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Overkill on the word fire in the page title, chief.

Posted by SockLobster

Feels weird for this to just be called the second game.

Posted by kingzetta

so boobs then?

Posted by Solskugga

well..eh..i dont't...uhmm...wtf

Posted by JerseyDriver

Where's the Korean Death Metal??

Edited by tynianrex

Get Dante the fuck out of my Kingdom Under Fire. Seriously, the art style looks like the jrpg version of wow.

Posted by PacManFevaa

Looks like it's time for a Load your Last Save of Kingdom Under Fire.

Posted by Solskugga

@tynianrex said:

Get Dante the fuck out of my Kingdom Under Fire. Seriously, the art style looks lihe the jrpg of wow.

Yea kinda the first thing i thought of when i saw him ^^

Posted by HawaiiRob

Sweet I thought this was canceled. Hope to see a Load Our Last Save of the ones on the original Xbox.

Posted by isawachuck

Do we get a gnarly korean death metal soundtrack again? Please say...yes...

Posted by snorggy

@kingzetta: to me, they're the only things in this video that... uhhh... stick out...

Posted by Beiken

Wasnt this that asian rts game back in 2000? Highly inspired by some western RTS called hm... Warcraft? ;)

Posted by ApexDefect

I'm not really sure how to feel about this game. It looks alright but looks only carry so far.

Posted by Jeffsekai

Oh hey I was just wondering about this game, glad to see it's still coming and this time...with boobs! :D

Posted by themangalist

Underaged elf girls with big boobs? Oh you Jap- 
oh wait.

Posted by doe3879

this is awesome and all 
why am I getting turn off by nipple armor... surely it's the next evolution of the bikini armor.

Posted by bio595

what the fuck is going on?

Posted by deadbynature

me: 'oh ok so this isvery japanes...WTF NSFW'


Posted by TheSpoonyBard

Nipple Armor, the last word in battlefield protection.

Posted by End_Boss

Yeah, Big Tits McGee there with her metal napkins is pretty pandering. Good thing the rest of this game doesn't look like it's worth my time anyway.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Damn it, RPG character artists. If I want pornography, I have an internet browser RIGHT HERE. I don't need to see tits hanging out in your game.

Posted by MindChamber

Miss Titty McTitz has a bum hip

Posted by CitizenJP

Lol that nipple armor is so friggin pointless. And not very safe in battle. ;o

Posted by Saryy42

Just in case you were wondering if this was Japanese enough for you there IS a dude in a tight leather outfit that exposes his chest.

Posted by ShadowSkill11

This game will never come out. They have been releasing trailers for it every year for about 5 years. It is the S. Korean Duke Nukem: Forever.

Posted by zombie007

Seriously GB? Watch this video up to 1080p here guys:


Posted by Enigma777

@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

Damn it, RPG character artists. If I want pornography, I have an internet browser RIGHT HERE. I don't need to see tits hanging out in your game.

Well I do!

Posted by Barfoorg

I really loved the first xbox game, it was all brutal bloody fantasy warfare with rocking guitar music in the background. It was like playing heavy metal album covers.

Shame that part of the series was an anomaly.

Posted by chilipeppersman

lameness to the max

Posted by UsbCable

@Dark_Lord_Spam: Whenever people complain about female armor I'm kinda like "shut uppa your face" but this is crazy. :p

Posted by Xeiphyer


Posted by sate2801

I must doubt the taste of Koreans, judging from those crappy korean soap opera dominating the TV channels, lame to the bone MMOs and this...

Posted by lilburtonboy7489

i dont think they understand that we can get all the porn we want on the internet :/

Posted by Otzlowe

I'm really excited for this game. I've been waiting forever and loved the first Xbox title.

Now I just wish they would bring back the metal and give that woman a shirt or something. I could deal with the tits-out armor on the xbox where there were less polygons and no jiggle-physics... but it's just way too much here.

Posted by SuperWristBands

Wow, I skipped through almost all of this but I did see those boobs. Really hope that that character/costume isn't in the game for more then 5 seconds. That's just too much.

Posted by heavyplay

Her nipples will be well protected in battle.

Posted by Bantamoose

Well that dragged on for quite a while.

Posted by Shaanyboi

Wow.... talk about shameless pandering to dumb fucking retards who need to see polygonal tits to get off...

This trailer looked INCREDIBLY fucking dumb until that Giant Scorpion showed up. Then things started to look up...

Posted by onan

I'm all for ridiculous proportions and the over-sexualization of women in videogames, but only rendering jiggly nips makes me a feel a little uncomfortable. Last time I saw them was in Crimson Sea for the Xbox 1 and they freaked me out then too.

Posted by Rowr

I liked the original, but the japaneseeness of this game looks intolerable to me.

Posted by LordCmdrStryker

All of you serious business complainers should go post on the MW3 review.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Holy boob armor at 2:58.

I wonder how long someone spent working on that jiggle. At least the nipples are (barely) protected.

Posted by Darkpen


I must doubt the taste of Koreans, judging from those crappy korean soap opera dominating the TV channels, lame to the bone MMOs and this...

Thanks for the stereotyping, bro :|

As a Korean-American, I feel compelled to address this accusation of shitty soap operas... because a lot of them do in fact suck. However, every so often there's a good one, including mini-series like "Iljimae" (think ninja Robin Hood) and "Secret Garden" (gender body swapping trope hijinks romcom drama), the latter of which is on hulu.

That said, wtf @ the nipple armor. Just..... ugh. Lowest common denominator: Bulky "badass" armor on men, skimpy nothings on women. Let's just leave nothing to imagination. :|

Posted by Seedofpower

For fucks sake Japan.

Posted by lokey013

I wonder when this game will come out.....at this rate this generation of consoles won't even see this =/

Edited by Wandrecanada

Ahh Kingdom Under Fire... I played Circle of Doom with some friends and all I can remember is 2 things. The elf queen loses clothing as she levels up and the big dude (Ragnier?) ends up looking more and more like a transvestite as he levels. Oh and the guy at the start with the short blonde hair is probably one of the emo vampires.

The KUF series storyline is unfathomable...

Edited by mrmortisland

Why does this look so much more anime, terrible, and Dynasty Warriors-y than the gameplay videos from three years ago? They spent three years turning this into an enemy-sweeper MMO-ish looking monstrosity?

Also that woman's voice made me hope for an option to turn off attack voices because her incessant cawing is super annoying.

Posted by Superfriend

Wow, so you have an explorable world and cities this time around? Great! Even some more RPG stuff in there from the looks of it.. but the character design... I´m sorry, but the whole "skimpy female armor" thing is just so stupid and played out.

I liked the 2 games on Xbox and I always hoped they would just change the look a little to be more mature.. now it´s "Anime Kingdoms of Jiggly Breasts" and some extremely stupid looking designs on enemies and characters. This game could be so good if they stopped living in their bubble and realized there´s a whole world out there and not just Asia.

Posted by Atomicvideohead

That was a very confusing trailer-- it just conflicts on game play and story. What the Heck is this game about? I beat the original, and I'm totally lost.

Also, way to keep it SUPER classy with that elf girl's clothes.

Posted by Akyho

Is this the stratagem we all know and love and want? Or is it circle of fire? That we dont want? Is it a mix of both? With it mostly being circle of fire? Then we dont want this game.

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