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Posted by Foil1212

Another killer looking Kickstarter game!

Posted by poser

An indie with mechanics and depth? WTF

Posted by MikeLemmer

Drew? I want to see Rorie play this.

Posted by Brashnir

I like how when the dogs jump, the sled jumps. "physics."

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Matthew Rorie's 2014 Game of the Year.

Posted by fargofallout

Sounds like a King.com copyright claim waiting to happen.

Posted by officer_falcon

Drew? I want to see Rorie play this.

I'm smiling just thinking of Rorie's Snow Puppy Chat 2014.

Posted by Sjupp

go go dorkus1218! ::DDDD

Posted by SomeJerk

Alaskan flat tire easter-egg, please

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PUPPIES!!!!!!! :3

Posted by Chrystolis

I don't know, I'd say Dog Sled Saga sounds pretty cool too.

Posted by MeatSim

I like to think all those dogs are just trying to outrun Rorie and avoid getting chomped.

Posted by JoshtheValiant

Drew and Rorie Quick Look ftw! Maybe with Jeff to add in the total bewilderment.

Looks cool for sure.

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Banner Saga and Dog Sled Saga are set in the same universe

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This looks great! Love the art style, love the mechanics. This could actually turn out pretty great.

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Oh, another game in the Candy Crush Saga.

It looks really neat.

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Voice Over of the Year, that dude.

Posted by pondwhale

Even if its not true, i'd like to think that this is called "saga' in response to the recent king debacle.

Posted by Bread_Harrity

I had an opportunity to see this game in action and in person last weekend, it looks great! Can't wait!

Posted by weegieanawrench

You know, this does pretty sweet. A Drew/Rorie/Jeff QL is obligatory.

Posted by Krataur

...I need this game.

Posted by BooDoug187

Will there be a "The Thing" DLC where one of the dogs is the thing and its being chased by Norwegians in a helicoptor?

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Looks nuts

Posted by blitterblitbit

This game is sneaking in a poignant meditation on cohabitation and responsibility, and I like it!

Posted by Atomicvideohead
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That seems unusually awesome, and I wonder whether the the announcement was intentionally timed to coincide with this year's Iditarod preparations. Here's hoping that's one of the game modes. :D

Posted by MormonWarrior

Drew and Rorie Endurance Run!

Posted by HerbieBug

okay yes i'm interested in this

Posted by Mezmero

The part that blew my mind was the tiny dog sled teams in the background that you're actually racing. I like that it's part of the game mechanics instead of being simple window dressing.

Posted by dragonzord


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Posted by Accolade

I'm in

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Its been awesome to watch this game grow, its one of the few game kickstarters I have backed because it seemed like such a small, cool idea.

Posted by PenguinDust

For some reason this reminds me of "What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown". I'd be awesome if there was some Call of the Wild aspects in the game.

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@patrickklepek And I would pay good money to watch Drew play this.

As a paying subscriber, so would I. Let's see this happen!

Posted by DS23

In before lawsuit from the candy crush asshats.

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Dino = good dog, best friend.

Posted by blacklab

rachael scidoris

Posted by SecularBaron

I'd play this.

Posted by Zainyboy

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Posted by krabboss

@poser said:

An indie with mechanics and depth? WTF

Indie games generally have greater depth than AAA games. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Posted by Puppies4Life

I backed this on Kickstarter a while back and have been enjoying watching this game develop nicely.

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This looks so AMAZING! Thanks Scoops for highlighting this gem.

Posted by DowntownRiot

No thanks, I'm against animal cruelty.

Posted by Vigil80

I would potentially play this for an unreasonable amount of time.

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