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yay atlus

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Best game released so far on this generation of consoles, but it'll get mostly ignored by press and most gamers for being too niche and hardcore.

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Looks cool.

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That dragon is genuinely disturbing in an awesome way. DOUBLE JAW ACTION ENGAGE!!!

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Atlus, what is this? It's enchanting.

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That singing! It's making MY  EARS BLEED! 
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If it's not Shin Megami Tensei, it's still demonic.

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Wow, that looks crazy epic.  Welcome to this generation, Atlus.

I just might have to get a PS3 for this.

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PS3 ftw


Demon's Soul's has looked awesome for ages now, I just hope and pray that we in Europe get a release for it. I was going to import the Asia version, but now I can import a US version if we don't get it.

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Atlus did not make the game, From did.  Atlus US is publishing it.  Its not the first time on the current gen either, it is their first on the PS3 I believe (well, except for Droplitz on PSN)
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I was about to import this, then I heard it was being released here....yay!

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As said in "Duma Key" by Stephen King. Maybe Si, Maybe No.

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Heard the game wasn't very friendly to the player, but I'm interested.  Looking forward to seeing what people think of it at e3.  This trailer, like everything else I've seen, looks awesome.

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Huh...  could be interested, but I don't have a PS3 and Atlus seems to only really do PS games.  *Sigh*

Oh well another game I can watch go by.

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Wow finally something to put on the PS3 want list!

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I've seen this game played many times on Justin.tv, and I have to say that it seems to be a very addicting game.  The difficulty is punishing but fair like the captions says.  There are times though that I think throwing the controller would be an appropriate response.  I'd like to see more from a U.S. version, but if it remains the same as the Asian, it might be a sleeper.

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You should get a trophy just for listening to that sound track.  It looks good, but I'll have to avoid it like the plague if that's representative of the game's music.

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I've already got this on Asian import nice to see it getting a bigger fan base.

Just so you all know this isn't for anyone who's a light gamer, it really is hardcore, I mean if you die twice in a row without getting to your corpse you'll lose all you demo souls (basically money and covers stat points)
You can't pause it at all you can't even press the PS button to pause it the game still runs in the background.
Really cannot stress that if you're not a good gamer and die alot and nedd retries to avoid this! It's a great game but I get pissed off a whole lot because off deaths although I did get pretty good I'll be getting back into it, the version you americans have will be the same as it was released ages ago with full English other than the manual, even though there's a tutorial the manual isn't needed.
If anyone gets it a great help for starting out is: http://demonssouls.wikidot.com/

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Some crazy looking demons they got their.

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@death_and_drek said:
" You should get a trophy just for listening to that sound track.  It looks good, but I'll have to avoid it like the plague if that's representative of the game's music. "
Actually the game doesn't really have any music, only in boss battles and a couple of other areas. For the most part it's just the atmospheric sounds of howling winds, fearsome beasts and bloody DEATH waiting for you around every corner.

The atmosphere is one of the special things about the game and music would only help spoil it.
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Damn this looks really impressive, consider me excited. 

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Been looking forward to this since it was first announced. Surprised they're keeping the dodgy title for western release though.

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I was going to import this after my June 15 paycheck, but am now just gunna wait for the North American release. 

This game is seriously gunna pwn! :D

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Man, that girl can wail!

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This looks very cool.  This trailer is the first I'm hearing of this game and it got me really interested.

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Ive seen the Japanese version of this being played. It looks incredibly exciting and deep, however it is the hardest game Ive ever seen. Note it is the hardest game, but it is not unfair. You need to be a true hardcore gamer in order to play this. You can be killed in one hit.

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Apparently the game is wicked hard... But you can co-op online or go into another players game and be an enemy of theirs which looks sweet. Not to mention the giant 300 foot monsters that look pretty God damn sweet.

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Persona 5 plz

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Well, I wasn't going to buy the American version since I already imported this from PlayAsia after reading recommendations from other Giant Bombers, but seeing the Atlus logo at the beginning just sold me on an American copy.  The game is totally awesome BTW.

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Consider me impressed. I'd never even heard of this game before.

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horrible music

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yup, that was a dragon

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Maybe the first game i'll own 2 copies of. Kinda want an American version just to have...lol.

That music was pretty bad...ugh hope someone gets fired for that seriously...which ever producer or editor thought that sounded good well needs to get their ears checked.

Great game by far, often spend hours in it and not realize how much time I spent trying to learn the tricks to a dungeon. Game is quite difficult and learning the tricks of bosses and encounters is cool. Wish the items were more diverse and not really crafted only or required world tendency's to be acquired. As well as wish Money and Souls were the currency rather than just Souls. And the rag dolls seriously are RETARDED sometimes, way over the top.