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Posted by lubba

damn it´s not up yet 

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Posted by Wildfire570

Okay that was awesome! Now I really can't wait for Diablo III!

Posted by LVSheep

good stuff!

Posted by egads

Graphically, that didnt look like a typical Diablo cinematic.  Was that all in game engine?

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Pretty crappy trailer for a Blizzard game, I prefer their CG trailers.

Posted by Tarsier

These graphics are ridiculously bad. You'd think a company as huge as Blizzard would be able to hire some better programmers for a game as huge as Diablo 3... 

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Game is still two years away.  It's just something thrown together for blizzcon, or a placeholder.
I don't even care what the next class is.  Monk all the way.

Posted by Slurpelve

Posted by ZeroCast


Some people are just idiots.  
That was obviously a Trailer done in the World of Warcraft engine, which is not even close to what Diablo 3 really looks like. 
Do some research before you start jumping on Blizzard dude, because they really have programmers better than you and me.

Posted by Myomoto
@egads: Yes.
Posted by Iron_Scimitar

I said, "DAMN".

Posted by MikeFightNight


Posted by Lotan

That looked awful, bad graphics, horrible animation.  If it was that bad why even show it?

Posted by Matte_G

I don't care what engine it's running in and why. I don't care if the game is not comming out for 2 years... 
Crappy trailer was crappy.

Posted by FCKSNAP
Posted by yorro

Another Ingame-Graphics trailer, ugh.

Posted by PJ
@ZeroCast said:


Some people are just idiots.  
That was obviously a Trailer done in the World of Warcraft engine, which is not even close to what Diablo 3 really looks like. 
Do some research before you start jumping on Blizzard dude, because they really have programmers better than you and me.

Thats the Diablo III engine. Do you seriously think that they would use a engine that was made before 2004? Think about it. They do have the game up and running so If they are making a in-game trailer then they are going to use the engine used for the game. Would say Bungie make a trailer for Halo 3: ODST whit the Halo 1 engine? No, they use the engine thats made for the game.
The game isn't going to be a graphics heavy game. Blizzard has said all along that both Diablo III and Starcraft II will be games that work on almost all computers. And the reason why the characters have a low polygon count(they look blocky) is because it doesn't need to be better since you look at the game from an Isometric point of view, yout not looking at it from behind the characters back so you won't notice the blockyness of the character.
And to be totally honest the trailer did look pretty horrible. The animations in the trailer were really bad.
Its not about Blizzards programers being better then others, because I'm sure there are ppl that are much better then the guys at Blizzard. The reason why their games work well technically is because they take their time and test the shit out of their games unlike most developers out there that can't afford to hold a game back for years.
Posted by Mezmero

A little disappointing that they decided to use the in-game WoW-looking models to make this video.  Blizzards CG videos always impress me but I guess they're trying to hype the gameplay with this trailer.

Posted by rohanspear345

looks like a wow video they use for content patches. pretty crappy
Posted by anthama

You guys realize that the entire game is birds eye? It's like rts games, even the best graphic wise are really crap models up close. It's all special effects that make these games,and diablo 3 will be no different. I think from we've seen from the monk gameplay, and remember that this game is not only being worked on, but being blizzard, it's still two years of fine tuning. I think the gameplay looks fine. But blizz really needs to stick with their original cinematics.

Posted by Jeffsekai

That was horrible.

Posted by Jay_Ray

Did the Monk kill the demon with the open palm technique?

Posted by Rocospi

say it's crappy and shitty or whatever,  
by the end of the day when the game comes out, you're all going to be sucking Blizzard's dick and swallowing. 

Posted by Hector

That was pretty cool!

Posted by Floppypants

People are going to rip on anything Blizzard does simply due to the popularity of WoW.  This was an in-game cutscene, so obviously it doesn't look as good as the normal cutscenes that take Blizzard years to make.  Surprise: when you zoom in that close to Diablo 3, it doesn't look like Heavy Rain.

Posted by bludst0ne

Game needs to just come out already.

Posted by Kraznor

Even for in-engine, that was pretty weak.

Posted by Nomin

You are all whores. Graphics whores, that is.

Posted by FlamingHobo
@Rocospi said:
" say it's crappy and shitty or whatever,  by the end of the day when the game comes out, you're all going to be sucking Blizzard's dick and swallowing. Bitches. "
How about you suck my dick, kay?
Blizzard doesn't need fanboys like you to defend it, it's a big boy and can stand up for itself.
The trailer was pretty bad, if the game ends up looking like this at release I'll be thinking twice before I buy it.
Posted by Ignor
@Nomin said:

" You are all whores. Graphics whores, that is. "

This, a thousand times over.
Posted by IncredibleBulk92

Yea I agree, that was pretty bad.  I'm wondering if the Monk is the actual player character and that would look different I the Monk was wearing the Red Robe or something.  But Jez, after that Starcraft 2 video my standards for Blizzard CG were much higher. 

Posted by Nzwei

 I'm 100 % sure that they re-recorded the last sounds of the trailer until at least 70 % of the listeners got shivers down their spines. :)

Posted by GeekyDad

Wow, it looks so incredibly archaic for a cutscene, especially for Blizzard.

Posted by eternalmatt

If Diablo II came out in 2000 and had the cinimatics that it did, then this trailer must have been produced during...1994?

Posted by khhus

This is insanely bad. How could they even release that for public viewing?

Posted by MeatSim

Oh come on, even I knew he was leading you into a trap.

Posted by babz

the in-game cinemas look real shitty!!! but the game looks good.

Posted by GagnarTheUnruly

I thought the trailer looked cool.  I don't care if it was in-game or low-poly or whatever.  The game looks awesome the way it's meant to be played, and you know the prerendered cinematics are going to kick ass.

Posted by Alphazero

Reminds me of the Ringing Vale from Anathem. Who wouldn't want to be a warrior monk? At least, who wouldn't want to be a warrior monk after the lifetime of training and sacrifice?

Posted by Woodtsunami

crappy ass trailer... hope they get around to turning everything to cg before the game comes out

Posted by Dryker

I hope the quality of that trailer (although good compared to most games) isn't Blizzard's new standard. Nothing about it was as good as usual, not the graphics, writing, or voice work. Still lookin' forward to the game though.
Posted by demonbear

Substandard Blizzard trailer right there. Even for an ingame engine, its below average compared to what we have today even on consoles.

Posted by Arckaine

Does not feel like Diablo at all.

Posted by Andborn

I understand catering to the lowest common denominator but I had no idea D3 looked this PS2-ish. Hell even the console Baldur's Gate games were more technically sound. And those came out at least 7 years ago if not more. Now I know Blizzard makes fun games, having rocked my socks with Diablo 1&2 so I'm confident gameplay will hold up, but come on with the graphics.

Posted by Chaossebba

Yer all spoiled graphics lovers damnit. Looks good enough for me in the graphics department as long as the gameplay is good

Posted by RVonE
@Arckaine said:
"Does not feel like Diablo at all. "

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

I really don't care how the game looks. It's a diablo game. I wore out my mouse with the last one...im ready to kill countless hours of time with this one for sure, regardless how the graphics look.

Posted by Hoshnasi

Meh, Monk seems similar to an Assassin.

Posted by Ignor
@Arckaine said:
" Does not feel like Diablo at all. "
You've actually tried the game?
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