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This actually looks fun.

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it is crazy game with crazy ultimate....snore...what i saying? oh yes, crazy fast race. ultimate. as you see, ryan fly plane with one to one movement with crazy speed.

Posted by RobertOrri

Oh man, yet another game that has a Sky prefix!

We should have a theme like this every year.

Posted by buzz_clik

What's that? Oh, cool. Just chuck it on that pile of "Sky-something" games over there.

Posted by Jayzilla

Located ideally next to Skyrim, Skydrift is nestled in the Skyloft suburban area. Just a short drive to Skyland as well!

Posted by Patman99

Looks kinda cool. Seeing that one guy talk about the game and always have his hands in the frame reminds me of the scene in Talladega Nights where Ricky doesnt know what to do with his hands in an interview.

Posted by Pipemould

Came here from Twitter cos I thought it was about Skyrim. But now that I'm here..........

Posted by Cyrisaurus

Giant Bomb should have a new GOTY category.

"Best Skybox in a 'Sky-' prefixed game."

Posted by Tebbit

This looks cool as hell.

Posted by WrathOfBanja

Is there split-screen yet?

Posted by FuzMel

I'd expect more devil's horns from presenting a game with this kinda music. Seriously the developers are all "Shit! I just just found another error in the targeting code on line 13457.." *DannowowoWAA DannowowAA bachugachugachuga DERRRR*

"It's just... crazy.." *BREAKBEAT*

Posted by chilipeppersman

i could have a good time with this no doubt

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Truly, it is The Age of Games That Start With "Sky".

Posted by Binarynova

Am I the only person who eventually grew tired of racing games with crazy random weapons? Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64 were great games when I was a kid. Who knows how long my brother and I played those? But at some point I just lost the taste for that style of racing. I want to go fast and try to beat the other guy without getting frustrated every time the AI launches a special attack when I'm within feet of the finish or watch as my substantial lead is taken from me because the AI has to make sure the race is "exciting" and "challenging" enough.

It just stinks, because aside from arcade weapons and the inevitable rubber-banding AI (it is an arcade racer) this looks pretty fun. The Speed Race mode looks like the mode I would enjoy the most, but then it's all about perfecting your flight line to get the maximum speed multiplier, which (after getting a feel for the controls with the PS3 demo) will be pretty rough and frustrating in its own way.

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Put it on the Vita, please.

Posted by Marcness

I miss N-Gen Racing.....

Posted by hwarang

The may guy speaking doesn't to this video justice. They should have found someone who can excite the audience a little more.

Posted by MeatSim

With all these games with Sky in the name Giant Bomb really could have a best Sky game category in this years Game of the Year awards.

Posted by NateDestruction

"up to several other players"?