuarters
Here's a list of games I've seen Darksiders accused of ripping off ...
  • Dante's Inferno
  • Dark Sector
  • Dawn of War
  • Devil May Cry
  • God of War
  • Gears of War
  • Hulk Ultimate Destruction
  • Prototype
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Soul Reaver
  • Too Human
  • World of Warcraft
  • Zelda

Those are just the one's I can recall at the moment. In peoples' lazy attempts to pigeonhole this game, they've actually highlighted its diversity in both artist direction and gameplay. Not to mention most of the games people think of when they see Darksiders are awesome AAA games.
Posted by chickendoughnut

for a moment I thought it was another fable. lol

Posted by Gelatinousgelboy

So I'm getting God of War + Warhammer 40k here. Biiiig meh.

Posted by simian

I'm happy that there's very little chance of morality based game play.

Posted by EpicReflex

Too Human? I don't see where that comparison is being drawn. If anything, it's anouther God Of War clone.

Posted by leky1

set in modern world but using swords? i mean what the f*ck?"

Edited by TheFrostedGamer


Oh Wait
Posted by MasterChief360

very cool

Posted by stallion74

Something between Archangel and Hellgate London with the sword that is almost an exact copy of the sword the bad guy had in Dungeon Siege 2 if i remember correctly...and of course another third person perspective game which is so trendy at the time i think.

Posted by raidingkvatch

Betrayed? After vengeance? Torn between Heaven and Hell? This concept is fucked up! Seriously where do they get this shit from? How can any of the horsemaen have been betrayed yet when the game is set in seemingly modern times? Therefore the apocalypse has not happened yet!

Posted by skrutop

I'd be interested to see how Darksiders compares to the other open-world superhero games on the market.  The premise is certainly interesting, but the art style is a bit of a mixed bag in my opinion.

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