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Posted by csl316

I never played the series, but after watching Game Informer play through Trapt I'm sort of intrigued.

Posted by D_W

What's odd is that there already was a Deception 4 that had the unfortunate name "Trapt" in the US. But apparently that was a sequel to Deception 2. ...I don't know.

I've only played the 3rd one on the PS1. It was pretty cool at the time. Doesn't hold up super well because of the awkward controls. That one was certainly much less fan service-y than what this trailer makes out. I was thinking about picking this up, but after watching this I'm not so sure I will.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Yeah Deception!

Posted by John1912

I think I played the first one back in the day and remember really liking it. This however looks like shit.

Posted by Benmo316

Is this the Final Destination of video games? I'm intrigued.

Posted by Andheez

WTF?? This looks weird and kinda perverse even for the Japanese.

Posted by Cronstintein

The story in deception 2 was pretty wild, this looks crazy but... not as good.

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@andheez said:

WTF?? This looks weird and kinda perverse even for the Japanese.

Is this some kind of trap tower defense? Sorta like Orcs Must Die?

Posted by AjayRaz

i started playing this on the vita last night and it is okay. i only finished the first chapter (will play more on the commute home) and it seems very... deliberately designed, if that makes any sense. this is my first deception game but i don't think it really cares about modernization of any kind if personal experience, coupled with the reviews are any indication.

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A... a new Deception game? What?

Posted by Overbite

The Deception games are good. Build overly complex series of traps to kill people invading in your crib.

Posted by Deinos

Loved the original on PS1 back in the day. Never played the sequels.

Posted by Corevi

all the fanservicey stuff is super gross but the "humiliating" traps look super fun to fuck around with. can't wait for Mr.Swoon's LP of this

Posted by MeatSim

I haven't heard of any of these games, but I am pretty sure we need a Quick Look of this.

Posted by PaniPoniDoom

I need a quick look of this stat! :o

Posted by Undeadpool

I remember wiling away many an afternoon to Deception II on the PS1...this excites me.

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@andheez: Ikr? its like a hentai videogame or something...very sexy! lol

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@benmo316 said:

Is this the Final Destination of video games? I'm intrigued.

I've been playing way too much Dark Souls 2 lately, so as soon as you mentioned Final Destination and video games in the same sentence, I immediately thought of a crazy hypothetical game mechanic for the Souls series:

If your co-op party gets slaughtered while fighting a boss, the host can use an item (let's say, the Stone of Sawa) to resurrect his allies, but at a cost. Whether or not the boss is then slain, an NPC phantom will invade the worlds of each co-op partner and attempt to kill them in the order that they should have died. Continuously. Until one of the co-op partners is able to defeat the phantom.

It seems to have the right ratio of utility to "fuck you!"-ocity to be a fit for the series :)

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@benmo316 said:

Is this the Final Destination of video games? I'm intrigued.

It's like someone crossed Final Destination with a Rube Golderberg machine....

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Loved the original. It was definitely one of those quirky kind of games that only could have originated from that era. It was entirely in first person, with shitty controls because not only had console devs not figured out fps yet, the game was pre-dual analog controller.

This trailer looks waymore slapstick than the first one (I never played the sequels), and seems to be in 3rd person. I'll probably try it out regardless though, or maybe I'll track down the sequels and emulate them :)

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Is this not coming to Steam?

edit: Guess not. Didn't realize it was $60 anyway.

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Holy shit! A new Deception game!!! Yay!

Posted by blueinferno

O.o Kind of want to try this.