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nice....still have yet to pick up the first game, hopefully Vegas will have stripper poles :DD (gotta use that m-rating!) haha first as well sorry supermega

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Damn. They put the vid up like 2 secs ago and already someone commented before me.

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But I did get first comment on 1 of the mk vs dc vids a while back.

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I love hearing about your goal for first comments.

I hope this game will be good.  The first one is still one of my favorite 360 games.

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It still upsets me that they mispronounce Willamette...

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great to know that one of my favorite genres is making a comeback

Posted by steelharrison

this is great i just got back from vegas... way different from life in Texas, I am going to see how this game and the game This is Vegas compares to the real las vegas

Posted by peeingintheshowers

can u say resident evil

Posted by Charleslegrand

Interesting trailer...hm

Posted by PowerSerj

Oh wow, I just noticed the Wikipedia entry there. This is a confusing video.

Posted by Mercanis

Did anyone notice the Megaman suit? Look at 0:49-0:51. Funny.

Posted by Vandersveldt

Amazing commercial. I love how they did it

Posted by Civraz

Look pretty interesting. But i'm not sold unless they bring back the camera. Ahh good times.

Posted by HatKing

I don't know what it is but I just don't like this trailer.  Hopefully they fix up some of the broken parts of Dead Rising and this one will be awesome.

Posted by Scooper

I think what I find out of place with this trailer is the tone of it, it's more serious then some of the strongest zombie/gory mashers which is wierd for a light-hearted zombie-romp that the first one was.

Posted by manathirst

Zombies in Casinos?  Should be called Dead Rising Vegas.

Posted by Geno

I like how Dead Rising is now scarier than Resident Evil.

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hopefully i can read in game text for this game aha

Posted by Mister_Snig

Haha, nice touch with the Wikipedia article.

Posted by deaux

If every blog runs this as a viral video, then it's not.

Posted by birdbrain

lol. Wikipedia page

Posted by konatachan

That looks really creepy.

As far as Dead Rising goes I really liked it. Graphically on the Xbox 360 it was pretty ahead of it's time. But Save points and steep difficulty curve hindered this game servilely.

Posted by Eric_Buck

I absolutely HATED the first one. I'm probably not getting this but it depends if all the problems are fixed.

Posted by zityz

I would have enjoyed the first one if the damn game didnt restart on me halfway through the gameplay, couldnt even load up my save, just brought me back to the beginning, and i was like "well F that noise"

hope this one turns out better with a lot less bugs and NO TIME LIMIT.

Posted by Scheds

I really liked the original, time limits and all. I thought I would hate the having to rush around for the stories but I really didn't mind it, but that's probably because I got lucky and didn't have to restart.

I think Vegas is a good place to take it, too. Potentially another great game in the ridiculously packed 2009.
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All I am wondering is if they will take the more casual Wii approach or will they make it more on the lines of the Xbox version ?

Posted by Media_Master

soo many cuts

looks good

but i want a better trailer!

Posted by nick_verissimo

was that a wikipedia page?

Posted by Scratch

"Zombrex" in Wikipedia redirects to the game page. Would like a better trailer though.

Posted by Pakorn1

The voice over at a few points... about the Virus and nonsuch... is it just me or is that Ben Judd?

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"Did anyone notice the Megaman suit? Look at 0:49-0:51. Funny."

Yeah, looks like a certain photo journalist from a certain zombie game...