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awesome.. bout time I got that dang quest

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DAMMIT!  SO CLOSE!  I'm never going to get that quest. 
Now to watch the video...

Posted by Neverpraying


Posted by Regal

Is this the same game that was looked at quickly by Ryan earlier? This just seems so much more awesome. 

Posted by BulletStorm

I want you to be good. I want you to be good. I want you to be good. I want you to be good.

Posted by kingclaw

The western part looks better tha RDR

Posted by Jayross

aw snap.

Posted by solidlife

mmm apple

Posted by drowsap

I dont care what any one says this looks like a great movie game and i know that sounds like a huge oxymoron but i really think it does lol. 

Posted by benverboeket

I've always liked Toy Story

Posted by Irish87

Wait, there's a Toy Story universe? Huh. 

Posted by Landon

I think I'm going to go download Toy Story on a SNES emulator now.

Posted by AngelicRampage

this game looks good, i fucking love toy story, its an awesome series
i hope this game turns out just as good

Posted by OllyOxenFree

I remember Toy Story for the SNES being so fucking hard.

Posted by Safe_Bet

lol.. kid games.. 
*look left* 
*look right* 


Posted by 234r2we232
@kingclaw said:
" The western part looks better tha RDR "
Posted by Lazyaza

Now this is how movie games should be done, with actual care and time and creativity put in to them and not just rushed half assed film tie-ins.
I may buy it later in the year.  So many games to buy already :P

Posted by elko84
@Safe_Bet said:
" lol.. kid games..   *look left*  *look right* *preorder* "
*passes money for his preorder* 
Posted by RecSpec

I played the hell out of Toy Story for the Genesis.
Racing game, First person adventure, platformer. That game had it all.

Posted by Draco9898

This actually looks pretty good, finally time for a good movie tie-in game.

Posted by JoelTGM

The ending ruined that video.  The game looks good, but probably a little too simplistic.

Posted by Pepsiman
@RecSpec: Oh man, I have that game, too, and completely forgot about the first-person elements. Bloody hell, that game DID have variety!
Posted by ImperiousRix

Based on that Quick Look Roadshow and what I've seen so far, the game looks pretty damn cool.  Sure, I'm a Pixar fanboy, but it's good to see some effort in a movie to game tie-in.  I'll definitely check it out when it's released.

Posted by DJKommunist

am i the only one who made a certain gesture involving a single finger at the guy who asked if we were crying?
Posted by CDUB901
@Regal: it is...the quicklook was just of another mode called toy box...where you can whatever you want and create your own world and stories 
this was all story mode though 
so this game seems to have quite a bit of content
Posted by SenorDingDong

Wow, those are some Toy Story quality graphics.  Is this on the PS2?

Posted by Murdouken

This game looks absolutely awesome for a movie tie in. I'm definately buying it. Especially if it makes me wear purple bedsheets and run around shouting "To infinity and beyond!"

Posted by Hyper_Bunny_Meow

Wait, where's the PC version?! i your gonna release it all those platforms at least let us have some fun on pc meh:(
Posted by nanikore

Yes, I'm crying.

Posted by KevinTheDeviant

The pullstring bit brought back some SNES memories of the first Toy Story game, and Buzz hopping around Andy's room reminded me of playing the second one, on the Playstation. They were actually pretty good games.

Posted by Daftasabat

Trailer was a bit sickly, but i have to admit, the game actually looks quite good :)

Posted by Toms115

wait what, do we actually get to play the buzz lightyear game from the start of toy story 2?

Posted by Bruce

Ugh, I hate lame PR-driven promo videos from developers.

Posted by rohanspear345

lmao random kid being picked up against his will

Posted by KingGamer

I'm still not too sure... movie to game adaptations never end well... lol. Though I did play a few good ones.. 
Anyway, not that big a fan of Toy Story anyway. They should have made a Bug's Life 2 or Finding Nemo 2. I might watch those :)

Posted by HellBrendy
@Lazyaza: Nice words put aside, I'm still sceptical. Ever heard a guy making something talking bad about it in a commercial  pre-release? 
Posted by Little_Socrates
@Regal: This is the same game; there's a story mode, and the "Toy Box" mode. They Quick-Looked the Toy Box mode, and this video was focused on the much more exciting story mode.
Posted by MeatSim

I still don't have much confidence in a game with "The Video Game" in it's title.

Posted by MeatSim

I still don't have much confidence in a game with "The Video Game" in it's title.

Posted by jugglez

That kid at the end ruined that entire video.
lol jk. this game actually looks like it could be the first movie to game adaptation that doesn't suck testepouches. 
hope its good. :)

Posted by Milkman

No, I'm not crying.

Posted by EthanielRain

Looks promising, surprisingly.

Posted by hpv

They sure are pushing this thing hard.

Posted by BionicMonster

borderline creepy-raper-guy stuff in this video.

Posted by PillClinton
@BionicMonster said:
" borderline creepy-raper-guy stuff in this video. "
hahahahahahahah  so true!
Posted by Uberjannie

This game looks like an awesome movie tie-in. Its not even a movie tie-in per se, because the sandbox mode just seem so damn good.
I'm totally going to get this game :D

Posted by SumDeus

That kid is a BOSS.

Posted by RazielCuts

So what if I AM crying! 

Posted by Majkiboy

I'm always crying. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU IMPLYING??? >:(

Posted by TehJedicake

Is it bad that I'm 21 and I think this is pretty cool

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