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Posted by Wakka

Crazy indeed.

Posted by Savage

Guess what? Perry Vandell is still kind have crazy.

Posted by JackSukeru

Ryu is the only character in this series whose design I like.

Posted by skrutop

I like how the camera gets up close during the combos. It might be really distracting in practice, but it looks really good.

Posted by Delta_Ass

I'm too young to watch this filth? Well, let me enter my birthday. Oh what, I can't do that either?

Well fuck you.

Posted by Nightfang

That was cool!

Posted by EuanDewar

I didn't even know this was a thing.

Posted by BoOzak

Weird.. Aura's of dust upon contact, ultimate techniques, ninpo? This isnt the DOA I remember, curious to see how it turns out though..

Posted by Daniel_Newton

I've never been into Dead or Alive, but that actually looked really cool. Might have to pick this up when it comes out.

Posted by ALIENX

FIrst Ryu gets his butt kicked, but eventually wins!

Posted by Juicebox

So with Most of Team Ninja gone I'm Guessing Crotch bounciness instead of boob bounciness?

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Finally an extended trailer. I hope they've spent a decent amount of time perfecting the counter moves.

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@RobotHamster said:


I hope they sync up some wobble bass to the new boob physics. :p

Posted by darkjester74

DOA5, I find your lack of boobs disturbing.

Posted by NarficAcid

I would genuinely be interested to see how a DOA game without gratuitous boob physics sells. This probably won't be it, but to me, the fighting system has been the sell maker.

Posted by oldjack327

Looks cool, but I'm a bit concerned that they might be over focusing on the interactions with the environment. Using the environment as a weapon was important in previous DOA games, but I feel like they might be taking that to an extreme in order to increase the spectacle, and that might (in turn) negatively impact the core fighting game mechanics by pushing the player to rely too heavily on environmental hazards for KO's. Then again, it is a proof of concept trailer, so a lot can change.

Posted by bybeach

Wheres the wemen?

Posted by MutenMiller

It's like someone got some Split/Second in my DOA.

Posted by Phoenix654

Dude, I'm a wizard, but this game looks fucked up...

Posted by onan

This is pre-alpha, so no mammaries. Jiggle is implemented much later in the development process.

Posted by Losfer

Oh man, I can't wait. Got DOA Dimensions on pause and still load up DOA4 every once in awhile.

Posted by paulwade1984

It looks like the same fighting system with canned animations in place for KO blows and knocking down levels.

street fighter 4 this is not.

Posted by SippyCupNINJA

A DOA trailer without boobies?

Posted by Areian

Looks promising

Posted by ddensel

Where the Hell are the girls? If this is how DOA will be marketed post-Itagaki, then I say GOOD DAY SIR!

*Turns age up to 99*

Posted by lokey013

Fireball him!!! FIREBALL HIM GOOD!!!

Posted by aceofspudz

Trailer was a sausage party.

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Time for me to brush up on my Leifang. *Actually turns on the 3DS*

Posted by jagenheim

Come back, Itagaki-san! Please!

Posted by zityz

I have the first 4 DOA's but I think I'm done with the series. Mostly because after playing SF4 KOF and the tekken games. DOA becomes way more about visuals and boobs then it does about the actual fighting game itself. Counters can be a bitch to pull off and unless you play as Ryu, Kasumi, or Ayane then your pretty much screwed as those 3 can practically inifinte you to death.

DOA is a fun game to mess around with with friends, but as an actual fighting game itself. It's really not that great.

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DOA was always a fun game to play when you went over to someones house and wanted to play each other. I don't think it's a game that I would buy for myself.

Posted by MeatSim

Who's gonna pay for all that collateral damage?

Posted by Groundings

The dynamic environments is whats keeping me from calling this just another generic fighting game.

Posted by GrandMarshal

about time for dead or alive 5