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Posted by DemonStration

Left 4 Dead Space 2

Posted by Mezmero

Left 4 Dead says you're welcome.  It looks cool but something tells me it'll play like dog shit.

Posted by iWonder

Not first.
Kinda neat - coming out earlier than I thought it would.

Posted by EpicOrangeJuice

Nice trailer

Posted by Milkman

I was wrong about the BioShock 2 multiplayer and maybe I'll be wrong here too but I don't like the look of this.

Posted by FunExplosions

That was both awesome and hilarious, which is why I will only ever be playing as the leap-baby.

Posted by Swimteampie

Much like BioShock 2, i don't fell this is a game that needs to have multiplayer.

Posted by BigChief

 You know...I'm still not sure what to think about this. It looks kinda cool, and a messed up, gruesome multiplayer actually sounds sort of neat, but it's definitely not what I'm buying the game for, and I hope they didn't have to divert resources from making the single player shine to make it. 
Though I suppose Uncharted 2's multiplayer was surprisingly good, so I'll give this one a chance. As long as I get to play as tentacle baby.    

Posted by KyleBaron
Can you talk about ze multiplayeur!?
Posted by golguin

First it was Gears of War 3 and now Dead Space 2. I personally love L4D and L4D2 so it's all good with me.

Posted by Chango

Still one of my most anticipated games, with that said; meh.

Posted by Vinny_Says

left 4 dead space 2 is soooooooo 4 days ago...
old trailer is old

Posted by commandercup

Man the zombie aliens seem to be really janky... 

Posted by Jokers_Wild

Getting major Left 4 Dead vibes off this trailer, but I have to wonder about how the multiplayer will be balanced. In L4D, the infected team has a horde of zombie grunts at their disposal. If the zombie team in this game is limited to attacking 4 at a time, I see no reason why the humans won't just tear them apart, what with having guns and all. That said, I'm still really excited for Dead Space 2.

Edited by ProjektGill

Wow so this trend of playing as the enemy is picking up huh. First Left 4 Dead, then Singularity and now Halo: Reach (sort of), Dead Space 2 and Gears 3. 
edit: Also some of those player names are actually good. I would love to have the Gamertag "Plissken" or "and then some"

Posted by Gliz9

I will save my judgement till I get my hands on the game, but looks interesting. 

Posted by Belonpopo


Posted by Bunnyman

Uhm. Looks unpolished to me. Like a work in progress. Didn't play the first game but that looked better to me.

Posted by darkjester74

Still no interest in Dead Space

Posted by NorseDudeTR

Yeah.. game devs would give a game called "alone in isolation world" multiplayer. That shit is screwed up.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Seems cool and fun. Not sure why everyone is being a little bitch about it.

Posted by 1p


Posted by RE_Player1

Cool. Big fan of the first one, my first platinum trophy game, so this is an instant buy for me. 

Posted by Timmy_Wackford

Sooo... its Left For Dead Space?

Posted by DjCmeP

Looks Cool.

Posted by 2unique

Can you say Singularity MP? 
No thanks. This is not why I will buy the game. I guess it's nice to have the opinion for others.

Posted by FixtheFernBack

I have to agree that this looks pretty unpolished. I was hoping for a more AvP-style direction for the multiplayer i.e low light, greater use of shadows, sounds etc;   fingers crossed for some interesting game-types. 
Loved the first game, so as long as the single player is better I'll be there for the sequel.

Posted by Nux

The game itself looks awsome--the multiplayer I don't know. It looks ok and odd at the same time but I just don't know.
Posted by RedAuerbach

Looks like it's time to finish the first one.

Posted by MisterMouse

it seems kind of cool , but I am pretty skeptical about the multiplayer in this game.

Posted by Gugi9000

Looks like a Ps1-version of Alien Swarm.

Posted by HolyCrapItsAdam

I have a feeling the humans are gonna be overpowered but we will see I guess

Posted by PixelStyles

meh, looks like controls will need a lot of work.

Posted by Crono

I always wanted a space themed l4d

Posted by hsteven1991@hotmail.co.uk

This game has always freaked me out..

Posted by hilld1985

I like the idea, but it already looks super sloppy.

Posted by TFArchive

Wow, looks pretty cool, nice trailer music :)

Edited by MeatSim

I don't think I would have any friends left if I dismembered them.

Posted by SkinnyBlue

 I think it looks like it could be fun for a while, but it feels tacked on and unnecessary. The single player campaign is the reason people are going to buy this game, I don't understand why multi-player needs to be in games like Dead Space.
Posted by kjgabel

The gameplay for the monsters looks a little annoying,  but who cares about that. This HD video is great! Well worth the investment. Thank you.

Posted by Darkraven

looking interesting so far though from this one specific video i do get the feeling that the necromorphs are way underpowered :P lets see how it ends up, obviously they have to be alot more versatile than the single player necromorphs!

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

I just want single player.
That is all.

Posted by Tesla

Left 4 Dead doesn't even have a proper single player mode.  Just sayin', for all those people talking about how Dead Space is ripping it off.  They are obviously different games.
Awesome trailer, and I'm always ready for more cooperative focused multiplayer.  Sign me up.

Posted by Thumbrunner

Looks cool would be better if it was a Horde/Firefight mode. I might be seeing things but the pack looks a bit taller in this then in the E3 stuff.

Edited by theMAINEevent33

yeah a horde mode would be awesome

Posted by cassus

I hope this fails so we don't get more L4D clones. L4D sucks balls.

Posted by Besetment

Didn't the last dead space 2 trailer also feature a Mogwai song?

Posted by Tofford

Love me some Mogwai and also this looks like Left 4 Dead. Hopefully its not just tacked on

Posted by OroJackson

I don't know but this looks very meh

Posted by HowDire

Left 4 Dead IN SPACE!!!!!

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