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Posted by eroticfishcake

Maybe I should import it.

Posted by Freaksaus

I imported this and it's one of the best rpg's I've played. It's hard but very fair. Good thing they managed to make a localized version because From Software should make more games like this.

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looks nice 
Posted by JoelTGM

I want

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@eroticfishcake said:

" Maybe I should import it. "

It comes out in October though...
Posted by Aarny91

I need this game.

Posted by eroticfishcake
@CowMuffins: I live in the great expanse called Europe...not America I'm afraid.
Posted by CowMuffins
@eroticfishcake: Nevermind then.
Posted by EgoCheck616

Already have the special edition pre-ordered and it only costs $10 more.
Can't freaking wait. Been dying to play this for months.

Posted by AndrooD2
@Freaksaus: The few things I've read and seen about this game make it seem ridiculously punitive. Did you find that the level of difficultly eased up as your character gained levels and you became comfortable with the game, or do you just die your way through from beginning to end?
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@AndrooD2: The games not hard you just have to take your time, there are only a few moves per weapon but you have to use them right, like not using a sword in a corridor or you'll just hit the sides, so instead a spear or some such. Just things like that, timing and baiting are key aswell, most bosses are pretty easy once you get into a pattern, with each you just focus on staying alive first then once you've got them figured out just go at it.
P.s. I never liked that trailer very much.
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 @AndrooD2:  Getting used to the fighting does make the game somewhat easier, my second playthrough was so different from my first tries. You still die sometimes, but that would be more you getting overconfident then the game being too hard. As long as you don't try to rush through, the game is very doable.  The weird thing is, even after dieing lots of times I never got frustrated with the game, and this seems to be the consensus for this game.  

Posted by mikeeegeee

This game looks incredibly fucking cool. Probably time to get a PS3. Never thought something would actually push me over the edge

Posted by Seraphim2150

This looks like what Dante's inferno should be

Posted by JamesKond

For Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System?

Posted by killdave

No GiantBomb quote = rubbish trailer.

Posted by Oni

Guys. This game is amazing. Buy it. Seriously. Read one of my latest blog entries if you want to know why.

Posted by Valentino

I don't think I trust a trailer when half of it was quotes. =/

Posted by Aarny91
@Sniipe said:
" When a game touts its ability to "Replay Deaths" I know its not the game for me.  I've come to the conclusion that punishing games like Mirror's Edge and Mega Man are Not Fun, para me.  Dying over and over and over with little progress is just Not Fun. "
What are you talking about? The Replay Death thing is to help you out. It shows where and how someone died on the map to give you and hints on what is coming up.
Posted by Vorbis
@CowMuffins: Not in Europe, still no word on it being released over here, will have to import it.
Posted by Jayzilla

too many other games on my docket to give this a go. may have to rent it to see if it moves up my game list.

Posted by Urmean

I like how this trailer is a bit of a throwback to 80's commercials going "ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH?!"

Posted by Media_Master

so its too hard

Posted by Zeik
@killdave said:
" No GiantBomb quote = rubbish trailer. "
Has Giantbomb ever even talked about Demon's Souls? <_<
Posted by PurplieNurplie

Apparently there's no swearing or sex in this game, so I'm not 100% on it...

Posted by ChrisTaran

PS3 Computer Entertainment System?  What is this the 80's/early 90's again?

Posted by WrenchNinja

Damn it, why does this have to come out in October? I want to get this but Uncharted and Ratchet are coming out then too.

Posted by Vinchenzo

I wish I still had my PS3 for this.

Posted by Subject2Change

Played through my Korean copy once and pre-ordered the US release "special edition". Really can't wait.

Posted by upwarDBound

Man, I can't wait to play this. It looks like what a 3-D castlevnia game should actually be like. So glad I'm not gonna have to import this one.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


Posted by MassiveRiot

I just jizzed in my pants.

Posted by NathHaw

Looks cool.  Personally, I'm not too sure about the part where it's too hard.  Those types of games usually frustrate me, and that takes from the overall enjoyment.  However, I love Persona and want Atlus to succeed, so I'll most likely try it at least.  Gamefly FTW. 

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

When it says Atlus at the start, that's usually a bad sign.

Posted by Mithlas

Wow, it's been a while since I've heard X-Ray Dog's music in a trailer. Well done as far as matching the music, but it hardly shows off the game. I've been checking the progress of the game since hearing about it from KoeiWarriors, and they provided better info about what the game's actually about than this.
If its difficulty wasn't an advertised feature, though, I think I'd be more interested.

Posted by idiotic_genius1

Looks like it could be pretty damn good. If I had a PS3 I would probably check this one out.
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@Lind_L_Taylor said:

" When it says Atlus at the start, that's usually a bad sign. "

Uh, what? Atlus USA is easily one the best English localizer's out there.  Or are you one of those people who think everything released by Atlus USA is also developed by Atlus? Because that's just so completely wrong. Even this game was actually developed by FromSoftware.  Atlus USA just handles localizations, and they do a great job of that.
Posted by simian

Everything that I've heard about this seems to indicate that it's brutally hard. It looks good but not sure I'm going to subject myself to the frustration.

Posted by Regal

Oh it's for the playstation 3 computer entertainment system home electronic device product. 

Posted by gustave154

can't wait for NA version

Posted by Vigorousjammer

The PS3 has an incredibly bright RPG future, and this one looks pretty damn awesome.

Posted by PenguinDust

October is going to be a killer of a month for games.

Posted by Inquisitor

Why only for PS3, first monster hunter for the wii exclusive and now this, ghaaaa!!!
Posted by luce


Posted by teh_destroyer

Looks pretty good, although I don't have a PS3 :(.

Posted by Capum15

I don't know why, but...I got shivers. The good kind. Looks awesome.

Posted by Catolf
@Vigorousjammer said:
" YES FINALLY A PS3 RPG FROM ATLUS!! YESSSSS!! The PS3 has an incredibly bright RPG future, and this one looks pretty damn awesome. "
Totally agreeing!
It's about time the PS3 got some serious love!
Posted by Spike94

This. Game. Looks. AMAZING. *faints* RIGHT UP MY ALLY, I AM SO STOKED!
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