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I'd buy that for a dollar

Posted by Giganteus

I'm pretty interested in this porn-like titled game.

Posted by Huey2k2

I love it how they put in little weapon swap icons to make it seem like it's a real time demo, when it is most definitely not real time.

Posted by Marz

Was almost certain it was Dragon's Dogma 2 but they kept saying new IP hmmm.....

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This looks effing nuts. For reals. Also Blanka


Deep Down Dragon's Dogma here I come!

Posted by golguin

I didn't see any of the Playstation event stuff, but is this pre rendered footage or in game? I saw the little hud elements, but that doesn't really prove its in game.

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@marz said:

Was almost certain it was Dragon's Dogma 2 but they kept saying new IP hmmm.....

Same universe apparently.

Posted by RoBear

Deep Down on the Panty Raid. Leave it to Japan.

Posted by sixpin

This really looks like a code named Dragon's Dogma 2. If it is, I'm perfectly fine with that.

Posted by Triumvir

There is no way that could have been real time. However, I'd like to think that that is more or less where games will be in 2-3 years. We all know it's going to happen eventually. It's just exciting to actually see it in action (sort of).

Posted by graf1k

Deep Down Dragon's Dogma here I come!

Exactly what I thought and halfway through I was foaming at the mouth pretty much. I really hope that was real and not just a target video or something. It looked REALLY good.

Posted by dkraytsberg

There's techincal Dark Souls-like controls on one end and the knight from Trine hacking and looking interesting on the other...what do you think this will control more like?

Posted by Triumvir

@dkraytsberg said:

There's techincal Dark Souls-like controls on one end and the knight from Trine hacking and looking interesting on the other...what do you think this will control more like?

I'd wager more like Dark Souls or Dragon's Dogma. I'd be more interested in seeing the sort of mechanics it would entail. Will it be a story-driven action game? If an action game, would it be hack-n-slash or combo-based? How deep will the RPG elements be? Is it a loot treadmill? Will there be traps, secret passages, and other dungeon-crawly stuff? Does it involved 3-player Co-Op with a mage, archer, and fighter?

The game is in its very early stages, to the point where I'd be surprised if it even resembles anything like this in a final version. Hell, it might not even be released at all. Either way, Capcom certainly piqued my interest. This and the Witness were the highlights of the show for me.

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@huey2k2 said:

I love it how they put in little weapon swap icons to make it seem like it's a real time demo, when it is most definitely not real time.

For some reason that hud stuff just made me think this is a Fable: The Journey, or Steel Battalion-style Kinect (or Move, in this case) based game. Which would be weird, and I really doubt they'd try something like that, but still. Strange hud design.

Posted by SlashDance

Who thought this fake hud was a good idea ?

Posted by dkraytsberg

@triumvir: yeah, the more i think of it the more a dark souls or dogma style gameplay will work. my hope is there is enough gameplay to not succumb to ff13 style movie watching. this may sound like a weird comparison, but id love something like alan wake, where a strong narrative is used in tandem with actual gameplay to create an experience less akin to watching a movie, and more like the sense of adventure a book and your imagination can bring

Posted by TwoArmed

It makes me laugh that some people actually think this was real-time footage/gameplay.

Posted by Morningstar

This looks cool but can turn out to be anything. I'll wait and see.

Posted by skrutop


Posted by Generiko

the next great game in the Dragon's Lair series

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That's definitely not real gameplay (the way the camera moves is WAY too un-game-like), but there's no reason to believe that it's not being rendered in real time.

Posted by Deathpooky

@slashdance said:

Who thought this fake hud was a good idea ?

They've gotten better at making fake footage look like real gameplay. They include something like this to try to make it look more like a "real game" instead of just a movie. Also part of the reason the Killzone demo had the guy missing shots, so it wouldn't look super fake and more like he was actually playing.

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@huey2k2: Although it looked really good I found that to be despicable, the console audience warrants it I guess...

Posted by ahgunsillyo

Gurl, I'mma get DEEP DOWN on ya.

Yup. Honestly, though, the game looks beautiful. Hopefully, they'll do what they did with Dragon's Dogma and put some sweet-ass J-Rock on the title screen to get you pumped every time you play.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

What's with the floppy nose dragon design?

Posted by HerbieBug

In-engine maybe but tweaked and edited to hell. This is disingenuous trailer.

Posted by allodude

I like the way it looked too shitty for prerendered.

Posted by Lucri

Suggested theme song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY6PV5MeEpU

Posted by JZ

This game looks like insanity.

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What was with the message from Blanka at the end? Are they hinting some kind of Assassin's Creed like world within a world? Or are they just pushing the PS4's sharing features?

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There is a zero percent chance that any of that was representative of what the game will look like in action.

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This is a tech demo for Capcom's new engine. I don't think anyone claimed it was gameplay when they presented it. I think it looks good. I never tried Dragon's Dogma, but I would love to play some next gen Dragons Dogma.

Posted by Jazz_Lafayette

This is a dungeon I would crawl. Also, I love that all the characters in this trailer looked like total shitbags.

Posted by Elwoodan

Honestly the stuff with the HUD elements looked about as good as Crisis 3, thought I'm 100% sure the camera wouldn't function like that in the game. It could be similar to how Guildwars 2 showed off their skill videos, it was rendered in engine, just using a cinematic camera.

Posted by theveej

man people are cynical, don't get me wrong I don't think this is real time gameplay, more like directed cut-scene in engine. It's on par with Unreal 4 engine footage in my opinion, just more edited.

Either I'm excited for next gen, this is all I wanted really.

Edited by itos

Can´t wait to play Dark Souls with this graphics and type of engine. If they are talking about a new engine then this must be real time, but I don't think it's playable just a tech demo.

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This is clearly real time. Don't get distracted by the overall picture, take in the individual pieces.

Posted by Czarpyotr


Posted by bahMiRK

@huey2k2: It is real man, it would be a trailer instead of a technical demo that final fantasy game they showed was also in real time.

Posted by Hatsworth

I like the bit where the guy destroys a stone pillar with an arrow!

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Essentially Dragon's Dogma 2, in a way that SotC was a sequel to Ico and Dark Souls was the follow-up to Demon's Souls. If it looks that good (or close to it, I imagine it will, though this is doctored in some aspects because it is not a finished game) in gameplay, and it plays as well as Dragon's Dogma (I imagine it will be overall better as a game) it is definitely something to really look forward to.

Posted by FMinus

The part from 1:20 to 1:27 looks like gameplay, rest not-so-much, but I'm open for surprises.

Posted by Plasticpals

The guys at Capcom really like Demon's Souls, don't they?

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This looks so awesome

Posted by Robo

So it's Dragon's Dogma, right? I mean we aren't seriously supposed to buy that this is some new game that just happens to be set in the same universe and just happens to have a somewhat nonsensical "working title" with the initials DD, are we?

Posted by teh_destroyer

I thought this was going to be some new Skyrim dlc.

Posted by yorro

I remember pretty well when people thought that the real-time gameplay demo of Killzone 1, during PS3 announcement, was complete bullshit.

Same pattern happening right now. People are just too cynical.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Certainly looks like gameplay, the movement especially looks like it is real time.

Posted by Korolev

I'm pretty sure that this footage isn't real time, and I'm pretty sure such dynamic animations won't be seen throughout the game. I could be wrong, hell, would love to be wrong, but this looks a little TOO good to be true.

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