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lol they love toilets!

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DLC for Nicktoons MLB. Nice.

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Ha, nice.

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It's so stupid over the top I would have thought Ryan and Jeff had something to do with this.

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Now if baseball was more like this, I might be a bit more inclined to watch it. Also, what the fuck did I just watch?!!

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As usual with Suda 51 it's a crazy over the top premise, but looks to be completely repetitive and will be boring after 20-30 minutes.

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that initial living room shot is way too small to actually use a Kinect. even at the end the couch would need to be MUCH FARTHER BACK (and I say this from actually owning the damn thing)

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Once again Grasshopper is doing something immensely stupid. And once again it will probably be amazing.

Cleverly designed stupid games seemed to be making a bit of a comeback due to everything Grasshopper is doing and Saints row. You all know what needs to happen now. Volition and grasshopper team up to make The Saints go to Japan. It would be so awesome.

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What? [Grasshopper Manufacture] Oh.

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Dumb entertainment like this is perfect for Kinect right now.

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I choose to believe that the final shot was a Predator reference.

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The commercial looks so over the top cheeseballs.....but I admit...it got me curious ha

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With competition like this, MLB The Show won't be around much longer.

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They should have known you shouldn't cross beams.

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That is a Japanese ass Japanese video game.

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@ScoreSetter said:

Dumb entertainment like this is perfect for Kinect right now.

Exactly. This is probably one of the most interesting games for Kinect. Not like there's a lot of competition. :p

Okay I take that back Double Fine's craziness is more interesting, but this is right up there. :)

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Love this.

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Is this going to be retail or XBLA? If it's XBLA i might actually be interested.

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He's way too close to the Kinect.

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@darkjester74 said:

That is a Japanese ass Japanese video game.

Which makes it's craziness awesome!

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If normal baseball was this wild & insane (enacting some of the stuff in real life instead of standing in front of a kinect), I'd actually want to watch a game of baseball.

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So this is what professional baseball is like in Japan.

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Fusion ball!

@Wampa1 said:

Is this going to be retail or XBLA? If it's XBLA i might actually be interested.

At the end, it says it's for XBLA.

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I should buy a Kinect.

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What the shit did my dispensary give me today...

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What the fuck did I just watch? Also, for some reason I am getting a No More Heroes vibe from this. I dont know why

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Dammit now I need a Kinect.